What Causes Lint In The Dryer? 3 Best Reasons!

Are you annoyed and wanna know what causes lint in the dryer? We will tell you each and everything related to the production and reduction of lint.

The shedding of fibers from the edges of garments causes lint. This shedding occurs due to the rubbing of clothes with each other during a wash and dry cycle.  

what causes lint in the dryer

But the lint remains on clothes during the washing process as the clothes are wet and fibers remain attached to them. And when you throw the clothes inside your dryer, the hot air coming inside the dryer system removes all the lint from your clothes and the lint trap catches all.


Role Of Different Fabrics In The Lint Production

Synthetic fabrics like rayon, nylon, and others like these are gentle on your dryer in the way that they shed a small amount of lint. On the other hand, the fabrics made with cotton, wool, and chenille are the main reasons to make the lint trap of your dryer clogged. That’s why it is recommended to dry them separately from synthetic fibers. One more thing that you wanna know about the lint is that your new shirts shed more fibers than the old ones. 

If you closely notice an old and a new towel. You will conclude that the old one is quite thinner and lighter. This happens due to the flaking of fibers from time to time.

Is the lint filthy? If you feel hesitant while cleaning the debris from your lint trap you might find it dirty. We wanna tell you that it is your misconception that the lint is dirty. As we told above, it is just the fibers shed from your washed garments in the dryer’s lint trap and they are not dirty at all.


What Causes Lint In Your Dryer?

Let’s find out the causes of lint in your dryer. Here are the following:


#1. Laziness 

Do you check the pockets for papers and tissues before tossing them in the dryer? If not, it means that both of these things pile up to make a small mountain of lint inside the lint trap. This won’t happen if you leave behind the laziness and spend only two minutes emptying the pockets.


#2. Heavy-duty dryer cycle

Do you have a habit of drying clothes on high heat settings? If yes, then you have to leave this practice. Because static current produces in the clothes due to over-drying and has a great tendency of attracting lint. 


#3. An unbalanced load

It’s important to maintain the size of the load while putting the clothes in the dryer. A balanced load helps the dryer to send the lint in the trap than leaving it on your clothes. Isn’t the lint on your shirt and jeans annoying? Here’s how to balance a washer.


Use A Suitable Detergent To Reduce Lint In The Washer

It is better to secure the clothes in the washer before planning safety measures to reduce lint in the dryer. Always go for a detergent that is specially made to wash the clothes with less amount of lint on them. Half of your work will be done by just replacing the normal detergent with an advanced one.


Steps To Remove Lint In The Dryer

We told you a list of tips and tricks to reduce lint in your dryer. But, no matter how hard you try to remove lint from clothes during washing and drying. There will always be a good amount of lint in your dryer if you don’t clean it regularly. Because what causes lint in the dryer is the process of drying and removing moisture from your garments. Below are the steps to clean the lint.


Step #1. Lift the lint screen

Unplug the dryer and open the door of your dryer. Lift the lint screen out of its housing. Pour some detergent or soap and rub it with a brush. Then wash the screen with running water from a faucet.


Step #2. Open the lint trap assembly

Get in the dryer. Open three screws from the lint trap assembly with a Philips screwdriver. You will be able to take two pieces out of the dryer and one will remain attached to the dryer body. 


Step #3. Use a vacuum cleaner

Plug in a vacuum cleaner and connect a crevice tool with its hose. Suck all the lint from the lint trap and it will fill in the canister. You are not done because the dryer duct and vent also require cleaning and maintenance. Open the clamp from the duct hose and brush out the lint debris. Again use a vacuum cleaner to suck any leftover lint and reattach the hose. Repeat the same process with the vent. Deep cleaning of the lint is done. 

You should know how to remove dryer lint.


Why Is It Important To Clean The Lint Trap?

Here are the reasons why you should clean the lint trap:

  • Removing the lint boosts the dryer’s performance by an interrupted airflow.
  • A clogged dryer becomes overheated and consumes a great amount of electricity. 
  • You can avoid heat and fire in the form of a clean dryer duct and vent. Here’s how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.


It’s A Wrap!

What causes lint in the dryer is the fibers shed from the clothes after rubbing. We tried our best to provide you with information related to lint and its cleaning in this article.

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