What Attracts Bed Bugs? 4 Awesome Reasons Revealed!

Are you wondering what attracts bed bugs? Read until the end because today we will be discussing this interesting topic.

Oftentimes, people thought that dirt, grime, and filth attract those bed bugs. But it may not be the case.

what attracts bed bugs

Rather, these pests prefer to stay in warm environments because they can access food and carbon dioxides easily.

They usually habituate near the living creatures and then they will gravitate to the areas where animals and people live.

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do to make your house less desirable to these pests.

But removing garbage and clutter at the earliest possible, as well as regular cleaning, will give bed bugs fewer spots to hide.

Furthermore, homeowners should vacuum regularly so that all the stray bed bugs will be picked up.


Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Buildings, household or person does not get the pesky bed bugs by chance. At some point, they are carried by a victim.

Bed bugs are not only good at hiding, they also have the skill to hitchhike sneaking on people as well as their belongings without them being noticed.

As stated earlier, they live in places where there are a lot of people. So they commonly lie in places that are heavily populated.

Or on places that people usually come and go such as in an airport, theater, bus, hotels, tourist attractions, and more.

So in case you have come near these places or a family member or friend visiting you, there is a high chance that bed bugs might have found their way to your home.

They might have clung to your clothing, luggage, or any other personal belonging you have with you.


Common Things That Attracts Bed Bugs

If you are wondering why bed bugs like to habituate in places near people, well it’s because of their favorite food is blood.

That can what make stem stay. But specifically, what is attracting them?

Maybe you would think that there won’t be any bed bugs in your place just because you keep your living space neat and tidy.

But that might not be the case. These pests don’t choose in terms of living conditions. For as long as they find their way to your space, they will be staying.

This is especially true if the environment has a trait that can make it easier for them to hide and feed themselves.

So, what attracts bed bugs?

Below are the most common things that lure them:


#1. Carbon dioxide

As a part of respiration, humans naturally take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

This is exactly why bed bugs reside near the places where there are humans. Carbon dioxide attracts these pests the most.

A person releases the most CO2 during sleep as he breathes and snores.

During this particular time, the carbon dioxide is forming a cloud around the person thereby sending a signal to the pests that it’s the perfect time for them to feed.


#2. Body heat

Body heat and carbon dioxide go together for being the most bed bug attractant.

Generally, the body temperature of humans is close to a hundred degrees on average.

This is exactly the amount of warmth that bed bugs like.

For as long as a person breathes and gives off body heat, he would look like a delicious meal for bed bugs.


#3. Dark colors

Bed bugs also like hiding and staying in places where they can remain out of your sight such as in a dark and secluded area.

For this reason, you can hardly detect them. So if your curtains or bed sheets are in dark colors, then bed bugs are most likely hidden there.

Red and black are the colors that they are fondest of. This is because these are the color that resembles blood.


#4. Unwashed Clothing

If you have a laundry basket full of soiled clothing, then it is best to put them through a cycle in as early as now because bed bugs might be residing there,

You know-how these pests love carbon dioxide, so they would love to stay in our used closed because of the scent, we imprinted there.


Why Are Bed Bugs Attracted To Mattresses?

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs like to stay in a place where they cannot be detected. In a mattress, they can easily slide and slip onto the fibers.

Furthermore, we also discussed how these pests like warmth and bed are one of the most excellent places that can offer the warmth they love as well as the best food.

People spend a big fraction of their time laying in their bed, making it easier for bed bugs to attain their goals.

That is because they wouldn’t need to move that much anymore.

But take note that they can also be living on your couch and chair.


It’s A Wrap!

At this time, you surely have known what attracts bed bugs and you also have an idea of what doesn’t.

To prevent them, you have to pay attention to the spots where you usually put your purses and backpacks after you get back home.

Also, shake off your coats and clothing before you enter your house.