What Color Curtains Go With Light Blue Walls? 6 Best Options!

Do you want to know what color curtains go with light blue walls?

Alright, do not worry because we got you. We are here to help you out on deciding what color curtains you should have.

what color curtains go with light blue walls

Curtains are commonly used for the shade it gives, but another reason is for decorative.

It helps you make your interior decorations give out an aesthetic look as it enhances the beauty of your room.

Curtains serve many purposes, more than just a cover-up and a divider, so you better know how to bring out the best on it.


What Color Curtains Go With Light Blue Wall?

As someone who likes putting up curtains as cover-ups and decoration, you must know how to mix and match colors.

Even your curtains should complement your room color to make sure that it will look good.

Not because you need it for cover-up, you will not consider other things.

Like how it matches and what design you should have.

All of the interconnects, which is why you have to go into detail. Don’t worry. We will help you out.

We will be giving you options. You’ll be the one to judge the color of curtains you want for your light blue-colored wall.

So, what color curtains go with light blue walls?


Option#1. Dark blue curtains

Having light blue-colored walls, you need something to compliments it. You cannot put light and light together.

It will look plain, light, and off. It should be the opposite of one.

If your wall is dark, have a light curtain, and if your wall has light color, it has a dark-colored curtain.

That is how it works. The only problem is that you have to choose the shade of blue correctly.

The darker the shade you will have, the better.

It will contrast the color and will play a good play in the color palette of blue. It would help if you were using one color palette here.


Option #2. Orange curtains

This second option is a great combination.

Orange contrasts light-colored blue, which will add depth to your room.

It will look good, and it will play a cool and warm tone inside the room. It is like a piece of ice and fire mixed up.

They work beautifully together, even if they are contrasting. That’s how you play a balancing role inside your room.


Option #3. Sheer white curtains

You sure do know that white works with almost everything. That will help you have a simple yet elegant-looking room.

Adding a sheer white curtain is a good choice upon a light blue-colored wall. Simple but full of sophistication.

Although it will not give too much coverage if you’re aiming for one, it is thin and light, and it has no coverage against the light.

It is also not secure if you want a private life that no one should sneak in.


Option #4. Plain black curtains

Black and blue look good together, but light blue works better with black than the darker shades of blue.

Black brings out a calm and cool tone that makes the light blue look even better. It is one of the best colors that complements light blue.

Adding hue in your room would be achieved in this kind of color combination. A dark curtain, primarily black, is heavy as tint.

You will need to pick an excellent black curtain. You can have a plain one or one that has a minimal pattern.


Option #5. Red Curtains

When you have a light blue wall in your home, you will add a red curtain to make it stand out.

But then pick a dark red, and you can have one that has highlights and patterns that enhances it.

You can pick one that has gold highlights and patterns. It would look stunning and expensive.

Just be wise upon choosing the design. It should stand out and get every attention from the people entering the said room.


Step #6. Silver curtains

Adding silver curtains in a light blue-colored room would look stunning and fabulous.

The silver color brings elegance and sophistication as a whole. Having that “silver lining” in your room is excellent.

It will just come in the form of your curtains.

But then it is up to you if you want this or just something simple.

You can pull out the look by using a simpler curtain close to silver which is gray, and it will give a subtle touch on the color combinations.

It is very plain and simple, but it is an elegant-looking color when paired with light blue.

Just adjust the shade but the darker the shade of gray you have, the better. Light colors work so well with dark ones.

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