What Animals Eat Bed Bugs? 6 Surprising Animals!

Are you curious if what animals eat bed bugs?

If yes, then you are at the right place because in this post we will be talking about that particular question.

what animals eat bed bugs

You will also know whether or not you can use natural predators in solving your problems with bed bugs.

So without further ado, let us get into it!


6 Animals Eat Bed Bugs

So, what animals eat bed bugs?

There’s a lot of animals that are eating bed bugs, below are just some of them.


#1. Cockroach

Usually, cockroaches settle into your pantries, cupboards, and kitchens.

They like places that are quiet with available food.

They can be very disgusting, but they too are against the bed bugs.

However, you must not use them to solve your problems with bed bugs.

That is because cockroaches used to live and breed in dirty areas such as in a sewer before they move onto your house.

They also tend to eat any sort of food, garbage, and junk.

In fact, cockroaches are attracted to dirty homes.

When it comes to cockroaches eating bed bugs, they cannot eat all of them because bed bugs can reproduce rapidly.

Cockroaches are not fast enough to get rid of them.

Don’t ever think of using cockroaches to get rid of bed bugs because they are both gross and disgusting.

As a matter of fact, if cockroaches infest your house, you would want to focus on getting rid of them first.


#2. Masked hunter

This belongs to the family of bug assassins.

They typically live in places that are dry and warm just like in our homes for example.

Most often than not, masked hunters are gray and brown.

They are among the insects that know how to fly.

Since they like eating bed bugs, they are also called bed bug hunters.

But their original name comes from their ability to conceal themselves into the dust while in the form of a nymph.

Any other insects that like pigeons and bats are treated as a delicious meal by masked hunters.


#3. Spiders

Spiders come in many varieties and some of them like earing bed bugs.

Particularly, the Thanatus flavidus is a popular spider species for hunting bed bugs.

As compared to other animals included in this list, spiders are the better ones.

Why so? Since they are good not just in hunting those bed bugs but in living along with humans.

Spiders that hunt bed bugs do not spread any sort of disease to humans if ever a biting incident happens.

Commonly, spiders will inhabit your room and then they will hunt all the bed bugs in there.

While other bed bug hunters tend to stay in other parts of the house so they cannot get rid of the bed bugs.

In other words, spiders are a better option when you think of combatting bed bugs as compared to other insects.

However, if you are afraid of spiders, of course, you cannot stand them roaming around your room.


#4. Geckos

Various types of lizards are fond of eating all sorts of bugs.

Geckos, in particular, are the excellent terminators of bed bugs.

Unfortunately, just like any other lizards, geckos need special living conditions.

Since they naturally live in a specific habitat, you cannot put them anywhere you want.

As such, they might not be a great treat for bed bugs.


#5. Centipedes

All animals mentioned above are insects, while the last creature included in our list is an arthropod.

Centipedes are a bit big, some of them are about 15 centimeters in length.

They are among the creatures that are eager in hunting insects.

They are said to be hunting everything including bed bugs and cockroaches.

If centipedes are living in your house, you might not be aware of them since they tend not to leave any hints of them living there.

Most often than not, you can only spot them when they are searching for food.

But think about using centipedes in getting rid of the bed bugs at your home. Really, does that idea cross your mind?

Would you like to live with centipedes at home?

You know, they are nasty and big. They can even bite you, and it can be painful and poisonous just like a bee bite.


#6. Ants

Various ant species eat bed bugs. Pharaon ants, however, is the most common one.

They are distinct ants in light yellowish-brown color.

But the problem with ants of any sort is that they tend to reproduce fast.

If you fail to hand them properly, your house will be full of them.

Imagine having ant colonies anywhere in your house.

They will also be contaminating your food so it is never a good idea to use them for bed bugs.


It’s A Wrap!

After knowing what animals eat bed bugs, do you think you can stop the infestation of bed bugs using natural predators?

Definitely, not. Can you imagine using cockroaches, centipedes, geckos, among others?

If these creatures reproduce, you will have to deal with another infestation at home.

For bed bugs, it is recommended to seek the help of professionals. You can’t waste any more time.

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