What Color Curtains Go With Black Furniture? 4 Excellent Colors!

Are you here to find out what color curtains go with black furniture?

Very well then, we will provide you with a list of color curtains that you can try out.

what color curtains go with black furniture

With your black furniture quickly standing out and creating a bold statement, it will be the room’s focal point.

With that being said, you need to get curtains that can work harmoniously with it. For example, what colors can balance out the look and not clash with it.

Most often than not, black furniture produces a dramatic effect.

It creates a well-defined silhouette by adding sharp-lined to the bulky frames of the furniture.

A piece of furniture that comes in color black is both chic and sophisticated, which is why interior designers like to explore this.

However, it might be hard to accentuate it with other materials and colors when it comes to black furniture.


4 Excellent Color Curtains Go With Black Furniture

Every color can result in a different outcome.

Before you pick a color, though, decide on the theme of the room first.

So, what color curtains go with black furniture?

Below are some of the color curtain options:


Option #1. Red curtain

Curtains that come in red color can stimulate energy, passion, and appetite.

Many people are hesitant to use red because there is a tendency that you will overdo it.

But for as long as you balance the colors right, red can result in an innovative and vibrant appeal.


Option #2. Orange curtain

Another color of curtains that you can pair with your black furniture is orange.

This color can create and soothe a sense of coordination.

Orange is a perfect color if you desire to make a cozy and warm ambiance.


Option#3. Green curtain

If you want to add a relaxing effect to your room, you can explore with a curtain in the shades of green.

This color can also offer a natural vibe to the room.


Option #4. Blue curtain

Blue is the color that is associated with peace.

You can use a blue curtain to add a crisp and clear look to your room.


Option #5. Pink curtain

Perhaps, you want to fill the room with harmony and love.

Then you can opt for pink curtains.

That is because this color can promote both friendship and love.


Option #6. Brown curtain

Brown is a color that represents simplicity and honesty.

Using a brown curtain is an excellent way to tone down the bold and harsh tone of black furniture.


5 Looks That You Can Achieve 

You can achieve various looks with black furniture.

Below are some of them:


Look #1. Retro style

You can pair pale curtains to your black furniture in creating a retro style.

Don’t hesitate to explore with colors including saffron-green, light grey, ivory, and pale cream.

Light-colored curtains will bring out the sharp lines of black furniture.

Then accentuate it with potted plants and wall clocks with antique style.


Look #2. Modern look

To achieve a modern look, you can pair your black furniture with blight-colored curtains.

With bright curtains such as muted red and yellow, you will be able to brighten up the room.

To create a nice contrast, you can accentuate it with sleek and contemporary wall art.

Your cushions must also complement the curtain colors to ensure a harmonious balance in your design.


Look #3. Industrial style 

If you want to integrate a masculine look into space, you are going for an industrial style to do it.

With this, you will need a combination of sculptural artwork, metallic accents, and chrome colors.

Get curtains in the shade of rose, tan, teal, or purple, as these chrome colors can add relief to your interior décor.


Look #4. Casual and comfortable style

To achieve this style, you can opt for soft colors.

For example, try the shades of orange, yellow, and other pastel colors as they can produce a muted and soft glow to your room.

You can then pair it with rugs and cushions that contrast the color of your curtains.

Adding fabric armchairs and tiny corner lamps can also make your room cozy and welcoming.


Selecting The Curtain Fabric

In choosing curtains that will go well with your black furniture, color is not the only consideration.

It would be best to keep in mind different factors such as the light, for example.


Natural light

If you want the natural light to flood your room, it is best to go for sheers.

Since it allows light to enter the room, you can keep your space cheery and bright.

An opaque curtain, on the other hand, can cut off some of the light.

When you close your curtains, the curtains will fill the room with a soft glow.

Though, the downsides of these curtains are that they cannot provide that much privacy and insulation.


Dark room

Perhaps you want to keep your room dark.

Then you can opt for a blackout curtain.

This type of curtain is made of heavy and thick woven materials, so it only allows very little heat and light.

Accentuating it with chandeliers and lampshades can create an elegant and calm ambiance.

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Nevertheless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you know what color curtains go with black furniture.

Any of the colors above can result in a uniquely lovely place.