What Color Curtains Go With Gold Walls? 10 Best Choices!

What color curtains go with gold walls? There are a few options; it all depends upon your discretion. You will know as you read along, my friends!

Undoubtedly, gold is an exciting color; it’s best to use whenever you’re decorating your house. It represents a lot- inspiration, happiness, vitality, and warmth.

What color curtains go with gold walls

Well, this color is perfect for your kitchens and living rooms.

So, if you’ve decided on gold walls, you also have to think about what color of curtains will complement them.

Without further ado, let’s start!


What Color Of Curtains Go With Gold Walls

So, what color curtains go with gold walls?

Here are the colors that you can take into account:


#1. White curtains (sheered and patterned)

In your dining room, you can always opt for gold walls or maybe sunny yellow walls.

The best curtain to pair these walls with is sheer white patterned curtains.

Gold already looks bright, so to balance the colors, white is a good idea.

Furthermore, the curtain’s material permits the light of the sun to filter through inside.

Thus, it gives off a brighter room.

So, you’re sure the room will have a warm glow during the day.

At the same time, it gives off privacy, even if there are some passers-by.



 #2. White and teal stripes

Do you want a coastal vibe for your room?

Well, you can have white and teal striped curtains, my friends.

The walls will give you a feel of sunny mornings- as if you wake up by the sea.

Of course, the curtain gives off a beach vibe, making these a perfect match.

Yes, you may think that it’s airy or light.

But, it can surely provide you complete blackout whenever you need total darkness.

Much more, it’s sure to give you UV protection, making it a perfect fit for places that get a lot of sunshine.

This being said, it’s perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.


#3. Navy blue curtains

Do you know that gold and navy blue are good together?

It’s mainly because yellow and blue are complementary colors.

Since gold is so close to yellow and navy blue to blue, of course, they’re better together.

If the gold-painted is relatively light and pale, then it goes well in dark colors, such as this one.

The combination of these colors will surely give a sophisticated and elegant look.

And this is true without overpowering each other.

You can also opt for those curtains with geometric patterns; they can indeed be more attractive.


#4. White embroidered curtains

As mentioned above, white is a good option; well, it’s true in any colors, right?

But, of course, you should give a little twist, such as opting for embroidered ones.

Try one with small dashes in blue. With this, I’m sure your window will have much attention. It can also give you a fun feel.

Look for a white curtain that is semi-sheer, so you can permit light to filter inside.


#5. Blue chevron curtains

Now, you can pair your gold walls with blue chevron curtains.

For you to have an eclectic look, you can always layer your curtains with various patterns.

You can make your room feel alive and fun by putting curtains with a chevron design.


#6. Black and white patterned curtains

This curtain will surely work well with your gold walls.

Yes, there’s no doubt about how great bright colors are.

Always remember, however, that there are some limitations to the brightness of your room.

To balance the colors, black and white curtains are the best choice!


#7. Mocha curtains

For your dining room, you can always choose mocha-colored curtains.

This color of curtains will surely give your room a sophisticated look.

It’s the most ideal for entertaining and formal dinners.

Much more, it looks smart; it can complement rich colors of dark wood such as your furniture and dining table.

Also, you can complement this with your wall arts.


#8. Dark green curtains

If you want a bright living room, then you can choose green curtains.

For sure, this will provide you a natural feel.

Also, it goes well with any plants in your room.

Much more, it’s perfect for any accessories and ottoman, giving you a coastal-like interior.


#9. Beige curtains

In order to match with your yellow walls, you can try beige curtains; this will give a more natural look.

Given that it’s close to the color spectrum, it’s sure to work well together.

To be more attractive, you can opt for a fabric that has a texture to it.

The light gives off shadow therein, providing more depth to your room.

These curtains are excellent together with natural materials such as wooden floors and bamboos.


#10. Grey curtains

Try to pair your golden walls with grey curtains.

This combination is perfect for your bedroom.

It will give you an uplifting feel, for sure.


It’s A Wrap!

What color curtains go with gold walls?

Well, there are many choices; you can opt for grey, beige, dark green, mocha, and more.

Depending upon your preference, you can!