What Causes Mold In Fridge And 2 Ways To Prevent It Easily

What causes mold in fridge? Well, spoiled food, moisture, and dirt are all the reasons for it.

Your fridge is where you stock most of your food, and it should be clean and mold-free. Making sure that there is no mold inside your fridge will keep your family safe and keep your food safe and always ready to eat anytime.

what causes mold in fridge

Since you are stocking all your leftover foods in the fridge, some of them might get spoiled and cause mold. Without frequent checking, if the food inside the refrigerator is still fresh, you may not notice if molds are already growing.

It is easy for the fridge to accumulate moisture, making it a suitable environment for the mold.


What Are The External Causes Of Mold?

Molds do not grow inside your fridge for no reason. It’s either the food you store inside your fridge or the walls near your fridge.


1. When walls around the fridge have mold

There are a lot of ways for walls to accumulate molds. Even drywalls can have molds if left unchecked.

Flood and water leakage is the leading cause of water damage to your walls. It may look like it is dry, but it can be a breeding ground for molds.

Check this article if you want to know more about how to spot molds on drywalls. Knowing such knowledge can help you in preventing molds from growing in your fridge. 


2. Having spoiled food with mold inside the fridge

Putting food inside the fridge and letting it sit there for a long time because you may forget it may be the reason why your food can have mold and eventually damage your fridge. Without a frequent check-up with the food, this may happen to you.

Sometimes we are over-confident that storing food in the fridge may not spoil them and keep it fresh for a long time. However, having this mindset can be why there is mold growing on your food and inside your fridge.


What Are Different Types Of Mold Growing On Your Fridge?

There are lots of molds that can grow inside your fridge. The most prevalent one is black mold.

Black mold is a toxic type that can severely affect your health by either inhaling or ingesting them. It can even put you at greater risk if you ever come in contact with it.

The best black mold breeding ground is the minimal air circulation, loosely sealed food, steady moisture, and constant darkness. With these, the fridge is the best place for black mold to grow.


What Are The Health Risks Of Black Mold?

Since black mold is a toxic mold that can grow in your fridge, it possesses a severe risk. Having a robust immune system may have less threatening risks than those with a weaker immune system.

A common implication that black mold possesses is health effects related to your respiratory system. These symptoms are chronic sneezing and coughing, irritation of your eyes, disruption of the mucous membranes of your nose and throat, rashes, fatigue, and consistent headache.

If you are having such symptoms, kindly seek professional health for immediate care.


How To Clean Mold From Fridge

Now that you know the type of mold that can grow inside your fridge and the risks it poses, it’s time to know how to clean molds. Cleaning them can be a way to prevent the growth of molds.

With the use of a product as mundane as vinegar, you can easily clean the molds in your fridge. By simply diluting it with a water mixture and spraying it inside your fridge, you can clean it and make it mold-free.

Want to know more about cleaning mold? You can refer to the simple way to get rid of fridge mold.


How To Prevent Mold Growth On Your Fridge

Preventing the growth of mold is the best way to avoid potential health risks. 


Method #1. DIY prevention

You can prevent mold growth by placing a cotton sock with baking soda inside your fridge. When doing this, you can avoid the possible development of mold.

This article on how to stop mold from growing inside your fridge has a lot of tips for you to keep your refrigerator mold-free.


Method #2. Use of concrobium mold control

Concrobium is a wonderful cleaner that has no ammonia and VOCs. It also works on a lot of surfaces inside your home.

It is an excellent product for you to prevent mold growth — not just inside your fridge but also anywhere in your house.

Want to use concrobium but do not know where to buy it? Well, worry not because you can read where to purchase concrobium here.



Now you know what causes mold in fridge and the ways on how to prevent it from growing. You have read the risks, how to clean them, and the specific causes as to why molds grow.

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