What Color Curtains go With Yellow Walls? 2 Simple Tips!

What color curtains go with yellow walls? That is a question that many people ask themselves when they are decorating their homes. There are so many colors to choose from, and it can be hard to figure out what will look the best together.


What color curtains go with yellow walls

Tips for Choosing Curtain Colors Matching Yellow Walls

Tip #1. Blue, White or Cream-colored

There are many colors that work well with yellow walls. One of the most popular is blue, but it can also be nice to use a shade of white or cream-colored curtains instead and then add some fun pieces like colorful pillows on your couch. There are so many ways you could go about decorating your home by adding different colors for curtains.

Tip #2. Brown, Orange, and Green

Some other colors that will work well with yellow walls are brown, orange, and green. When you’re deciding what color curtains to put in your home office or bedroom it can be a tough decision because there is so much variety when it comes to those two rooms specifically.


What is the Best Curtain Color?

Yellow is a very happy color, which makes it perfect for the bedroom or living room. You also want to make sure that you use curtains with enough fabric so they can cover your windows and add privacy if needed. One thing to think about when deciding on what curtain colors will work best in any room of your home is how large the window is.

Are you working with a large window and need to fit in more than one curtain panel? If so, then white curtains are perfect for you because they can easily be used as an accent color.


What Color Curtains are Best for Yellow Walls?

I recommend using soft, muted colors like beige or light purple. You could also use lighter shades of blue and green if you want to bring in more natural elements without going too far out there with a bright hue.

If you love the boldness of yellow but want to tone it down a bit, then what you need is to pair this color with other darker colors that are either neutrals or close enough. This will make the yellow pop without making it too overpowering.


How to Care for Colored Curtains?

Using a vacuum cleaner can help remove any dirt and particles from the curtains. Washing them with cool water is also recommended to keep their colors intact, but be careful not to wash them in boiling or hot water as this will cause fading. Just make sure you separate your colored towels and sheets from these items when doing laundry so that color does not rub off onto them.


What are the Best Curtains?

Curtains can make or break a room, and it’s important to invest in good quality ones that will last for a long time. When looking for curtains, you want to find ones that suit your space while also fitting your budget- different kinds of materials can have vastly different prices.

  • The best curtains are ones that suit your space and fit your budget.
  • Different materials will cost differently, so try to find one that you can afford but also suits the room and is good quality.
  • Ask friends or family what they recommend for material as well because nothing beats an honest opinion!


Different Types of Curtains

  • Sheers: These are usually made of either fabric or polyester and provide light filtering while also providing privacy. They can be hung from the ceiling on a rod to create some type of separation between two spaces in your home, such as an entryway into a living room. If you want more light but less visibility through them, you can also hang them from the top of a window and let the curtains fall to the sides.
  • Roman: These are traditionally hung on rods that are mounted at either side of your windows, rather than across it like sheers or drapes. They create some privacy because you can’t see through them but provide more light as they’re often made of a lighter material.
  • Drapes: These are often hung across the window from one side to another. You can use them for privacy because you can’t see through them, or find ones that have clear panels in between so they’re not as heavy and provide more light than traditional drapes do.
  • Grommet: These are self-lined curtains with holes punched in the top. They’ll give your windows a more modern look because they frame them, and provide privacy but not as much light through them as sheers do.
  • Lined Curtains: These will allow for both privacy and light to get through better than other options–you can find ones that have a sheen to them and will reflect more light.
  • Pocket Curtains: These are made of two panels (one on the backside, one in front) with slits or pockets placed in between so they can be gathered together at the sides for better privacy but still let some light through when you pull them apart.


How to Find the Right Curtain

Step #1. Start with your walls if you’re looking for a color that will match. You can either choose from colors that are already in your room or go bold and paint it yellow! It doesn’t matter as long as they complement each other.

Step #2. Next, decide what mood you want the space to have. For example, if you want it to be lively and cheerful for a nursery or playroom, go with light yellow curtains that are decorated in polka dots or geometric shapes.

Step #3. Finally, make sure the fabric is something you’ll enjoy looking at every day–no one wants ugly drapes! The nice soft cotton will go great with yellow walls and white trim.

If you’re not sure what to do, there are plenty of curtains available on the market that will match your yellow wall color, like this chocolate brown chenille velvet curtain panel in hunter green from Pottery Barn Kids for $44.00