What Are Good Cookies To Make For A Wedding

Try ten delicious recipes if you’re unsure about what are good cookies to make for a wedding. Wedding cookies make the perfect dessert table because they come in different looks and tastes. 

We have also included tips on how many cookies to have and how to keep them fresh. And for styling tips, you can read our separate guide on how to display cookies at a wedding

what are good cookies to make for a wedding


What Are Good Cookies To Make For A Wedding


  • Chocolate chip

An excellent wedding dessert to offer is the classic chocolate chip cookie. It’s easy to make, and there are different textures and flavor modifications to try. 

For example, would you prefer a crumbly or a chewy chocolate chip cookie? You can even serve your guests mini or oversized chocolate chip wedding cookies. 

If you have a personal recipe, you can even give the guests these cookies as wedding favors. 


  • Sugar cookies

Your wedding cookies can also be decorative for the wedding dessert table. And the best type of cookie for aesthetics is undoubtedly sugar cookies. 

Consider making bridal symbols like hearts in pastel colors to embody the wedding aesthetic. An easy recipe you can make is from Sally’s Baking Recipes which uses royal icing for decoration. 


  • Peanut butter cookies

A good cookie to bake for a rustic wedding would be peanut butter cookies. They look delicious and fit for this wedding theme compared to your typical chocolate chip or sugar cookies. 

Another reason peanut butter cookies are among the best wedding cookies is that they are easy to display without you worrying about losing their structure. Guests not fond of very sweet treats are also likely to prefer this type of cookie. 


  • Pecan cookies 

Pecan cookies make good cookies if you want something memorable from your wedding dessert table. They’re one of the best recipes to bake since they would remind your guests of the delicious pecan praline. 

Some recipes for pecan cookies create chewy cookies with crispy edges, which will surely elevate your dessert table if you want to serve wedding cookies that are not as common. They are also great for favors and can even last for three months. 


  • Coconut cookies

A summer or outdoor wedding can call for delicious coconut wedding cookies. This cookie will satisfy those who love coconut macaroons and classic butter cookies. 

They are also easy to bake and display. And best of all, you shouldn’t go over your wedding dessert budget to make plenty of coconut cookies. 


  • Snickerdoodle

You can also bake soft and chewy snickerdoodles for the best wedding dessert table. Making them is easy, and they can surely take your guests on a trip back to their childhood. 

This type of cookie will also be good for guests who are not fond of very sweet desserts. Just make sure to follow good recipes to avoid ending up with very hard cookies. 


  • Fruit oat cookies

For a winter wedding, you can make fruit oatmeal cookies. They are good for such wedding season because of the tasty chewiness from dried berries with oats and some crunch from toasted nuts. 

Health buffs will also appreciate these wedding cookies as another wedding dessert option. If you end up with leftovers, it won’t surely be a problem finishing them off after the wedding. 


  • Thumbprint cookies

Another wedding cookie to create or ask from your bakeshop to order for the reception is thumbprint cookies. These fruity wedding cookies are not only yummy, but their colors will make your dessert wedding table more eye-catching. 

They are so-called because you’ll press the cookie center with your finger to create an indentation. Then, it’s filled with delicious fruit preserves. 


  • Buckeye cookies

Why not have holiday cookies if your wedding is around the holidays? Consider making buckeye cookies for the wedding. 

Treat your guests with delicious chocolate and peanut butter decadent cookies. Just make sure that your reception is indoors to keep them stable. 


  • Sugar-free cookies

You can make wedding cookies that are sugar-free for some guests. They can still taste great without the guilt, and it’s always good to offer sugar-free options, especially if some of your guests can’t eat foods with too much sugar. 


How Many Cookies Should I Make For A Wedding?

You can bake three cookies per wedding guest for the wedding. This ratio can also be modified depending on your dessert options or if you’ll also give cookies as favors. 

Here’s how much dessert for a wedding for additional information. 


How Long Before A Wedding Can You Make Cookies?

Some cookies can be baked three days before a wedding. Alternatively, you can prepare and store the dough four days in advance and bake them the night before the wedding. 


How Do You Keep Cookies Soft And Fresh?

Like other wedding desserts, the secret to storing cookies and keeping them soft and fresh is stored in an airtight container. They should also be cooled after baking before storage. 


How Long Will Cookies Stay Fresh?

Cookies can last two weeks to two months in the refrigerator, depending on the type. According to the USDA, you can also freeze cookies to last for eight months. 



Was this list helpful? To recap what are good cookies to make for a wedding, you can go classic with chocolate chip or sugar cookies, but you can also indulge your guests with pecan or buckeye cookies. 

We hope the other options would also satisfy guests who love fruits or would prefer options that are not as sweet. 

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