What Brand Of Mattress Does Best Western Use: The 2

The answer to what brand of mattress does Best Western use revealed that they trust two mattress manufacturers for their hotels. We found out that the Best Western mattress brands are Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality. Are any of them familiar? 

You might also wonder what mattress Marriott uses, the Sheraton mattress brand, or the kind of beds in Four Seasons. Guess what? These big hotels also trust Beautyrest!

what brand of mattress does best western use

Let’s find out below what’s so special with this manufacturer and what other Best Western hotels Sterling Sleep Hospitality has in their long list of loyal customers. 


What Kind Of Mattress Does Best Western Use?



The mattress used by Best Western is from Beautyrest Hospitality, which is the flagship brand of the major mattress manufacturer, Simmons. The brand is the provider for many hotel chains ranging from luxury to economy, including Best Western hotels and resorts, Hilton Worldwide, Red Lion Hotels Corporation, Nobu Hospitality, Choice Hotels International, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, to name a few. 

So what makes Beautyrest Hospitality mattresses unique, and why do major hotels and resorts like Best Western trust them as their bed provider? Perhaps among the best traits of Beautyrest mattresses is that they have met the industry standards and have the certifications to prove their quality and safety. And if you browse their product list, you’ll find out that they continuously improve their mattresses to provide the best sleep experience for guests. 


Sterling Sleep Hospitality

Some mattress brands have hotel collections, and Sterling Sleep Hospitality even has six plush tops and pillow tops in their Best Western Approved Beds collection. These mattresses are not only used in Best Western but also in their other hotels. So if you’re also interested in what kind of mattress Best Western Plus uses or the beds they have at Best Western Premier, visit Sterling Sleep Hospitality’s Best Western Bed collection. 

These products are made in America and won the IIDA/HD Sustainable hotel bed design. They are the Hospitality 321 plush top and 326 pillow top in Best Western hotels, Hospitality 521 plush top and 526 pillow top in Best Western Plus and Best Western Hotels, and Hospitality 551 plush top and 556 pillow top with the latter in Best Western Premier. The Best Western Approved Beds collection also has the Imperial mattresses, including the 606 plush top and 616 pillow top in Best Western, Best Western Premier, Best Western Plus, and Vib by Best Western. 


What Mattress Does Loews Use?

Did you know that Loews hotels trust Tempur Sealy Hospitality for their mattresses? The company also provides for Fairmont, Hilton, Hyatt, and it’s even the Marriott mattress brand. But if you stayed at the Loews several years ago, you might also be pertaining to a bed by Stearns and Foster, which Sealy also owns.

Interestingly, the mattresses used in five-star hotels, luxury hotels, or even economy hotels seem to come from the same mattress companies. So the next time you find yourself craving the sleeping experience you had at your favorite hotel, try Serta, Sealy, or Simmons. You can easily find their list of customers in their hospitality collections. 


What Hotels Use Saatva Mattress?

Four-star hotels use the Saatva mattress. In particular, they love the Saatva Classic Mattress, which is the brand’s flagship hybrid bed. You can buy it on their website with the freedom to choose your desired firmness. 

Saatva also offers a free-in room delivery and setup with their White Glove service, an 80-night trial, and a 15-year warranty with their classic mattress. But what makes this mattress as popular as other hospitality beds? Saatva markets this mattress to have the responsiveness of an innerspring with plushness, so sleepers can get the most luxurious comfort and support when using this bed. 


Why Do I Sleep Better In Hotel Beds?

You might experience a noticeable difference sleeping in a hotel bed because the hotel has specifically used the best quality mattress and bedding for their rooms. Remember that they even get their mattresses custom-made according to their specifications. Furthermore, even the pillows, bedsheets, and other accessories on the bed are made with the best materials and craftsmanship, like the mattress itself. 

Don’t forget that the rooms in hotels are designed with luxury and comfort in mind. In addition, the overall ambiance helps with your sleep. And finally, we go to hotels often because of trips, so we feel less stressed than when we are at home. 


How Can I Make My Bed Like A Luxury Hotel?

  1. Get a mattress from a reputable brand’s hospitality collection or find a bed with the similar features
  2. Use a bed sheet with a high thread count partnered with a down comforter to create the softest bedding
  3. Use several pillows that you can use for support and help improve the overall look of the setup
  4. Decorate the room with hotel rooms as inspiration


And that’s it! To recap what brand of mattress does Best Western use, they trust Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality brands. These companies are also the manufacturer for other large hotel chains. 

We recommend that you compare their mattresses if you’re interested in purchasing the same one. And a bonus tip, try our search bar if you have a hotel mattress in mind. 


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