What Are Some Tips To Keep Bathroom Mildew-Free? 8 Best Ones

Have you tried searching what are some tips to keep bathroom mildew-free? Many sites mention easy removal tricks, but they leave important reminders to prevent mildew growth and maintain a clean, fragrant, and safe bathroom.

Your bathroom naturally provides a hospitable home for mildew, given the excessive moisture levels it can hold for a long time. The water and steam that sit and linger on the bathroom surface spark the opportunity for damp-loving fungi to multiply.

what are some tips to keep bathroom mildew-free

Fortunately, mildew in the bathroom is no more than a common household problem. Almost everyone deals with it, but perhaps, only a few know the perfect hacks to avoid the pesky cleaning.

Maintaining a mildew-free bathroom becomes more manageable with the practical tips in this guide. We’ll also lend you a simple list of home remedies you can try when removing stubborn mold or mildew.


What Causes The Bathroom Mold And Mildew?

Basically, it is the room’s high humidity that attracts the mildew. However, if you wonder what the specific causes of bathroom molds are, here is some helpful information.

The prominent contributors to mildew growth in your bathroom can be one or a combination of the following:

  • Leaking or damaged pipes, toilet, or sink
  • Wet cellulosic products such as towels, bathroom rugs, wood, drywall, or other fabrics
  • Lack of fans and proper ventilation inside bathroom

Since mildew can take a somewhat invisible form, you can begin spotting any bathroom mildew infections by smelling the room. You can also check areas underneath or behind the sink, toilet, shower, tub fixtures, door, exhaust fan sill, and bathroom window.

If you see isolated or strange figures in these areas, those are molds or mildew.


8 Tips To Help Keep A Mildew-Free Bathroom

Sure, cleaning mildews can be relatively easy for you, but you’ll be happier if you know that you don’t have to get through it at all. Here are practical tips to make as habits to permanently keep out mildews from your shower room.


1. Bathroom fan

To keep the bathroom dry and well-ventilated, always switch on the bath fan during AND after showering. The vent will prevent excess moisture from slowly evaporating and continuously sitting on the bathroom surfaces.

If you do not have a bathroom fan, it will be an excellent choice to purchase one. Choose the right fan strength for your bathroom perimeters — it should not be too small or too large.


2. Leaks and grout space

It is helpful to inspect water drips from the potential leaky areas and give them an immediate fix. Also, check and scrub the porous grout lines regularly and apply grout sealant whenever necessary.  

Replace grouts or pipes if they are damaged.


3. Windows

If you have any bathroom windows, open them after every shower. It will let the sunlight and natural air in to help keep the room well-ventilated.


4. Squeegee

Squeegeeing or mopping the bathroom surfaces, especially the floor and wall tiles and glass after showering, is more than helpful in eliminating the food source for mildew — excess moisture.


5. Paint

Every time you shower, bathroom walls absorb the steam and let it linger. To provide the bathroom further protection against mildew, choose a paint with mildew-resistant properties.

If you encounter mildewed bathroom walls and wonder if you could paint over them, here’s an article to guide you on how to paint over mildew in a bathroom the right way.


6. Towels and rugs

Perhaps you haven’t been practicing it. However, washing the fabrics such as your bath towels and rugs every two days should be part of your habits.

Always hang them to dry and ensure that they are always free from excessive dampness.


7. Bathing items

Besides mopping the glass and tiles, you shall clean and wipe all the bathing essentials like shampoo and body soap bottles after showering. It’s best to put them in a draining rack to dry and prevent water from sitting underneath the containers.

Regularly wash the shower curtains and mats. You shall also change your body loofah as often as necessary.


8. Light

To make the room unsightly for mildews, it will be helpful if you keep the lamps turned on for an ample amount of time after shutting down the shower. If possible, set the light on a timer as well.


Homemade Cleaners You’ll Love To Use Against Bathroom Mildew

If you’re not a fan of commercial cleaners, then you’ll definitely love to use these ingredients you can find from your own pantry.

  • Diluted white vinegar
  • Baking soda and liquid dish cleaning soap
  • Ammonia, white vinegar, baking soda, and water
  • Baking soda and water paste

You can also try some mix-and-match to make another solution. If you wonder what’s the best solution to eliminate the stubborn smell in your bathroom, you might want to check on this post on what kills mildew smell to guide you in the removal process.



Finding out and learning what are some tips to keep bathroom mildew-free is definitely going to help you maintain not only a lovely bathroom. It will also help you preserve a safe and healthy bathroom for your whole family.

You can witness the best results by following and making these tips as habits and doing a regular bathroom cleaning.

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