What Color Goes With Red For A Wedding: Best 4

If you’re unsure what color goes with red for a wedding, try four colors to create your red wedding color palette. We’ll even guide you in choosing the accent color to combine with these wedding colors. 

And if you want a red-themed wedding, you’ll find out if it’s a good wedding color and its symbolism. Regarding choosing a wedding color, feel free to browse our blog for combinations to suit different weddings. 

what color goes with red for a wedding

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What Color Goes With Red For A Wedding: 4 Beautiful Combinations


Neutral wedding color palettes

The classic bridal colors expected in weddings, regardless of the theme, are neutrals. And if you’re having a red-themed wedding, you can never go wrong with neutrals. 

Think of gray, black, off-white, or brown combined with red. These neutral colors will work with intense reds, especially for a rustic wedding. 

Think of bridesmaids in red gowns and groomsmen in tan suits lined up at the front. You can also add white flowers to the venue’s red and groom floral arrangements. 


Peach and red wedding color ideas

The color red is an ideal shade to add to your fall wedding color palette, and peach is a color that goes well with this theme. The red and peach wedding theme is attractive because the latter’s softness neutralizes the red’s intensity and boldness.

You can add dark green and white to this color combination when decorating the venue. For example, you can have a red and peach bouquet of roses and centerpieces.

To soften the venue’s look, use green and white fabrics draped and arranged around the wedding location. In addition, dark red and red velvet fabrics should be beautifully combined with the peach color.  


Blush and red wedding color palette

Who said that related colors couldn’t be partnered with red? For example, red goes nicely with the blush color. These wedding colors are especially suitable for romantic weddings with a feminine vibe. 

In particular, combine burgundy with blush in the venue’s wedding party’s outfits and other fabrics. You can treat red as the accent color, especially for a daytime romantic wedding. 

In this wedding color combination, you can also add pastel colors like purples and light greens. Interesting themes like boho and vintage can also take advantage of multiple wedding colors in prints and patterns. 


Gold and red wedding color ideas

Another elegant color that goes with the color red is gold. You can add gold to the wedding colors mentioned earlier to create your wedding color palette.

Gold is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding color because it adds class and glam, especially with wedding decors. Combined with red, your ordinary indoor wedding venue goes right into a scene from a fairytale. 

Red colors and gold enhance each other, especially if you’ll use other dark and warm shades like browns, oranges, and yellows. Think of golden plates and candleholders over a table with red roses and red fabrics. 

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Is Red Color Good For Wedding?

Bold colors are becoming more common at weddings nowadays. That being said, the red color would be fantastic for a wedding, especially if it’s a fall wedding where you can combine reds with oranges and yellows. 

Another type of wedding that would be fantastic for red colors is a formal evening wedding. Red is very elegant, and you can combine it with other jewel tones for your wedding colors. 

But of course, be mindful of your wedding theme to know if a red wedding is suitable. There are many red wedding colors, so select the light or dark shade that would be appropriate to your wedding theme, venue, and season. 


What Does The Color Red Mean In A Wedding?

Choosing a wedding color is not only affected by aesthetics. You also want to know the symbolism behind the color you’ll use as the primary shade for your wedding color palette. 

If you want a red wedding, understand that red can mean different things. For example, it symbolizes love and courage, but other cultures interpret red as anger and war. 

There’s no doubt that red can also symbolize boldness and romance. So if you’re an unconventional couple who wants to tell the world that you love your partner as loud as possible, red is an ideal theme for your wedding. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Red Wedding Dress?

It’s okay to wear a red wedding dress, especially if you want something unique and bold. Brides with strong personalities who prefer a non-traditional wedding are likely to wear something other than white. 

Red is a passionate color to wear to your wedding, and it can even mean the intensity of your love for your partner. In countries like China and India, brides also wear red to symbolize good luck. 



Was this wedding color palette guide helpful? You learned what color goes with red for a wedding: neutrals, peach, blush, and gold.

You can even have a neutral or pastel color scheme with red as your accent. Feel free to browse our blog for more wedding decorating guides. 

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