What Causes Air Conditioner To Freeze Up? 3 Best Reasons!

So, what causes air conditioner to freeze up? I know you are enduring the stress that your AC has done to you. There are three causes that your room cooler freezes instantly.

First, your air conditioner might have poor airflow, dust infested, and needs more refrigerant. Aside from this, there are other causes why your air conditioner freeze up.

what causes air conditioner to freeze up

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The Causes Of Your Air Conditioner Being Iced Up

As a home buddy, I know that certain appliances have problems periodically.

You should entirely learn what causes air conditioner to freeze up.

Your beloved AC is used when there is a need to change the ambient temperature of your room.

However, it might be stressful for you if this appliance froze up entirely.

So, here are three causes that make your air conditioner freeze up.


Reason #1. Airflow is poor

This reason is the cause of your problem having the AC freezing up. However, it might be caused by different problems that exist in your appliance.

Problems such as blower motor malfunction and poor intake of air might be the reason. If this happens, your AC will stop warmer air passing through its system, making itself frozen and not working.

Also, a malformed air duct can be a driving cause. That is because the air duct allows the AC to function properly. When this air duct is collapsed, the natural flow of air coming to your AC is blocked or insufficient for it to perform correctly. Even though your air conditioner works perfectly, a broken air duct will make it work improperly and icing itself up.

Another cause might be a worn blower motor. The blower motor makes the air go through the coils and cools down the temperature of your room. If this blower motor dies, your air conditioner will clog up with ice. Then, it might not work correctly.

A blown-out motor in the air conditioning unit rattles up. This sign might be your warning in calling a repair service.

Also, blocked air filters might freeze the air cooling unit as well. This part of your air conditioner is found between the vent and the air conditioner itself. The air filter keeps the incoming air to the cooling coils of the appliance clean and free of any impurities.

So, when this air filter clogs up, the air coming in is blocked, and your AC will be completely freezing up. Just remember, buddy, when the airflow is blocked, the AC will probably freeze itself up.


Reason #2. Dust, dust everywhere

Dust is everyone’s enemy, including your air conditioners.

When your cooling unit has no air filter, a cheap filter, or in poor condition, your AC will freeze up.

When the air conditioner unit is running, it sucks up air from its surroundings. The air that is sucked up has dust with it.

As the AC absorbs the air, the dust builds up at the appliance’s surface, then makes a thick layer that traps anything it encounters. This layer also prevents the cold air from escaping from the air conditioning unit.

So, the cold air itself recycles back to the unit, then freezes it up instantly. Also, the dust layer can combine with humidity and moisture. That will later also be an insulator that can block outcoming cold air.

So, when you see your air conditioner has dusty remnants on its filters, it is time to clean and maintain properly.


Reason #3. You might need more refrigerant

Refrigerants are liquids and chemicals that act as the prime component in cooling your home. These chemicals absorb heat from the surroundings, then blow it to the external parts of your home, making the room cooler.

The chemicals found in refrigerants make industrial cooling possible. Without them, there will be no coolers, freezers, and even refrigerators.

When the refrigerant level is low, the air conditioner might be malfunctioning completely. This cause is attributed to the mechanism of cooling.

When there is not enough refrigerant level in your AC, the cooling process is not done properly.

So, when the cooling process does not work well, the AC produces large amounts of cool air that freezes up the moisture in the coils. Then, the air conditioning unit will freeze up.

It would help if you were very observant when the AC has low levels of refrigerant. The air conditioner will make itself frozen and can break when not repaired instantly.

It is a must for everybody to check every part of their ACs. But, unfortunately, you might be scraping ice instead of relaxing with its cold air.


Finishing Things Up!

Very good! You already know what causes air conditioner to freeze up.

There are only three reasons that you need to consider. It might be your air conditioner has poor airflow, dust infested, and needs more refrigerant.

Remember that you should check air conditioners regularly. Especially its hardware that might cause the freezing problem.

I recommend you to read more here, as they have many articles just for you.

Thank you very much for reading! See you!

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