What Are The Dimensions Of A Body Pillow? 4 Best Types!

Do you want to know what are the dimensions of a body pillow? You wish to have a good sleep in your beautiful bed.

Well, the body pillow complements it. It’s not just a simple pillow.

what are the dimensions of a body pillow

It comes in different sizes that will suit your needs to make you more comfortable.

It has different dimensions, different designs, usage, and materials made.

You can buy it in the department stores. Ready to be used as you come home. You can even do it yourself too.

Here you can choose the materials you want and the stuffing that you feel best for you.

I will teach you the dimensions available for a pillow. I will discuss with you the style and its significance. Kinds of stuffing you use and the effects of it on your health.

Does it sound interested? Without further ado, let’s start!


Dimensions Of A Body Pillow

What are the dimensions of a body pillow? If properly used, you will soon discover the importance of it, particularly in your posture.

Here are the types of body pillows and their dimensions:


#1. Rectangular

This type of pillow is a common one that can be found anywhere.

The difference between this to an ordinary one is the size. It has full access to your body from the chest to your ankle.


#2. Cylindrical

This one is a narrow pillow and varies in different lengths. It is best for those who share a bed.


#3. U-shaped

A pregnancy pillow is another name of this. It may also be called the all-in-one pillow. This pillow supports your neck, head, back, and legs.


#4. J-Shaped

Have you seen a candy cane? This how the pillow looks like, an oversized candy cane.

It can also support your head and neck. You can comfortably curl it by putting it between your legs.

These are the dimensions of a body pillow. It ranges between 10 inches by 48 inches or 30 inches by 60 inches.

The standard size of it is 20 inches by 54 inches. It depends on your preferred shape or style.


Uses Of A Body Pillow

Here are the reasons why you should use a body pillow:


Side sleepers

This kind of sleeper put their entire weight in their shoulders and hips while sleeping that presses and put pressure on it.

The pillow curve fits the shape of your body that provides enough support when you needed it.

It can ease the pressure off your shoulders by wrapping your arm around it.

Lower back pain or muscle tension can be caused by spinal misalignment.

But by tucking a body pillow between your knees, you’re sure to keep your pelvis aligned to your spine.


Pregnant woman

A pregnant woman is encouraged to sleep on their side to divert the concentration of her weight from her midsection.

This position helps prevent the poor circulation to her fetus. The pillow supports the mother by preventing her from rolling over in her tummy.


Back pain sufferer

Aged one, people with a medical condition and someone with a poor sleeping position may suffer from these conditions.

A right pillow can alleviate the pain by simply putting it between your legs for good spinal alignment. It will surely ease the pain.


Stuffing Materials Of Your Body Pillow

Here are some of the stuffing materials you can use for your body pillow:



Geese or duck is the source of down.

It can be found within the belly area or the softest feather beneath their wings. It is known for its warmest and softness.

It is not advisable for those who are prone to allergies. It may contain the dust that will trigger your allergy.


Down alternative

This polyester is the less expensive and most used one. It is a hypoallergenic option and the most common synthetic fillers.


Memory foam

There are two kinds of memory foam, the shredded and the chunky.

The chunky is firmer compare to the shredded while the latter is more flexible.

It conformed to your body curves because it softens when it responds to your body heat.



This all-natural latex foam contains fewer chemicals compared to a synthetic one.

It comes from the sap of a rubber tree that contributed the pillow to become soft and bouncy.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you knew the dimensions, benefits, and materials used.

Hope I have convinced you to have your body pillow. The right dimension of your body pillow matters the most. It takes a lot of room in your bed because of its size.

Yes, it may be a decorative item in your bed or room because of its extra size and the significant beauty in your bed.

Many people don’t know that the main objective of it is the comfort it gives to you. When buying, you should consider your needs and the benefits it gives.

While sleeping comfortably, this pillow can also help correct bad posture.

Give you a full relaxation during your good rest. Hugging it minimizes your stress and anxiety.

Base on the study through hugging reduces blood cortisol level. That will neutralize your stress and anxiety syndrome.

So when buying your pillow give extra caution, consider the dimensions and type of pillow that fits you.

Treat yourself with this adorable one now that you know what are the dimensions of a body pillow.

So why not spend extra money on this beautiful pillow that will give you a good night’s sleep.