What Color Curtains Go With Cream Walls? 10 Best Choices!

What color curtains go with cream walls? You have 10 options, my friends.

The cream color is among the most straightforward neutral shade that you can pair with almost all colors.

What color curtains go with cream walls

When choosing curtains that can go with it, you may choose a slightly lighter or darker shade.

Depending on how you want them to stand against the cream walls, you can subtly create coolness or warmth in your room.

By simply changing your curtain colors, you can transform the aesthetics of the room.

Matching it further with décor pieces and furniture can make it more visually dramatic.


Different Color Curtains Go With Cream Walls

As mentioned earlier, the cream can be easily paired with different colors.

But some colors can work better than others.

So, what color curtains go with cream wall?

Below are some of the best color curtains to pair your cream walls with:


Option #1. Light grey curtains

One of the best colors of curtains to match your cream walls is light grey.

It can impart a welcoming and friendly vibe in a living room with a modern style.

Not only that, but it also allows more light into the room, thereby adding brightness to the room.


Option #2. Blue curtains

 If you enjoy the soft and clean appearance of cream walls, you can add curtains in subtle shades that will maintain the neutral theme.

All while contrasting the walls a bit.

Try installing blue curtains and see how it adds a light touch to your motif.

You can accentuate the room further with other furniture pieces in the same color.


Option #3. Green curtains

Hanging long curtains in green color will look bright and pleasing against your cream walls.

You can hang this in your windows to create an outdoorsy effect in your space.

This color curtain can also do an excellent job in injecting a nature-inspired look.

Then add other furniture pieces with the same shade to promote a cohesive look in the room.


Option #4. White curtains

A lot of people might think that white curtains cannot complement cream walls.

But try putting up those white curtains of yours, and for sure, this kind of curtain will convince you otherwise.

You will undoubtedly love how these two neutral shades can produce a layering effect.

This combination can enhance the pristine, crisp, and clean appeal of your interior décor even more.


Option #5. Orange curtains

Blending orange curtains with your cream walls can produce a visual of cream and mango sorbet.

The orange curtains flowing from your window will contrast with your cream walls.

This combination will easily catch the eyes of anyone entering the room.


Option #6. Red curtains

When it comes to color belonging to dark hues, red can be the boldest and sharpest color.

Curtains in a wine-red tone paired with your cream walls can produce an excellent combination.

Most often than not, the cream is not paired with bright colors.

But with the burgundy shade, you will see how your interior predominated with cream can turn into a sophisticated look.


Option #7. Yellow curtains

For sure, it is not new to you how cheerful and bright colors are enhance when you pair them with neutral colors such as cream, for example.

Yellow curtains against cream walls can impart a portion of sunshine.

In addition, the mildness of the cream walls blends well with vibrant yellow drapes.


Option #8. Brown curtains

Brown curtains in the hue of expresso are a deep color that is best added to cream walls to create a striking contrast.

Pairing it with sofas in the shade of cinnamon brown shade can provide another layer of color to your cream and brown palette.

You can tie up the look together by putting up brown carpets.

As a result, the room will look more spacious due to the cream walls.

It will also display warmth due to the brown accents.


Option #9. Curtains in two shades

You can also go away from single-colored curtains and try using two shades of curtains with one contrasting and the other complementing the cream walls.

Then see how the magic happens in your interior décor.

For instance, you can use cream and blue-grey curtains.

The part with cream color will merge with the wall, while the pleasing shade of the other color can inject an alluring effect.


Option #10. Black and white curtains

The classic duo of black and white can be the best combination to match with cream walls.

It will balance out the dark tones perfectly, thereby providing the room with an opulent ambiance.

You can further hang lights to create an industrial theme.


Some Tips To Remember:

Using two shades of colors can provide a stunning effect to the overall décor.

For light-colored walls, it would be best to pair them with darker curtain shades.

Perhaps, you like to stay with neutral curtains.

Then you may opt for a curtain in another shade of cream; it can either be darker or lighter than the color of the walls to add more depth to it


It’s A Wrap!

You can boost your creativity in designing your space for as long as you know what color curtains go with cream walls.

Among the colors listed above, choose which one matches your preference when it comes to design aesthetics.