What Color Curtains Go With Lavender Walls? 5 Best Choices!

What color curtains go with lavender walls?

For sure, you have been pondering upon this question for quite some time already.

what color curtains go with lavender walls

It can be a bit hard to choose the right curtain to pair with your lavender wall.

But after you read this entire post, your worries will be gone.

That is because we will be providing you with the necessary information you need in looking for the right color of curtains that you can pair with your lavender wall.


Beautiful Color Curtain Go With Lavender Walls

So, what color curtains go with lavender walls?

There are only limited color curtains options that you can use to complement them in lavender walls.

We will present them in the list below.

Any of the options can result in a remarkable improvement.


Option #1. Soft ivory curtains

The first color shade is soft ivory. It is among the few color that can result in an appealing look when paired with a lavender wall.

You can choose a curtain made of linen in that shade so that you can create a light, airy, and fresh effect.

This color option can also help in brightening up a room.


Option #2. Curtains in neutral colors

You can create a powerful effect if you combine dark neutrals with striking lavender walls.

But you might as well use curtains that come in lighter shades such as charcoal grey or medium grey.

These colors can deliver excellent results all the same.


Option #3. Deep plum curtains

Finally, you can also try installing curtains in a deep plum shade.

This color can deliver a lovely monochromatic tone.

Again, you can use this to design any room.


Option #4. Light grey curtains

If you want to achieve a traditional look, then go with clean and simple designs.

A gray palette will maintain the aesthetics while the lavender provides the charisma and charm of the place.

The combination of lavender walls and light grey curtains can provide an inspiring and fantastic appeal.


Option #5. Stone curtains

If you like to town down your lavender walls, you can pair them with a color palette consisting of colors you can find in nature.

Earthy and pleasant shades can provide a balance in your space resulting in a sophisticated and clean look.

Ideally, this is best used for a meditative bedroom or a modern themed bathroom.


Decorating Your Lavender Walls

To complete the look of your lavender walls, remember the following tips.


Tip #1. Choosing fabrics

No matter which part of the house has a lavender wall, choosing the suitable fabric can make or break the room’s overall vibe.

The combination of lavender, light grey, cream, and white can produce good results.

You can mix and match these colors on different items in the room, including carpets, rugs, bedding, pillows, and of course, curtains.

If you want to tone down the overwhelming effect of your lavender walls, you can use a light grey or white rug and curtains.

This color can create a warm appeal to the room.


Tip #2. Feminine flair

Your lavender walls can also be paired with pink curtains.

It can bring out the feminine flair of lavender even more.

Furthermore, adding a pink touch on throw pillows or bedding will be something that girls and women alike.

Accentuate this with pale lavender or white furniture.

But you can also explore neutrals such as warm and soft grey.

If your bathroom is painted with feminine lavender, you may complement this with shower curtains having pastel flower designs.

Then, add a lavender, pink, or white, lavender bath mat.


Tip #3. Dark décor and accent

To draw attention to the artwork pieces in your room, you can use picture frames in black color with matting in white as this can stand out against the lavender walls.

You can also play with the black and white motif as this can stand out all the same.

But if you aim for a romantic atmosphere, you can use intense purple share for your curtains, decorative rugs, and furniture.

Accentuating the space with decorative pieces such as sheer curtains, canisters, and lampshades in purple will enhance the room’s look.

You may also try designing your space with accessories in vibrant blue color as this can provide an even more remarkable effect against lavender walls.


Other Color Combinations

Other than the color curtains mentioned above, you can also explore different color combinations, which include:


Lavender and mustard 

A modern, fresh, and funky room is not easy to pull off. But if you are an artsy person, this palette can easily capture your eyes.

If you contrast mustard and lavender, it can result in a stabilized look.


Lavender and tan 

Perhaps you want a modern yet cozy feel.

Then you can opt for this color scheme since this imparts a familiar and dependable ambiance.

You can further stimulate the look by adding purple rugs and furniture to create a dramatic focal point.

Conversely, colors such as yellow and brown can provide a harmonious effect by tying everything together.

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Nevertheless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you have to know what color curtains go with lavender walls.

Any of the color combinations above can result in a stunning outcome.

Choose whichever suits your style.