What Color Should Paint An Antique Iron Bed? 3 Best Options!

What color should paint an antique iron bed? It depends, my friend. But then, I’ll share with you a guide so you can assess and decide what color to use.

Without a doubt, selecting the right paint for your antique iron bed is challenging.

What color should paint an antique iron bed

Remember that the material your bed has is non-porous, which means that it may need abrasion before the paint will actually be absorbed.

Sad to say, but since it’s too sturdy for abrasion methods.

That’s why you would need a primer that is specially made for it.

For sure, after you’ve treated the iron, any paint will adhere to it.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


What Color Paint Should An Antique Iron Bed Have?

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a need for you to apply a special type of primer before you should expect the bed to absorb paint.

It’s suggested to coat it using a galvanized etching primer made especially for metals.

Also, in applying this thing to your iron bed, you would need either a mini-roller or a 2 inches latex paintbrush.

Before you should paint it with your favorite color, allow around six hours to dry.

Once primed, it’s sure to have any paint.

So, what color should paint an antique iron bed?


#1. Acrylic latex paint

If you have an antique iron bed at home, you can coat it with acrylic latex paint.

It’s water-based and glossy; you’ll love it, for sure.

The result will surely stand a long period, provided that you don’t subject the bed to an intense friction-based force.

Depending upon your preference, you can choose among the great colors available out there.

All you need is a paintbrush or a mini-roller.

From there, you can apply acrylic latex paints to your iron bed.


#2. Oil-based enamels

If you want a glossy, shiny coating while ensuring durability at the same time, opt for oil-based enamels.

When applying this paint, make sure you do so in a well-ventilated place.

This kind of paint emits huge amounts of fumes.

Apply oil-based enamels just like how you apply acrylic latex paints.

Again, you have several different options to choose from, according to your desire.


#3. Epoxy

Do you want to avoid oil-based coatings like the one we mentioned above?

Then, this kind of paint is for you!

Epoxy is water-based. It’s not that strong compared to oil-based enamels.

Also, it’s sure to provide the same durability that you expect.

In applying this paint, make sure you’ve primed your iron bed.

You can also use either a paintbrush or a mini-roller.



My friends, you can paint your antique iron need.

But, you can’t just do it as soon; you need to coat it using a primer first.

That being said, the process of coating is essential and inevitable.

Also, you need to select special oil or acrylic-based primers for your antique iron bed.


Reviving An Antique Iron Bed

If you’re an antique lover, then this section is handy for you.

You’ve always loved that look of that bed you have at home?

Then, let’s revive it!

Here are the steps:


Step #1. Dismantling the bed frame

Of course, you can’t just paint the bed frame when other parts are stuck on it.

So, you have to dismantle it and get the part you wish to revive.


Step #2. Removing chipped paint or rust

Get sandpaper and remove chipped paint or rust.

Make sure you have a smoother surface; just read for painting.


Step #3. Reassembling frame

In order for you to paint the part easily, you can reassemble the frame.

In this way, you’re sure to reach the entire sides.

In case it’s difficult to assemble, propping up the metal is a good idea.

Use either clamps or boxes to do so.


Step #4. Cleaning the frame

Using a clean damp rag or cloth, clean the iron bed.

Make sure to remove grime, dust, and rust.


Step #5. Priming

Now, you can spray a metal primer on your bed frame.

You’ve already known how important this step is.


Step #6. Drying

After you apply the primer, you can leave it to dry.

Of course, this process depends upon the primer you used.

How long will it take can be answered by the label of the product you’ve used.


Step #7. Painting

Now, what color do you want to paint an antique iron bed?

You have many options to choose from.

So, again, this step depends on your preference.

You can opt for epoxy, oil-based enamels, or acrylic latex paint.


Step #8. Drying

Let the paint dry.

And now, you’re done!



So, what color should paint an antique iron bed?

There are wide arrays of choices, my friends.

But, the discretion lies to you!

Anyway, you’ve already known the different paints that you can try as well as the steps that you should undertake.

Hopefully, you’ve learned from this article.

You can now transform your antique iron bed into a beautiful one.

Have a great day, my friends!

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