What Color Curtains For Grey Walls? 9 Best Colors!

Are you wondering what color curtains for grey walls? There are even more than 50 colors of gray available for your wall color, ranging from coal to ashes and steel to anchor. When it comes to transforming your working environment, selecting the right curtain style and color is crucial.

Gray is a popular wall color that gives any lounge room, kitchen, or another area in your home an aggressive and classic vibe. This neutral tint may be seen in a lot of home decor.

What color curtains for grey walls

However, based on the feeling you’re looking for, you get a lot of choices when choosing the right curtain colors for gray walls. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 9 curtain color suggestions for gray walls. Let’s get started!


What Color Curtains Should You Use With Gray Walls?

We’ve listed below some fantastic colors that suit your gray wall. So let’s explore what color curtains for grey walls:


#1. Black curtains 

For living spaces, black curtains are an excellent choice. They did not simply add refinement to your house but also ensure that light is blocked out on cinema evenings. Black and gray are similar in hue. The main distinction would be that black seems to be a deeper gray tone. Using these two colors together in your lounge room is an excellent approach to creating a monochromatic color pattern. A setting with black drapes and gray walls exudes seriousness more than any color scheme. Soft and smooth black curtains keep heat inside and light out of the space. They’re the ideal complement to your gray-colored walls.


#2. White curtains

Because there’s nothing more elegant and classy than white, clean drapes against dark gray walls, White might appear frigid, but when paired with the gorgeous gray ground, it adds dimension and warmth to the space. To create the appearance of space, suspend the drapes from a higher position of the window. These semi-transparent white curtains are ideal for guest rooms, dining rooms, living areas, and children’s rooms. Because white is such a versatile hue, it complements any environment. Notice how well the white curtains lead the attention away from the light gray ceiling. These curtains can make a space seem a lot brighter and more sophisticated.


#3. Light gray curtains 

Light gray curtains go well with light gray walls. Gray is an excellent hue for windows because it gives them a clean, vintage feel. The gray drapes are a tone deeper than the walls in this room, which provides it with a lovely textured aspect. 


#4. Beige color curtains 

Choose grayish beige curtains to add to the warmth. We can see why they are becoming incredibly common. Gray walls look great with beige or brown drapes, and they go well with bare plain gray walls, brick, or gray concrete walls.  The linen curtains in this room have a grayish beige color and are incredibly long-lasting. 


#5. Red curtains 

Some individuals may find establishing a relaxing aesthetic with neutral hues tedious, so why not be daring and choose a vivid red color combination for your window shades? Pair crimson curtains over a dark gray wall as a distinctive style feature if vibrant colors are your style. With its classic gray and crimson mixture, this bedroom seems passionate and romantic. This vibrant color scheme is ideal for bringing life to traditional living spaces.


#6. Coral pink 

If you don’t prefer a red hue, or you want a gentler shade to fit your child’s gray walls and ceiling, coral is a good choice. This seems to be an excellent option for bright hues like red, and it works wonderfully with dark gray to produce a well-balanced color palette. Coral pink is utilized throughout the bedroom in this case, not only for the drapes. The challenge is to create the dark gray wall look nicer by softening it. Utilize it as an accent in your sitting room or your bedrooms!


#7. Pink curtain 

Gray and pink complement each other well, so they may give a gray space a feminine touch. With a delicate pink curtain on a light gray theme, this kitchen appears to be elegant. The opposing extreme impacts of the two-color schemes have been balanced out. You may play off the feminine color of pink by placing thick full-size curtains in your dining area, bedroom, lounge room, and any other room.


#8. Mustard  yellow curtain

If you may not want your area to be too gray, some vibrant hue, similar to pink, will make a difference in your sitting room. Mustard yellow may brighten up your dreary surroundings the whole day. You may also be interested to know about curtain designs to inspire your next home makeover.


#9. Ocean blue

In any part of the building, gray and ocean color work nicely together. The blue sea curtains offer a splash of color to the white and gray walls, breaking up the monotony. You may use blue in your bedroom if you wish to appreciate the relaxing effects of this hue.


It’s A Wrap!

It’s challenging to know what color curtains for grey walls, particularly when there are many alternatives. We hope this article assists you in making the best choice for the gray walls whenever it comes to curtains. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about step by step guide on how to drape your curtains and how to make a rod pocket curtains.

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