What Causes A Pressure Washer To Lose Pressure? 5 Surprising Reasons!

You need to understand what causes a pressure washer to lose pressure in case you think it’s the problem. Before taking it to a professional, you should try to find and fix the problem by yourself. You don’t need to worry. This article will explain all the reasons for your pressure washer to lose pressure. There are tips and tricks given along with each cause. So, you must read it till the end to fix the loose pressure in your pressure washer.  

A pressure washer is an essential appliance of every household. It saves you a lot of energy and time. Pressure makes cleaning large areas more accessible. With a pressure washer, you can wash the driveway, fence, garage, and exterior of the house.  

what causes a pressure washer to lose pressure

It helps in getting rid of stubborn stains, or in another case, they would require a good scrubbing. So, a pressure washer saves you a lot of elbow grease. A pressure washer can use either type of water: hot or cold. Both types can lose pressure with the use of time. Well, you can fix them on your own and save money. 


What Causes Your Pressure Washer To Lose Pressure?

There might be several reasons for your pressure washer to lose pressure. With loose pressure from the pressure washer, it is hard to remove debris and clean the area efficiently. Given below are the five reasons that what causes a pressure washer to lose pressure.  


Reason #1. Water supply and the clogged hose 

The initial and the essential component to examine when your pressure washer loses pressure is the hose. There can be bends and clog in the hose. In case the hose has bends remove them and align it properly. If there are no bends, investigate the water supply to your hose. The electric pressure washer requires 5.7 liters per minute of water supply and, the gas pressure washer requires 9.5 liters per minute of water supply.   

Your pressure washer hose can be clogged. The nozzle of the pressure washer is narrow and, there is a water filter as well. However, the dust and debris still find their way into the hose and stick inside it. It can impact the efficiency of the pressure washer.  It may also be a good idea to read about how to unclog a pressure washer.


Reason #2. The dull nozzle  

The other cause of the less water pressure from the pressure washer is aging, worn out, and flat nozzle. Aging nozzles generally produce a progressive decrease of flow rather than a rapid drop in the water pressure. The water pressure decreases when the opening of the nozzle widens, and more water flows out. Therefore, you will have to replace the nozzle to maintain the water pressure. Using a new well functional nozzle will be beneficial. It will adjust the water pressure and the volume. Replacing the nozzle will also help you confirm the problem is with the nozzle or some other component. 

You may also want to read about which pressure washer nozzle for car.


Reason #3. Condition of the engine oil 

Maintenance of the engine is necessary to prevent low water pressure. The pressure washer engine must have good upkeep to boost its performance. The pressure washer engine requires lubricant or engine oil to reduce the tension or rubbing within the internal structure.   

The lubricant enables the engine to run smoothly. It is necessary to change the engine oil at least once a month. Using the same engine oil for a long time reduces its effectiveness on the engine. When the oil loses its ability to grease the pressure washer engine, it will lose the pressure. Before operating the pressure washer, you must check the quantity and the condition of the engine oil. Know what kind of oil does a honda pressure washer take.


Reason #4. Faulty spark plug 

The faulty spark plug will reduce the pressure of the pressure washer. The spark plug is an essential component of the engine. In case of a failed or damaged spark plug, the pressure washer engine will not operate properly.   

The main indication of the faulty spark plug is that you will require more engine oil than the regular pressure washer engine demand. You will also notice reduced water pressure. You will have to inspect the spark plug. When it is damaged or burned, you will have to replace it. The Spark plug of the pressure is cheap, and you can purchase it from any hardware shop. Here’s how to check a spark plug.


Reason #5. Trapped air  

When the air is trapped inside the pressure washer system, it decreases the water supply. Examine the hose and the connectors to confirm that all the connections are sealed tight. The loose link among the components can cause air to enter the pressure washer.  

Whenever you plan to replace the hose or the connector of the pressure washer, ensure that you purchase according to the type. The appropriate connections will minimize the chance of air entering the pressure washer. You can remove the air trapped inside the pressure washer by pressing the trigger. However, turn off the engine and keep the water supply open: until you get rid of the trapped air completely.   


It’s A Wrap! 

Above given are the reasons what causes a pressure washer to lose pressure. You can fix the issue on your own. If you cannot resolve the loss pressure issue from your pressure washer, take help from a professional. Sometimes replacement of a component is required rather than fixing them. So, if any part of the pressure is worn-out, we suggest replacing it. 

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