What Color Shoes With Navy Dress For Wedding: Top 4

If you want to know what color shoes with navy dress for wedding, consider four color groups. We will discuss appropriate wedding color shoes for a navy dress that the bridal party or guests can wear to look more classy for the wedding. 

However, we also recommend reading how to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding. You’ll have different styling references for this popular wedding guest dress color. 

what color shoes with navy dress for wedding


4 Best Shoe Colors For A Navy Dress For A Wedding



You can never go wrong with neutrals for your wedding shoes. For those who are afraid of combining colors, neutrals would complement not just the navy dress, but also other colors you may want to include in your wedding attire. 

Furthermore, neutral colors like black, brown, nude, silver, and off-white are flattering for most wearers. So what’s left is selecting the style of shoes according to your navy dress design. 

You can also opt for light-colored neutrals for a semi-casual event, while formal events are ideal for black, brown, or gray shoes with a navy dress. Then, if the wedding is outdoor, you’ll have an easier time with dark brown or black shoes than nude and white that gets dirty noticeably. 


Blue tones

You can also wear another shade of blue for your shoes with your navy blue dress. For example, you might have favorite light blue shoes, and their style is perfect for the wedding location and formality. 

Light blue shoes look pleasant with a navy blue dress, and the color combination would be fantastic for nautical-themed weddings. However, please introduce other colors in your blue outfit to avoid looking too monochromatic. 

You can also wear shoes with blue details, embellishments, or patterns with the navy dress. Perhaps you have a glittery silver pair of pumps with a blue ribbon. 


Contrasting colors

Navy blue is considered a neutral color, and it’s not as risky to pair with contrasting colors. You can still maintain a classy and formal look even if you use a pair of red or yellow shoes with a navy blue dress. 

These combination examples are fascinating and something you could try if you don’t want to wear a neutral-colored pair. Just make sure that the rest of your outfit won’t make you stand out that people might assume you’re trying to upstage the bride. 

Another consideration for wearing red or yellow shoes is if you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid. Again, remember that you’ll be standing in front, and the bridal party must maintain a cohesive look. 


Pastel shoes

The final color group to try with a navy dress for a wedding is pastel. Soft and baby colors like blush pink, light green, or lavender are also gorgeous shoe colors for the versatile navy blue dress. 

Pastels are also among the colors you can wear to a wedding, so you can use them as other accessory colors as well. If you’re a part of the bridal party, it would be best to plan among yourself and consider pastel-colored shoes as they look lovely in wedding pictures. 

Prints and florals made of pastel shoes would look great with a navy blue dress. So if you want to feel more feminine, consider these colors for your wedding shoes with a navy blue dress. 


Can You Wear Black Shoes With A Navy Blue Dress?

Black shoes are the most versatile pair color you can own, and they will look fantastic with a navy blue dress. So if you find yourself out of ideas on what to wear with the navy dress for a wedding, you can turn on your trusty black shoes.

However, remember that you still want to wear the appropriate shoes for the wedding. For example, your black heels might not be practical for a beach wedding, or your strappy black sandals may look too casual for a black-tie wedding.

You also want to select black shoes that match the navy blue dress style. For example, shorter navy blue dresses will look great with black ankle-strap shoes or boots, while longer dresses like midis and maxis can work nicely with wedges, open-toed sandals, or even black flats.  


What Color Goes With Navy Blue?

White is a classic color to combine with navy blue because the combination flatters most skin tones. However, brown, green, and even red are also quite popular with color recommendations for styling a navy blue outfit. 

Overall, the key to looking classy is never going overboard with the colors on your outfit. Consider combining navy blue with up to two colors only so the final style won’t be confusing or tacky. 


Does Navy Blue Go With Everything?

Navy blue, in a way, goes with every color, whether they are neutrals, pastels, or contrasting shades. This is why navy blue is also among the most popular wedding colors. 

You’ll find venues with navy blue as the theme or groomsmen in nay blue suits and bridesmaids in navy maxi dresses. Furthermore, navy blue can easily be dressed up or dressed down to match the wedding formality.

Don’t be surprised to see navy blue in casual backyard weddings and black-tie events in luxurious hotels. 



Was this style guide helpful? To recap what color shoes with navy dress for wedding, you’ll never go wrong with neutrals, light blue, pastels, and contrasting colors like red or yellow. 

The key is keeping the dress code, theme, and venue in mind for practicality and formality. Let us know below which color you think pairs the best with navy!

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