What Color Curtains With Brown Walls? 7 Different Color Options

In case you are wondering what color curtains with brown walls? Then we’ve got you covered!

Because in this post, we will tell you several color options that can go well with your brown walls.

As we all know, the curtain is among the essential element in interior décor. It adds visual appeal and character to your space.

But more importantly, it helps in controlling the light that can be filtered through the room.

When it comes to choosing curtains, needless to say, it has to display cohesion along with other elements in your design scheme.

It often seems like a blank canvas with brown as a wall color if you look from a decorative standpoint.

In other words, you can easily complement it with any color. So the process of choosing curtain colors is fairly simple.

But it is not about choosing a color that can blend in with the design scheme only. Instead, it should be something that can enhance the aesthetics of the room too.

Better yet, stand out and make a statement!


what color curtains with brown walls

What Color Of Curtains With Brown Walls

So, what color curtains with brown walls?

Below is the list of curtain colors that we have come up with for your brown walls.

All of them can provide visually appealing results, but choose whichever fits your taste.


#1. Brown curtains

You can choose a curtain that shares the same hue as your walls.

However, when it comes to brown, there is an array of shades that you can choose from.

Just avoid choosing a curtain that will make the overall theme of your room too plain.

So you may opt for textured curtains or pleat styles to add interest.

You might as well go with curtains in a lighter brown shade as they can offer minimal effect only, yet they can impart contrast and depth.


#2. White curtains

Whether you opt for a solid white or a sheer curtain, both can provide an airy and nice ambiance to the room.

This is the best color option if you want to lighten up your room, especially the sheer curtains.

It can lighten the room features as well as let the light enter.

You can further create a more harmonious look if you add other features in the same color as the curtain.


#3. Dark grey or black Curtains

Why not try exploring dark and demanding colors such as black and grey.

Matching your walls with these colors can provide an eye-catching effect.

Just ensure that there will be a balance of colors in the room. It must not be overwhelmed with too many dark shades.


#4. Plaid curtains

Another wonderful way of incorporating more visual interest into your room is by hanging patterned curtains.

This can step up your décor further if you aren’t satisfied with curtains in solid colors.

Through this, you will be able to add more depth to the room.


#5. Layered curtains

You can also layer curtains to accomplish both functionality and style.

For instance, you can layer sheer curtains underneath a solid curtain.

When you open the solid curtains, the sheers will be left to filter the light.

If you close the solid curtains, on the other hand, all the light will be blocked.

This color blocking method can offer more visual impact to the room.


#6. Warm colored curtains

All shades of brown belong to the warm colors category.

They tend to energize your space. It is also said to be emotionally stimulating.

These colors are ideal for communal rooms such as in your living rooms and kitchens.

Perhaps, you want to spice up these spaces further, then try adding some warm and bolder colors to pair your brown wall.

Red curtains, for example, can be very eye-catching. It can pop in the room.

Using yellow and orange curtains can also be a bold combination.

More so, using pink curtains can add a sense of femininity to the room. This will balance out the masculine vibe of the room.


#7. Cool colored curtains

In contrast to the previous color scheme, you can create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere using curtains in cool colors.

This is commonly used in spaces where people unwind or prefer to be alone.

However, you can also use this in your bedroom.

These curtain colors will balance out the warmth of brown walls.

The primary choices in cooling down your décor are green and blue curtains.

If you cannot decide which of the two you will use, why not opt for a blend of the two.

A shade of turquoise is a rich and bold choice to go for.

Just remember that when your walls are dark brown, then stick to light or medium shades of green or blue.

Otherwise, the room will look muddy.


It’s A Wrap!

You are wise to paint your walls brown because it can be straightforward to decorate them.

In addition, the brown color tends to go well with anything.

Choosing what color curtains with brown walls will primarily depend on the look that you are after.

Choose the one that can result in a cohesive and harmonious look.

how to make your own without sewing

Easy Window Curtains: How to Make Your Own Without Sewing

Window treatments can be expensive, but luckily there are many ways to save money on your window curtains. This article will show you how to make your own without sewing!


Steps on Make Curtains Without Sewing

Step 1. Buy fabric and a rod that matches the size of your window. You will also need to buy some pins, an ironing board, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, and something to make a hem (such as thread).

Step 2. Measure how wide your curtains should be by adding two inches on either side for hems. The height should be the length of your window.

Step 3. Buy one yard of fabric for every panel that you want to make (e.g., if you are making three panels, buy three yards). Also, measure how wide and long your curtains should be by adding two inches on either side to account for hems. The height will depend on how many windows and how long your panels are.

Step 4. Cut the fabric to size for each panel of curtains and hem any edges that need it by folding over once, ironing flat, then pressing with a hot iron. You can leave them raw if you want an unfinished look which is what I did here.

Step 5. Take one piece at a time and pin it to the top of your window, leaving room on either side for how wide you want it and hemming.

Step 6. Begin sewing around the perimeter with a straight stitch, moving from left to right or right to left. You can use an overcast stitch if you have thicker fabric that needs more support. Be sure not to sew past where your panel ends.

Step 7. Repeat with the remaining panels and leave your curtains open until it’s time to hang them up!


How to Wash Curtains

  • Wash in cold water on the delicate cycle and dry flat. You can also take care of light stains by spritzing with a stain remover or vinegar before washing.
  • For more stubborn stains, soak the curtains in water mixed with a little detergent and stain remover for 30 minutes before washing.
  • To remove dust, vacuum the curtains or shake outside.
  • Avoid washing your curtain with a load of towels as it could fray or cause shrinkage in some fabrics.


How to Hang Curtains

Hanging your curtains can be as simple or elegant as you want them to be.

Hangers: You can use a variety of hangers for different looks, including plastic sticks in shower clips, clear clothespins, and fabric loops.

Rods: Basic curtain rods are perfect with most fabrics but if you have heavier fabrics, use a metal rod.

Hooks: Hang hooks at the top of your window frame, then simply hang your curtains over them.

Rod Pocket Cords: You can use these to hang your curtains without sewing. They provide a cleaner, more finished look and they’re good for heavier fabrics that won’t stay on regular hooks.

Tiebacks/Cord Loops: These are great for short windows with no rods or if you don’t want the hassle of installing anything else. Just tie them to the top corners of the panel.

Ropes: Use these if you’re looking for a more natural look and feel. You can attach them to your window frame with eye hooks, then hang your panels over them in any way that works best for you (hanging one on each side or hanging both from one side).

Tension Rods: These are best for short windows. Just place the rods on any side of your window, then hang one curtain over them and use a tension rod to keep it in place (you’ll need two).


How to Preserve Curtains to last long

Hang your curtains in a way that they won’t touch the floor or ground. This will ensure you don’t have to replace them because of mold growth.

Wash your curtain at least once every three months with water and detergent, then hang it outside for some fresh air before storing it away again (you can also use a dryer sheet).

Store your curtains at room temperature in an area with good air circulation.

If you’re storing it away for the wintertime, make sure to put them in a sealed plastic bag or container that will keep bugs out. Make sure to give them time before using them again by airing them out outdoors.


The Benefits of Window Curtains

  1. They’re a great way to get privacy in your home without taking down the curtains. Privacy helps keep both sunlight and light from outside sources out, which can help you sleep better at night by reducing how much artificial light is spilling into your bedroom.
  2. Window treatments add an elegant touch to your home. Curtains are a great way to liven up any room in the house or can be chosen for how they coordinate with the colors of your furniture and other decor pieces that you have.
  3. They’re also an easy way to change the feel of your windows without having to spend too much money! Window treatments can be swapped out with the seasons, to add a festive feel during the holiday season.
  4. Curtains are also an easy way to make any room in your home more inviting and welcoming!

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