What Are Pedestals For Washer And Dryer? Interesting Information!

What are pedestals for washer and dryer? They are a platform installed below the front-load washer that raises it off on the floor. They make it easy to get laundry wherein they bring the door near the chest height. Most laundry pedestals come with a vast storage drawer that organizes laundry items.

It is good you can include a matching dryer form of pedestal so that appliances fall on the same level. Thus, it is easier for you to transfer laundry between them.

what are pedestals for washer and dryer

Indeed, washer and dryer pedestals are an excellent solution to several laundry space challenges. Read on more to decide if you need pedestals for the washer and dryer. You may also be interested to know where to buy an apartment-size washer and dryer


What Is The Role of Pedestals In A Washer and Dryer

The pedestals for the washer and dryer lift the front-load washer to ten to sixteen inches, reducing the times required to bend and stoop to load & unload laundry items.  Good news, lots of recent innovations feature a washing machine compartment or built-in type of storage.

Nevertheless, many recommend pedestals for the front-load washer and dryer models. But if you place a top-load washer on the pedestal, it makes the process of loading & unloading a laundry harder. It would help if you reached the laundry basket underneath in a top-load washer with these pedestals.


What More To Know About Pedestal Washers?

What are pedestals for washer and dryer and their features? They have a built-in compartment intended for small washing. The case enables you to handle small loads and wash them separately from the main road. In addition, the pedestals allow you to use them with their drain and water lines.


Why Pedestals For Washer And Dryer Are A Perfect Fit For The Laundry Room?

Install laundry pedestals below the washer and dryer. Add some vertical storage to the laundry room without an extra space on the floor. There is room for adding pedestals for having an adequate and open space above the units. Below are some more reasons why pedestals for the washer are a perfect fit for the laundry room.

  • Small space

    The laundry pedestals do not need any additional square footage from the layout. You only have to install them under the dryer and washer.

  •  Front-load washer

The pedestals lift the front-load washer and dryer from one side to another by sixteen inches. Thus, this promises ease of access when you load, transfer, and remove clothes.

  • De-clutter

Keep the small items such as dryer sheets, laundry detergent, & fabric softener tucked away in the pedestal and organized. Your dryer and washer achieve a neat look after. It may be helpful to know the best compact washer and dryer


What Benefits Can Pedestals For Washer And Dryer Bring?

Below are more of the benefits that pedestals for the washer and dryer can bring.


#1. New storage space

One benefit of pedestals is that they give you extra storage space for a laundry routine. There is no need for the pedestal to be solidly-made but place the dryer or washer up higher. Most pedestals serve their purpose as storage drawers. The drawers pull out while you can load them up with laundry clothes, supplies, and dryer sheets. Indeed, pedestals are an excellent option when there is not enough space.


#2. Addition of a mini washer

The storage below the pedestals enables you to add a mini washer which is part of new technology. While this can cost you a little, it is still an intelligent choice if more to run on a full wash load, like the idea of a mini washer when you add a few items like dishrags, and towels.

The mini washer is one tremendous and intelligent option if you will separate the whites and colors.

Place some whites underneath while the colors are on top. The mini washer is excellent for family use if there are lots of laundry items to wash and if you want to stay on top of laundry situations. There is no need to turn around and see if dirty clothes are on the entire laundry room.  Plus, the washer uses space that you have no thought of if you will be adding a washing machine pedestal. I suggest you read about how to install a stackable washer and dryer


#3. Save on your back pain

The pedestals for the washer and dryer save some back pain that you often experience when washing clothes. This pain occurs from bending over at such awkward angles. There is no need to worry if you bend over that much that it helps you avoid strain on the back. Avoid experiencing back pain and avoid bending that much.


#4. Is more convenient

The location of the pedestal under the front-load washer is near the ground. You will not need to bend over at such an awkward angle just so that you can get the laundry clothes inside and outside the washing machine. The pedestal is enough if you will grab on something and get the laundry done quickly.   


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what are pedestals for washer and dryer that serve as a stand under them so that you can easily load & unload items. More than that, they have a drawer to offer much storage space for the laundry supplies and the detergent. And they have significant benefits to offer that make you appreciate them more! You may also be interested to read how can I reset my washing machine. Thank you for reading this article!

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