What Color Goes With Emerald Green For A Wedding

Identifying what color goes with emerald green for a wedding means familiarizing yourself with different palettes. We will discuss the specific colors and shades you can consider for an emerald green-themed wedding. 

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what color goes with emerald green for a wedding


What Colors Go Well With Emerald Green For A Wedding?


Pinks, reds, and blues

Emerald green speaks royalty, so if this is a theme that you want to be expressed in your wedding, consider a palette made with reds, pinks, and blues. In particular, try the shades such as tawny red, indigo, and sandy pink. 

Tawny red can be intimidating as it’s pretty bold against another bold color like emerald green, but it makes perfect contrast as details and ornaments on your wedding decor. You can also add some sandy pinks or a blend between orange and red to soften the overall styling of the reception. 

If the theme for the wedding party’s outfit is emerald green, consider accessorizing them with indigo. It’s a unique color combination suitable for weddings, especially if the venue is by the sea. 


Whites and reds

Another color palette to try on an emerald green wedding is composed of whites and reds. Consider white shades with yellow undertones and red tones with hints of orange in them. 

They can be found on the wedding flowers, arch, table cloths, and other influential parts of the reception. You can also consider these colors for the accessories on your outfit for an emerald green-themed wedding. 

What’s fantastic with a palette consisting of primarily white colors helps make emerald green stand out more. But with the addition of ginger reds, you can provide contrast to make the overall theme more attractive. 


Pale colors, warm colors, and greens

Do not mistake that you can’t use other shades of green to complement emerald green. Some specific examples you can use when deciding on a color scheme for the wedding include sage and teal. 

But of course, you still want to introduce variety to the eyes to look more pleasant. With a green scheme, add pale colors such as peach or pearl. 

You can also combine pale colors and emerald green, then use other tones of greens for the details and embellishments on your wedding. But if you’re doing a summer wedding, you can always use warmer shades. 

Some exciting colors to combine with emerald green are rust, muted red, or even warm gray. They would also look fantastic for an outdoor or rustic wedding.


What Color Goes Best With Emerald Green?

Colors such as pink, rose, peach, beige, ivory, and other shades of green such as yellow-green and lime green will complement emerald green well. However, the sample color palettes discussed above would be fantastic for various types of weddings. 

To help plan your color palette, keep in mind that emerald green is a bright color. Of course, you don’t want something as vivid, and you can always stick to neutrals for safer colors. 

You also don’t want to use too many colors, especially for a wedding. Consider two to three colors to go with emerald green to avoid ending up with a confusing theme. 


Does Peach Goes With Emerald Green?

Peach is among the best colors to pair with emerald green. It balances the brightness of emerald green, and the contrast is not too striking that it will look out of place. 

If you combine peach with emerald green, consider adding other colors. They can be variations of red and neutrals like off-white and ivory. 

You can even add other tones of green for the details and ornaments when decorating or styling with peach and emerald green. This resulting palette would be perfect for classy occasions. 


Does Emerald Green Go With Gold?

Gold will look well with emerald green if elegance and royalty are the themes you want for the occasion. Both colors exude class, especially for an outfit. 

An emerald green dress paired with gold accessories and accents will surely be eye-catching. You can also consider gold embellishments on your shoes and bag for an emerald green outfit. 

If you’re a bride who is looking for tips on styling her wedding dress, read how to accessorize a wedding dress as well. 


What Colors Go With Dark Green Wedding?

Consider colors like pink, burgundy, rust, rose, ivory, blue, black, or even gold for a dark green wedding. The technique is to build a palette that will look cohesive but still interesting. 

For example, combining burgundy and dark green will be great with ivory or pink to add some softness. You can also add details of black or gold to dark green for a unique theme. 

Dark green weddings also tend to incorporate white as details or as part of the wedding party’s outfits. This touch of tradition to a unique color can make the event look classy but still distinct.



And that’s it! We just found out what color goes with emerald green for a wedding and revealed various palettes composed of pale colors, warm colors, reds, greens, and even blues. 

You can even pair emerald green with peach and gold. The key is to never use too many colors for the wedding and decide on a theme beforehand to create a color scheme much easier. 

We hope this was helpful; leave us a question if you have any. 


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