What Causes Recliner Chair Pop Sounds: Solutions

Ever have a rocking recliner chair that makes a pop sound? It might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes the popping is coming from an important part of your chair.

If you’re curious what causes recliner chair pop sounds, this blog post will help answer your questions.

Causes of Poping Sounds on a Recliner

#1. Sometimes the pop sound is coming from a worn-out spring. It’s important to replace your springs as they wear down over time because they keep up the tension in the frame of your recliner chair and if you have any slack, it will start making popping sounds.

#2. Other times, when people rock their rocking recliners too hard, they can wear out the bushings. The chair frames need to be in good shape, but if a rocking recliner chair is making popping sounds it’s likely that the bushing just needs replacement.

#3. If you’re hearing loud pops from your rocker recliner, there might be something wrong with either the piston or seals of your hydraulic system. These are the parts that push and pull fluids to allow your chair to recline, so if they’re worn out or defective it might be time for a new hydraulic system.

#4. If you have any questions about why does my rocking recliner chair makes popping sounds, please contact us!


How to fix Pop Sounds on a Recliner Chair

#1. The main culprit for recliner chairs making popping sounds is the chair’s spring. Springs can get old and worn out, causing them to make a pop sound when they’re stretched or compressed.

#2. It could be that your springs are just dirty from years of use! Fortunately, there are some DIY solutions you can try before needing to call in professionals.

#3. Spray the springs with a lubricant like WD40. This will help clean off any dirt and grime that may be causing it to make popping sounds.

#4. Replace your spring if they are old or worn out, as this could lead to problems down the line such as broken parts in other areas of the chair.

#5. Fill the gaps in your springs with foam to try and reduce any vibration or popping sounds. This will help prevent dirt from getting inside of them, as well.


How to Fix Recliner Spring Noise

Springs can be a common culprit for making popping or clicking sounds when you’re sitting down on your recliner chair . The springs are what help the rocking recliner chairs to rock back and forth.

Those springs will sometimes make these noises because they were stretched out of shape from years of use, which causes them to pop when they compress .

Step 1. Select a spring that has an appropriate length and shape to replace the old one. You can usually find replacement springs at your local hardware store or furniture repair shop. If you’re not sure what size is best, ask for help from someone who knows about it.

Step 2. Set up your new spring in front of the chair so you know where to thread it through. On the front of the chair, find a hole that corresponds with the spring you are replacing and thread in your new one .

Step 3. Replace any missing or broken pieces before continuing to put on all four springs by repeating these steps for those as well. Once you’ve replaced everything, make sure they’re snug so they don’t move around when you rock the chair back and forth.

Step 4. If your springs are too tight or loose, use a screwdriver to adjust them accordingly. Recliner chairs can be adjusted in height so that they’re at just the right angle for sitting on without straining your neck, shoulders, or lower back. To do this simply remove the screw on the back of the chair and pull up to raise, or down to lower.


How to Prevent Pop Sounds on Rocking Recliner Chairs

Step 1. When you get a new rocking recliner chair, make sure that it is tightened properly. While some chairs have become very sturdy and don’t require this step anymore, many still do. If your chair has loose bolts or screws, tighten them up so the pop sounds stop happening.

Step 2. If something keeps coming out of place on your recliner, you might have a loose screw or bolt. Tighten them up and see if the popping stops happening.

Step 3. If recliners make pop sounds when rocking very hard from left to right or back to front, it could be that they’re not sitting on the floor properly. Make sure there are at least two inches of clearance between your chair and the ground.

Step 4. If you’re hearing popping sounds on the recliner and nothing is visible, it may be that your chair needs new foam or cushioning material in its seat.

Step 5. If there are springs underneath your rocking recliner chairs, they might have become loose over time due to wear and tear. Use a screwdriver to tighten  them up.

Step 6. If your recliner chairs are making popping sounds when rocking, it could be that you have too much weight on the chair . This will cause a lot of tension in its frame and can make for an awful noise when moving back to front or side-to-side.

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