What Are The Colors For 50th Wedding Anniversary

The answer to what are the colors for 50th wedding anniversary include palettes that would always incorporate gold. Remember that the 50th is the golden wedding anniversary, and the color represents this marriage milestone. 

We will also help you decorate for the 50th wedding anniversary party to help you prepare the venue for the event. And for those who don’t know what to do for the anniversary yet, here’s how to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary with family

what are the colors for 50th wedding anniversary


Golden Wedding Anniversary Decorating Tips: What Are The Colors For 50th Wedding Anniversary



The primary color representing 50 years of marriage is gold, the 50th wedding anniversary color. Therefore, a 50th wedding anniversary party should have gold as its central theme. 

Golden wedding anniversaries will have gold on most of the decors and can also be the party’s theme. But to add interest to the eyes, mix bright gold tones with soft golds.

Bright gold colors can be the accents around the neutral-colored space. Then, you can add accents with soft golden decors or have gold cutlery when you arrange your tables. 



Because of its yellow tone, champagne can be among the colors in your golden wedding anniversary party. It can soften the intensity of the gold color and even be your backdrop to make the golden decors stand out further. 

For example, you can use champagne-colored fabrics with metallic gold decors for the 50th wedding anniversary party. You can also use it to alter your golden-themed outfits to celebrate this marriage milestone. 

Alternating champagne with gold on banners and balloons will also look nice and classy for wedding anniversaries. But to avoid having a single yellow palette, incorporate other colors. 



To add gold and champagne to your 50th wedding anniversary party, include neutral colors in the decor palette. They can be white, gray, or black, depending on the vibe and formality that suits the venue. 

For example, white will pair elegantly with gold for a semi-formal wedding anniversary party. Gray can be a modern combination with gold, on the other hand. 

For a more formal event, you can combine black with gold for the golden anniversary. Try these neutrals on the flower arrangements and accents around the party venue. 


50th Wedding Anniversary Theme Ideas


Warm golden wedding anniversary

Gold itself is a warm color, so shades like red, yellow, and orange should look fantastic with it. This theme would look especially lovely for a fall 50th wedding anniversary party. 

You can use reddish-yellow fabrics, orange and red flowers, and golden pieces around the party venue. But of course, play with light and soft colors to balance the warmth of this palette. 


Neutral 50th wedding anniversary

You can combine gold with neutral colors if a warm color palette is too intense. Think brown, dark green, beige, gray, or black. 

Warm white or off-white should look fantastic, especially for an indoor and contemporary 50th wedding anniversary party. To embody the golden wedding theme, you can add metallic gold pieces in the decors. 


Colorful 50th wedding anniversary

Contrasting colors should also work for a 50th wedding anniversary theme. For example, mix metallic gold with lavender or blue. 

You can also experiment with purple or even jewel tones like emerald or sapphire. A retro or boho-themed party should work well with this color scheme. 


Rose gold wedding anniversary

If you don’t like gold, why not go with rose gold? The warm pink undertone of this color is easy to match with pastels. 

You can have a soft and romantic 50th wedding anniversary by mixing rose gold with maroon, pink, white, and dusty colors. Even dark colors like teal and navy blue would look great with this golden hue. 


What Is Traditional For 50th Wedding Anniversary?

It’s common for a couple to celebrate 50 years of marriage with gold jewelry. This is also why the 50th is the golden anniversary. 

Since this is a significant milestone, couples sometimes use this time to renew their vows or upgrade their wedding rings. Some even go on a trip to celebrate being together for half a century. 

Read where to go for wedding anniversary if you want to travel with your loved one. 


What Is The 50th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

Gold is not just the 50th wedding anniversary color. It is also the traditional symbol for this marriage milestone. 

From a symbolic perspective, gold can represent the value of a long-term relationship. It can also be associated with good luck and wealth, which makes gold a wedding gift for the 50th wedding anniversary. 


Average Cost 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Planning for the 50th wedding anniversary will require a budget suitable for the type of party, venue, and the number of guests you’ll invite. Typically, expect to spend $20 per guest.

The couple’s children usually plan their parents’ golden anniversary, but it can also be your surprise to your spouse. Be practical and have a party that won’t break your savings.



Was this decor guide helpful? You just learned what are the colors for 50th wedding anniversary: golden color palette.

You can combine gold with champagne, neutrals, and even contrasting shades. If you prefer something more romantic, you can also do a rose gold anniversary party. 

Let us know below which of these color combination ideas you like best for the golden anniversary.

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