What Are Black Wedding Bands Made Of

One might wonder what are black wedding bands made of, and the answer can be different metals. We will talk about the pros and cons of these materials, and why some people choose this non-traditional color instead of silver or gold. 

Speaking of black, do you know that some even wear such color for the wedding? Read how to style a black dress for a wedding in case the invitation you receive requests for black attire. 

what are black wedding bands made of


What Material Are Black Wedding Rings Made Of?

Black wedding rings can be made from titanium, tungsten, steel, palladium, carbon fiber, and tungsten carbide, to name a few. They make fantastic choices for wedding rings not only because of their unique black color but because they can withstand wear and tear for an accessory meant to be worn daily. 


Best types of black wedding rings


  • Titanium 

One of the most common types of black wedding rings is titanium. This is because it is readily available and generally comfortable to wear, especially since it’s hypoallergenic.

Additionally, titanium wedding rings are durable enough so that you can wear the wedding ring without worries. You only need to confirm with the jeweler because some titanium rings are only plated titanium with black coating, which isn’t as sturdy as treated titanium alloy. 

The latter is hard and won’t scratch easily compared to the coated one, which can get worn off as time passes. Titanium rings should be affordable but do note that they’re not easy to resize, so learn how should a wedding ring fit when getting one made. 


  • Tungsten carbide

If you want your black wedding ring to last without scratching or fading regardless of the use and environment, consider one that is made from tungsten carbide. It is essentially a tungsten ring embedded with black titanium zirconium for a stylish yet heavy-duty finish without breaking the bank. 


  • Titanium carbide

Not all black wedding bands are made from metals. There are also those made from ceramic or titanium carbide, which are even low-maintenance. 

Black ceramic wedding bands should be as hard as those made from metals, but remember that they can still break with extreme force. Nonetheless, they won’t tarnish or rust quickly, and those who are allergic to metals can consider ceramic wedding bands.


  • Stainless steel

Did you know that there are stainless steel wedding bands that are black? The process will anodize regular stainless steel to turn it black without altering the chemical composition of the metal. 

The result is something affordable with reasonable durability. The only disadvantage is that stainless steel is not hypoallergenic, so consider other materials if you have sensitive skin


  • Carbon fiber

The jewelry studio might recommend a ring made from carbon fiber if you want the black wedding band engraved. Tightly woven carbon fibers can be easily etched, so they are ideal for those who want customized wedding rings. 

Carbon fiber wedding bands are durable, but they’re still lightweight for use. You can also feel confident wearing one since they are hypoallergenic for all skin types. 


What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean?



Wearing a black wedding band can symbolize many things, but it’s most commonly associated with boldness or the desire to break the norm. It’s assumed that a couple who choose this untraditional color for their rings are confident and enjoy expressing their personality. 



A black wedding band doesn’t have to symbolize something immediately. For example, some people might’ve chosen this color because it looks stylish and sophisticated. 



Black wedding bands are made from various materials, which also happen to be durable and long-lasting. That being said, it can also mean the person’s everlasting commitment to their significant other. 

Black can mean many things, but it’s not traditionally associated with weddings. Here is what a black wedding dress means to realize why it can still be wedding-appropriate. 


Why Are Black Wedding Bands Popular?



Black wedding bands are gaining popularity because they are relatively affordable than your usual silver, rose gold, or gold bands. After all, most couples prioritize practicality, so those on a tight budget will find black wedding rings more appealing. 



There are different styles and designs available for black wedding bands. Therefore, it should be easy to find the most suitable one for every couple’s personality. 



Despite being affordable, black wedding bands are durable for years to come. Some won’t rust, fade, tarnish, or even scratch in various conditions.



Most black wedding rings are made of hypoallergenic materials. So you only need to confirm what metal is used. 


Do Black Titanium Rings Fade?

Titanium is a non-tarnish material for rings. And depending on how your black titanium band is processed, you can expect it won’t fade quickly. 

To ensure that your black titanium ring will retain its gorgeous color, make sure that it is a sublimated pure titanium and not titanium treated with a black coating. The latter is not only prone to fading but can also scratch easily. 



And that’s it! We just found out what are black wedding bands made of, and the most popular ones are made from titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, and even ceramic. 

They differ in pros and cons, but in general, black wedding bands are worth trying if you’re eyeing them for your wedding. Black symbolizes boldness, and the durability of these materials can also mean your long-lasting commitment to your spouse. 

And of course, who wouldn’t find them stylish and sophisticated? 

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