What Color Goes With Ivory Wedding Dress?

If you’re overwhelmed with what color goes with ivory wedding dress, try two groups of shades. You can consider these colors when styling and accessorizing your wedding dress. 

You can also read our general guide on how to accessorize a wedding dress. It includes tips that you can apply when styling any wedding dress.  

what color goes with ivory wedding dress


What Color Goes Well With An Ivory Wedding Dress?



The warm tint of the ivory wedding dress pairs well with pastel colors. In particular, you can consider pastels like light pink, baby blue, and even purple for your shoes if you’re wearing an ivory wedding dress. 

You can also have these pastel colors in your wedding bouquet or have the bridesmaids in one of the mentioned shades. For photos, a bride wearing an ivory wedding dress among pastel blue or purple bridesmaids will look fantastic. 

Speaking of which, you may like the backdrop of your photoshoots with your wedding dress to include pastel colors. Baby pink, for example, will balance the warmth or yellowish tint of your ivory wedding dress. 


Dark shades

What’s fantastic with ivory for the wedding dress is that it’s not snow white that can be difficult to pair with some colors because of the intense contrast. You won’t also risk looking washed out if your skin tone is pale.

That being said, dark shades will pair well with an ivory wedding dress. In particular, jewelry with gemstones in dark green, plum, navy blue, and burgundy.

You can incorporate them into your jewelry, hair accessories, or dress embellishments. Your groom can also wear these colors for his suit to complement your wedding dress. 


What Color Jewelry Goes With Ivory Dress?

The best jewelry to go with an ivory wedding dress is gold, or those with emerald green, burgundy, navy blue, and other dark colored-gemstones. Gold jewelry goes well with this wedding dress color because ivory itself has a gold undertone. 

For colored jewels, remember not to overaccessorize or use more than one color. It’s classier if you’ll wear matching gemstones rather than combining three different types.  

Other classic pieces of jewelry that will pair well with an ivory wedding dress include pearls and diamonds. For example, you can wear drop pearl earrings or a layered diamond necklace, depending on your dress style and hairstyle. 


Does Silver Go With Ivory Wedding Dress?

Silver will go well with an ivory wedding dress. You can incorporate it as your shoes or even accessories. 

However, it would look best as a piece of jewelry if the silver you’re wearing has sparkly stones to avoid looking flat against the ivory dress. Some brides even combine gold and silver in their accessories for the ivory wedding dress. 

If you’re wearing silver jewelry, you can also incorporate dark-colored stones in your other accessories. This will add variety and interest against the silver and ivory color combination. 


Does Rose Gold Go With Ivory?

Is ivory a part of your wedding color palette? If you still haven’t planned on a color combination, you can combine ivory with rose gold and other shades of gold. 

The golden tinge over pink with the yellowish-white tone of ivory will bring the best out from each other. You can treat ivory as the primary color then decorate it with rose gold accents. 

With these two, you can also add olive for a tasteful contrast. Try this color scheme when learning how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding


Can You Mix White And Ivory At A Wedding?

It’s possible to mix white and ivory at a wedding, but it’s best to select a specific shade of white with a warm undertone. If it’s cool white or those with a blue undertone, the ivory shade can look dingy because of the stark difference from its warm tone. 

For example, beige white can go well with ivory, mainly when you include golden and pastel tones in the color scheme. If the bride is wearing an ivory wedding dress, make sure that the white flowers are only filler flowers and the main ones are pastels or dark colors. 

You can have white decors if you’re decorating an ivory-themed wedding venue, such as fabric draping. However, add other exciting colors such as navy blue or even old rose so that the site won’t look too “white.”


Is It Okay To Wear An Ivory Dress To A Wedding?

It’s okay to wear an ivory wedding dress, and it’s an even more common trend nowadays than the classic white dress without a yellow undertone. Ivory is the perfect color for the bride who wants to be different but not too deviant such as wearing a color not related to white. 

Furthermore, ivory is ideal if your skin tone is pale rather than wearing a snow white wedding dress. It will help make your complexion look healthier rather than washed out. 



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed what color goes with ivory wedding dress, where you can consider pastel color or dark jewel tones. 

You can also use silver, rose gold, or even white with ivory. However, be careful with cool tones as it’s better to pick warm shades to pair with the warm color ivory. 

We hope this helps; leave us a question about how you styled your ivory wedding dress. 


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