What Color Curtains Go With Sage Green Walls? 5 Best Options!

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what color curtains go with sage green walls

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Curtains are pretty crucial in ones home since it gives a finishing touch to the whole interior decoration.

It makes the whole room look even better and well decorated. It enhances the designs and the windows.

Curtains would be better if it matches or complements the color of your walls or else it will ruin it.

The purpose of this is to make the windows look fire and sophisticated. It is also for your protection.

But on top of it, curtains play a big role in making the interior of your house look even better.


What Color Of Curtains Go With Sage Green Walls? 

So, what color curtains go with sage green walls?

There is a lot of green-colored shade, but then sage green is way darker and closer to brown and gray.

You may not recognize it at first, but a wall in this color would look so fine and cool to your eyes.

Upon putting up curtains on it, you should know what color goes well to add pleasure to the feels.

It is not like a simple protective layer. It also stands as something that would carry the look of your rooms.

We have options for you to choose from, and then you can pick your best options based on your preference.


Option #1. Sheer white

White-colored curtains are practical. After all, it will look good on any colored wall because it is universal.

Sheer white curtains can look good in green walls especially that it is affiliated to nature.

It is a good scheme if ever since sheer curtains are not too thick, and they are just like lacy fabrics that are plain.

Unlike all the other curtains, they don’t acquire a thick material that can block the sunlight, but it looks simple and pretty.


Option #2. Contrasting patterns (geometric)

This one is another option for you, but if you opt to put patterned curtains, make sure it has a white base.

As I have mentioned earlier, white goes along with almost everything.

But having patterns to it can be better.

You can always think of ways to elevate it and have geometric shapes boldly imprinted on it to the next level.

It works well in the green shade.

Make sure that the color of the patterns matches or compromises the wall.


Option #3. Add something floral

Adding floral curtains on a sage green wall would be amazing. It can help you out big time.

One more thing about it, the floral highlights on it must be colorful and big detailed to make sure it stands out.

You can play on blue, green, white, black designed floral curtains to make sure that it would look good.

The complement it gives on your wall must be dark to light.

Since the color of your wall is cool and something warm for the curtains.

Always keep it balance to avoid too much darkness.


Option #4. Have something minimal

There are times where less is more.

You can also apply this technique to your curtains.

Also, you can have a white base and small minimalist patterns on the surface.  Make sure that the patterns complement the mood.

The mood or feels of the room depends on your preference, but I think you can do that independently.

A piece of advice upon choosing the pattern can have dark shades of blue to complement the sage green walls.

Or have small black patterns to enhance the wall and make sure it gets other decorations’ attention.


Option #5. Light on dark or vice versa

This option is something that you can level up to make sure that you have a nice contrast.

You can play on one color only.

Sage green does have different hues and shades.

It can be dark or light, but then this is what you can do to enhance the wall and the curtain at the same time.

Once you have chosen a dark sage green color, you can have a lighter shade of sage green for your curtains.

And if you chose a light one for the wall using a darker one for the curtains because it will contrast beautifully.

It will still depend on your taste and preference but if you are still confused about picking a curtain, take your time.

And you can say that curtains play a big role in your home.

Ensure that it makes sense to every corner and every purpose it should serve to ensure it is worth it.

That is all.



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