What Color Curtains Go with Brown Furniture?

Knowing what color curtains go with brown furniture is crucial to pull a particular design together. Palettes and color combinations are essential for the interior, exterior, and all types of design.


what color curtains go with brown furniture

Maybe you have decided to throw your old shabby curtains away and what to give your space a new look. Or perhaps it could just be that you happened to buy your brown furniture before selecting the right colored curtain. 


No matter the reason, combining colors to get the perfect look is not an entirely challenging venture. After all, the choices might actually surprise you. Brown is a lot more versatile and easy to work with than you think. You can easily pair them with light, warm, even cool colors. 

Matching colors

Regardless of your career, everyone should know that color is a crucial element to any design. If you aren’t familiar with browns complementing, contrasting, and accent colors, you should probably go back to the color wheel


A color wheel will easily tell you the relationship between two different types of hues. Some combinations can contrast one another, creating bold features. Others blend and complement one another on a harmonious level. Your chosen color combination will either make or break any design.


Lucky for you, we have gathered some of the best colors to pair with that rich brown-colored furniture. Give your living room or bedroom those finishing touches by hanging the perfect pair of colored curtains.


When you first wonder what color curtains go with brown furniture, you probably aren’t expecting an answer within the question itself. But what can I say? Brown is an amazing color, especially for modern and contemporary interior designs.


There are a ton of different tints and shades of brown to use from. Using the same color creates the perfect opportunity to form a monochromatic color scheme that looks neat and beautiful at the same time. 


If you have dark brown furniture, try hanging a pair of light-brown curtains to contrast the darker shades with lighter ones. Sheer fabric will also allow natural light to seep into the room, leaving your space well-lit and airy. 


On the other hand, if you have beige or light-brown colored furniture, give it a bold finish with dark chocolate-colored drapery. The depth of the fabric will add an air of regality to the room. It is perfect for making bold finishing touches. 


We lean towards a more safe side with white sheer, textured, patterned, or solid curtains. But white curtains with brown furniture are still beautiful, despite their simplicity. It creates the perfect contrast between dark brown and white. 


Using sheer fabric will allow natural sunlight to illuminate the room, giving your furniture a “glowing” type of illusion. For lighter shades of brown furniture, bright white will blend well with its soft tones. 


For medium shades of brown, try a pair of thick and elegant-looking navy blue draperies. It looks fantastic on almost every shade of brown. Just be careful not to mix too intensely dark colors, or else the darkness of both colors may overwhelm the design.


Navy blue is a great opportunity to add a touch of color to the “brownness” of the design. Perhaps a monochromatic color scheme is not for you. In that case, adding a touch of other primary colors like blue is the perfect way to incorporate excitement and variety.


You can also try velvet drapes in rich burgundy and achieve a warm and inviting space. If you still want a touch of blue, try a light blue tie dye curtain for a textured and colorful look. The natural pattern on the fabric makes it look absolutely fantastic.


Achieve a bright, sunny, and cheerful atmosphere in your living room by livening up your space with some bright or mustard yellow curtains. Yellow is a perfect complementary color for brown, regardless of its shade.


Hang a pair of mustard yellow curtains with darker shades of brown. Bright yellow can make the room even more cheerful than it already is. Your windows will definitely pop without seeming overly dramatic. 


Play with modern industrial color schemes by incorporating lighter or darker shades of gray into the design. A splash of metallic silver will easily make that dark brown furniture pop. It is a fantastic approach to adding a bit of pop while still following neutral color combinations.


Patterned light gray curtains will give any space a sense of character and notable beauty. It is unlike other color combinations, especially if you add in some silver accents to the room. The colors will play along well and create a sophisticated modern interior design. 

Rules of three

When designing, artists follow a principle called the “rules of three,” and means that odd-numbered colors incorporated into a particular design create an interesting balance. It doesn’t necessarily dictate three colors at maximum, but rather three as an amount to start.


If you ask professional interior designers, they will probably tell you that three colors are optimal. But then again, it all depends on how you blend your chosen colors. Just apply the rule of three and keep the color scheme flowing in all parts of the room.


You can start with three colors when deciding on your overall room color combination. Add two more colors along the way as accents that will greatly improve the design. You can play around with different tints and shades to find out which combination suits your preference best, and that’s how you decide what color curtains go with brown furniture.