What Attract Bed Bugs? 5 Interesting Things!

Are you wondering about what attract bed bugs?

You probably want to know the reasons why bed bugs are still present in your house even after you eliminated them.

what attract bed bugs

Don’t worry because, in this article, we will tackle what drives bed bugs to stay in your personal space.

Bedbugs are tiny insects that can stay anywhere.

They can live in furniture cracks or any textile form, including upholstered furniture.

Infestations of bedbugs are most prevalent in beds, including the pillow, box springs, and mattresses.

During night time as a person sleeps, these night owl pests may bite any uncovered areas of skin.

Exposed skin is commonly the target of a bedbug. That is why most bedbug bites you usually see are on the face, neck, hands, and arms.

Sometimes, these bitten skins may lead to ill infections if bed bugs bite injured body parts or open wounds

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What Really Attract Bed Bugs?

There are several reasons why bed bugs stay in your house.

You might as well wonder why they keep coming back after you eliminate their infestations.

You don’t have to stress over it now because the information below will answer your query what attract bed bugs?

The following are the things that attract bed bugs;


#1. Human blood

I bet you never consider yourself attracting bed bugs. Yes, you heard it right!

These pests are fascinated by human blood and temperature.

In addition, bed bugs need warm-blooded species to survive, and human is an ideal prey for them.

However, bed bugs do not stick to human’s blood for survival alone.

Your pet dogs, rabbits, and cats are as well their source of food occasionally.

One main reason why human attracts bed bugs is the body warmth of  35 degrees Celsius and the carbon dioxide they exhale.

Bed bugs are pests that are habitable with carbon gas.


#2. Smell of histamine

There is also one specific chemical that attracts bed bugs.

Apart from the human blood, the chemical related to allergens in the body magnetizes them too.

This chemical is known as histamine.

Whenever a person sleeping has an allergic reaction or has rashes, the particular skin area, a persons’ skin produces this chemical.

From the bed bugs’ point of view, it’s time for a feast. Bed bugs will automatically gather on the skin area and then feed themselves by your blood.

Hence, a single bed bug can only suck approximately 0.005 milliliters in less than 2 minutes. Imagine how much can a whole bunch of bed bugs consume.


#3. Poor sanitation areas or places

Poor sanitation is another factor that bed bugs suit. They are directly not attracted to dirt, but it gives them a lot of room for hiding places.

Narrow halls and disorganized rooms offer the perfect area for bed bugs infestations.

That is why most of the unoccupied places have plenty of insects present in them.

Also, dirty places have warm-blooded creatures living in them. Rats and cats serve as the sources of the bedbugs’ daily doses of blood.


#4. Mattresses

Mattresses are the most popular home of bed bugs infestations.

Roughly 9 out of 10 households having thick mattresses contain more than 3-bed bug clusters.

Due to the heavyweight, thick mattresses are harder to wash and only get cleaned occasionally by a vacuum.

As a result, bed bugs can freely culture their kind in a span period.

Underneath the mattress fibers are their main hiding spot nearer the person sleeping above.

For worst cases, bed bugs can even stay on your actual bed surface below the mattress sheets without you knowing.

So it is best if you change mattress sheets and pillow covers regularly.

Much better if you as well vacuum clean your mattress up and down.


#5. Furniture and wall cracks

Whenever there are small holes and wall cracks, there will always be bed bugs hiding under them.

Bed bugs can not fly, but they are gifted with high-speed crawling ability on walls and floors.

So they have good mobility.

Even if you often clean your walls and corner of your house with pesticides or other cleaning chemicals, bed bugs can not be completely diminished.

They can hide anywhere, even under your furniture and wallpaper, bed bugs are considerably occupants.

Because of their tiny sizes, they can effortlessly go deeper inside the wood frame of your sofa and plywood on your wall.

We know this sounds depressing, but you have to be observant in looking after the number of bed bugs in your home.

Knowing their hiding place is your benefit in stopping the spreading of bed bug infestation as soon as possible.


Final Words

Without enough knowledge about the causes why bed bugs come into your home, you can not completely get rid of them.

That is why we have created this reading to help people like you with the same problems about bed bugs.

We dearly hope that we have filled you with accurate information on what attract bed bugs.

Thank you for reaching this bottom part of the article.

Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

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