What Are The Best Flowers For A Wedding Bouquet

The answer to what are the best flowers for a wedding bouquet includes roses, hydrangeas, peonies, gardenias, tulips, calla lilies, and sweet peas. These are also among the most popular wedding flowers, so you’re sure they are well-loved by brides and all kinds of weddings.

Regarding wedding flowers, feel free to browse our blog to learn about picking and buying your bridal floral needs. For comparison, know what is the most popular wedding flower, for example. 

what are the best flowers for a wedding bouquet


What Are The Best Flowers For A Wedding Bouquet: 8 Most Popular Flowers


  • Roses

Perhaps the most popular kind of wedding flower is roses. After all, they signify romance and symbolize love, making them perfect for all kinds of weddings. 

Understandably, some people might find roses too familiar and dull because of their popularity. However, these wedding flowers are also available in different colors and varieties to fit any wedding theme and style. 


  • Hydrangeas

Brides who want a colorful and eye-catching wedding bouquet will likely pick hydrangeas from their florist. These bushy flowers, available in sweet colors like pink, purple, and blue, will turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

As for the prices, you can always ask your florist to help you design a wedding bouquet that suits your floral budget. Hydrangeas are moderately priced but can also be used as your filler flowers to highlight other blooms.


  • Peonies 

You can ask for a peony bridal bouquet if you prefer a fragrant wedding bouquet. Peonies are fragrant and bright flowers that are beautiful on their own but can also be combined with other flowers to create attractive bridal bouquets.

However, understand that peonies are pretty expensive. They are also seasonal flowers, so they’re best if your wedding is between late spring and early summer to cut costs.


  • Gardenias

You can easily recognize a gardenia wedding bouquet because of its strong scent. The dark green leaves against the white blooms are perfect for classic wedding bouquets.

You can choose a simple arrangement with large gardenia flowers for the wedding bouquet. Just make sure to handle them carefully because the petals are delicate. 


  • Tulips 

Tulips, especially the rare varieties, can be pricey for a wedding bouquet. However, there are also standard tulips, which are more affordable but can still give you a beautiful and sentimental wedding bouquet.

You can choose from classic white and cream wedding bouquets, but there are also popular bridal colors of pastel pink and peach or vibrant purple and red. Bridal tulip bouquets can be made from Dutch and French tulips, but parrot tulips are also distinguishable by their intense colors and ruffled petals.


  • Calla lilies

Modern brides might prefer a uniquely-shaped flower for their wedding bouquet. That being said, you can never go wrong with calla lilies because of their trumpet blooms. 

You can choose between large-headed calla lilies or smaller blooms, depending on what’s ideal for the type of arrangement you want. And as for the colors, you’ll be pleased to get anywhere from the classic ivory calla lilies to bolder colors of mauve pink and dark purple for the edgier bride.


  • Ranunculus

While ranunculus is popular for wedding boutonnieres, did you know they also make the best flowers for a fabulous bridal bouquet? And best of all, they are also more affordable than popular flowers like peonies and roses.

Ranunculus also smells nice without being too overpowering if you prefer a scented wedding bouquet without it being too fragrant. And as for the color choices, you can get them in white, pink, orange, and yellow to suit your wedding theme.


  • Sweet peas

From the name itself, sweet peas are sweet-scented, perfect for brides who want candy-smelling bouquets. They are also gorgeous on their own because of the ruffled blossoms, so your wedding bouquet can be solely made from sweet peas.

If you want your bridal party to wear a floral arrangement inspired by your bouquet, you can get sweet peas for their corsages. Select from traditional white flowers or opt for pink or purple colors.


What Flowers Hold Up Best In A Bridal Bouquet?

When picking wedding flowers, you must select hardy plants, especially for challenging weddings like outdoor or summer weddings. Some durable flowers that will hold up best in your floral needs and bridal bouquet include roses, sunflowers, Anthuriums, calla lilies, Baby’s breath, chrysanthemums, lavender, succulents, and fillers like Limonium and Craspedia.

Some of these flowers can dry up nicely for wedding floral mementos. And when choosing specific blooms, please read how to pick wedding flowers


What Is The Most Popular Bridal Bouquet?

The most popular wedding bouquets include round, cascade, nosegay, hand-tied, and presentation bouquets. Pomander, posy, and composite bridal bouquets are also getting common these days. 


Which Flower Is Most Used In Bouquets?

Roses are wedding classics because they are commonly used in wedding bouquets and arrangements. But nowadays, bridal bouquets also show peonies, dahlias, lilacs, sweet peas, and hydrangeas.



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what are the best flowers for a wedding bouquet based on the most popular blooms. 

They are roses, hydrangeas, peonies, gardenias, tulips, calla lilies, ranunculus and sweet peas. Picking among them depends on your wedding budget, seasonal availability, and of course, which blooms you think to suit your bridal style not just for their beauty and colors but also for their symbolism.

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