What Color Goes With Rose Gold For A Wedding

If you want to know what color goes with rose gold for a wedding, consider a palette composed of reds and blues. We will also teach you how to decorate with this color if it’s your chosen theme for your wedding. 

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what color goes with rose gold for a wedding


What Colors Go Well With Rose Gold For A Wedding?


White and pastel pinks

Some examples of easy colors to go with rose gold for a wedding are pastel shades of pink or blush. You can also add white to add some contrast and prevent a very monochromatic theme for the wedding. 

What’s fantastic with various shades of pink and accentuating the decorations with white if the theme is rose gold is that they look blended without looking too similar. You can incorporate this color scheme on your wedding invitations, menus, or gift boxes because they are eye-catching. 

Another instance where white and pastel pinks pair well with rose gold is when styling the bridal party. For a rose gold-themed wedding, your bridesmaids might be wearing rose gold dresses, and some accessories that you can consider are pastel pinks or white. 


Blue, purple, and burgundy

For couples who want some boldness in their rose gold-themed wedding, consider a palette composed of blue, purple, and burgundy. Take note of the shades for these colors because you still don’t want a very sharp contrast against rose gold. 

A fantastic example where this palette can work is on the wedding flowers. Various flowers are seen at the wedding, such as the bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, and other floral decorations. 

With rose gold as the primary theme of the flower arrangements, your florist can add burgundy, blue, or purple elements. And if you decide who gets flowers at a wedding, consider asking them to have their personality show on the arrangements. 



Rose gold itself is a statement color, so it can be intimidating to pair it with eye-catching shades such as metallics. However, a palette with metallics paired with rose gold would be elegant and pleasing, especially for a significant event like a wedding. 

So, what metallic colors can you pair with rose gold for a wedding? Consider silver and gold as details and accents on your rose gold wedding items. 

Perhaps the cards are rose gold in color; then you can emboss the letterings in gold. On the other hand, silver would make a gorgeous accent color against rose gold in accessories and details on decorations. 


What Is The Complementary Color Of Rose Gold?

The complementary color of rose gold is gray, considering that this color is what’s across from rose gold on the color wheel. However, other references mention some shades of green as rose gold’s complementary color. 

With this in mind, a decorator can pair rose gold with its complementary color to create an exciting contrast. But for weddings, you have to be mindful when playing with color combinations, especially if the couple wants something elegant or semi-traditional. 


What colors go with rose gold?

In general, you can expect rose gold to go well with white and related colors such as cream. You can also make a palette composed of soft pinks with some blue-green shades for interest. 

These palette ideas would be perfect for weddings because they won’t look tacky or out of place for such an occasion. But then again, more and more weddings are breaking traditions, so the bride and groom will have the final say with the colors they’d want for their wedding. 


Does Rose Gold Look Good With Burgundy?

While it’s true that soft shades and pastel pinks make classic combinations with rose gold, burgundy is another color that you can consider with the already bold rose gold. Do not be intimidated by the darkness of burgundy because it will work well paired with rose gold. 

The combination of this two is especially ideal for a fall wedding. Use burgundy as your accent color in the wedding, with gold and rose gold as the central theme. 


Does Rose Gold And Red Go Together?

Not all shades of red will go well with rose gold. For example, bright reds look out of place if the central theme is rose gold because they are too different. 

However, a type of red such as burgundy or wine will be excellent with rose gold. If you’re looking to add dark color with your pink palette for rose gold, consider dark reds like burgundy. 


Does Gold And Rose Gold Go Together?

Because of the copper shade found in gold and rose gold, these two colors would look fantastic together. But, of course, you will add other contrasting shades such as silver to keep the look from being too monochromatic.

You can also add some white in the palette to add some difference to the metallic shades. Or, if you want something different with gold and rose gold, use neutral colors and cool pastels with these two. 



And that’s it! We found out what color goes with rose gold for a wedding, which reveals exciting palettes to try. 

Pastel shades of pink, white, metallics, and even interesting colors like burgundy, blue, green, or purple can be paired with rose gold. For weddings, you can incorporate these colors as details against rose gold. 

We hope this gave you color inspirations; leave us a question if you have any. 


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