What Color Curtains Go with Dark Brown Furniture

Sometimes, deciding what color curtains go with dark brown furniture can be quite daunting. Especially when your interior’s color scheme can make or break the design. Fortunately, the options are much wider than you expect.


what color curtains go with dark brown furniture

You can pair dark brown furniture with a set of fresh white curtains, neutral tones, some shades of orange, green, and other bright-colored curtains. Create a sophisticated, casual, elegant, or natural kind of interior design by combining different colors.


It’s important to note that colors play an important role in creating that targeted effect. For instance, you can make a room appear larger by simply choosing colors to make specific elements pop. Luckily, when working with dark brown furniture, here are some amazing colors that you can choose from.


Crisp white

Given its dark, you won’t have to wonder why crisp white lands a space on this list. Opting for this versatile color gives you a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing the curtain’s material. You can go for bright white sheer curtains or silk and velvet. 


White creates an elegant mix of simplicity and style in a minimalistic kind of way. The brightness of the color will easily soften your dark brown furniture. Using sheer allows an ample amount of sunlight to illuminate the room, creating a natural glowing effect.


You can also switch it up by hanging patterned white curtains with a touch of dark brown as an accentuating color. It will help you create a seamless color matching technique throughout the space. 


Light brown

If you are a fan of monochromatic color schemes, or perhaps brown is just really your favorite color, you would be glad to know that lighter shades of brown can actually give you a beautiful space. 


Opt for sheer brogan curtains to give your room a brighter contrast. Avoid using darker shades and thick fabric when using brown since it may create a gloomy and dark atmosphere. However, if you have bright walls like white, you can try to fashion it with a set of dark brown curtains.


Don’t forget that your walls also play a huge part in pulling the look together. Make sure that you blend darker and lighter shades so that they create a harmonious look. You can also use some gold accents in the furniture for a touch of luxury.


Sun yellow

Since we are dealing with dark brown, it may be good to brighten up the place with a sunny pair of yellow curtains. Choose a shade that complements your existing dark brown furniture to look too out of place.


Remember to add many yellow elements into the room, such as yellow rugs and throw pillows and other minor accessories. Since dark can be such an overpowering color, try to be subtle when adding a bright hue into the color scheme.


Avoid hanging bright yellow curtains and leaving them as the only yellow color in the room. It is going to seem out of place. If you can’t find the perfect shade of yellow, try to go for a patterned curtain with touches of brown. 


Light gray

These neutral colors can help you achieve a modern interior design. Allow your dark brown furniture to stand out with a pair of light gray polyester curtains. It will give your dark colors a nice contrast and help to brighten up the room.


You can also opt for patterned or ombre-style curtains. Light gray is such a perfect addition to any modern or industrial house design. Please give it a splash of grandeur with metallic silver finishes in the room or the curtain itself. 



Decorating light-colored walls, dark brown furniture, and light green curtains can paint quite a pretty picture if you know how to choose your shades correctly. Avoid sage green or moss-colored green because it might create a muddy look. 


If you love nature and have a few potted plants as part of your interior design, then perhaps a pair of bright green sheer curtains can finish it off just fine. You can also change your pots to have green embellishments so that it pulls the look together. 


Be careful of putting dark and dark colors together. You may end up with an overwhelmingly dark room. If you’re afraid of solid green curtains, you can always go for white with green embellishments or patterns. 


Matching colors

In any design, color always plays an important role in pulling the look together. It doesn’t matter if you want a casual, subtle, luxurious, or dramatic atmosphere. The only way to pull off these kinds of design goals is through carefully choosing the right color combinations. 


Try to practice the rule of threes, which means sticking to three different hues and incorporating them seamlessly throughout the design. If you feel lost, you can always check the color wheel to get an idea of complementing and contrasting colors. 


Overall, monochromatic color schemes are elegant and beautiful but don’t be afraid of adding colors to the design. Try to experiment with a variety of shades until you are satisfied with your palette. Remember that your walls and curtains need to work together to create a rich backdrop.