Wetting The Bed When Drunk? 4 Interesting Facts!

You may be wondering why you’re wetting the bed when drunk.

There are many reasons why my friends. In this article, you will understand deeper as you read along.

Wetting the bed when drunk

Perhaps, you’ve had a first-hand experience wetting the bed after a fun night out.

It may sound embarrassing, but it happens. So, why does this occur?

And this occurrence is definitely not funny, especially if you’re sleeping with someone.

So, without further ado, let’s understand why you wet the bed when drunk.


Reasons In Wetting The Bed When Your Drunk

My friends, here are the reasons why you’re wetting the bed when drunk:


#1. Alcohol is a suppressant

Another term for this occurrence is nocturnal enuresis.

It happens when it’s hard for you to control your pee.

Usually, it’s because you overindulge in alcohol.

The thing is that our brain produces an antidiuretic hormone (ADH), and this hormone is produced by everybody.

This hormone gives signals to the kidneys, keeping them to create too much urine.

With this, it helps you prevent hydration.

Unfortunately, if you drink too much alcohol, the production of ADH is suppressed.

That’s why you tend to pee a lot than normal.

Given the extra urine in your body, you don’t have to wonder why you tend to go on more trips to the comfort room.

If you’re already asleep, there’s no way you could stop your bladder as it’s quickly filled with urine.

If this occurs, then your body tries to release this pressure through urinating.


#2. Alcohol leads to irritation

Well, alcohol is responsible for irritating a muscle found in the bladder.

Specifically, it’s the detrusor muscle that is affected.

It is a part of the bladder’s wall responsible for signaling your body when it’s time to pee.

From the moment you passed out, such as if you’re already in your drunken state, you may not feel the signals from the detrusor muscle.

And this explains why you wet the bed when drunk, my friends.


#3. The quick build-up of more fluids

Well, the more you drink, the more likely you will pee.

And it’s true even if you should drink non-alcoholic drinks, right?

That’s why if you have taken a huge volume of alcohol, you increase the amount of liquid in your bladder.

Having a pitcher of beer during dinner or a game with your friends adds to your normal fluid intake.

Here’s another amazing fact that you should know:

Usually, you drink during the night.

Nighttime is the time when you normally sleep.

And this fact significantly increases the capacity of your bladder to hold pee during the night.

That being said, it can be an issue if you’ve turned off the lights to sleep, especially if you can’t really hold your pee even in normal situations.

What’s more, is that having alcohol can lead you to take your liquid reserves.

If this happens, then you’ll most likely experience dehydration. And that also means you have more volume of urine in your bladder.

An expert said that the main factor why your bladder involuntary contracts is because of the caffeine.


#4. Caffeine is responsible for activating the bladder

You’ve already known about the detrusor, right?

The one I’ve mentioned earlier; the muscle that is found in your bladder.

Well, alcoholic drinks usually are composed of caffeine responsible for contracting that muscle.

And you will find yourself wanting to pee even if the bladder is not full.

This occurrence doesn’t allow you to hold more urine; so even if there’s less urine in your bladder, you still want to pee over time.


Preventing Wetting The Bed When Your Drunk

You already know that anything in excess is not good.

That being said, you should not drink too much alcohol.

My friends, it’s not healthy, okay?

And much more if it affects your capacity to hold your pee. It’s even worse if you experience this regularly.

If you’ve grabbed some extra drinks, there are actually ways for you to avoid wetting your bed when drunk.

Here are the ways:


#1. Don’t grab drinks with caffeine before

If you’re already aware that you’re partying with friends tonight, it’s best to avoid caffeine for a while.

Or maybe, it’s best to limit your liquid intakes for the day. Water will do!


#2. Opt for smaller ones

Do you want that pitcher of beer?

If I were you, I would go for smaller quantities.

You can try a tonic and gin or other delicious alcoholic mixed drinks.


#3. Pee before bed

Even if you don’t feel like peeing, make an extra trip to the comfort room still.

Make sure you’ve already voided your bladder before sleeping.

Otherwise, you will be prone to wetting your bed.


#4. Set an alarm

It doesn’t totally help when you limit or even avoid caffeine.

If you are not capable of holding your urine until morning when you wake up, it’s best to set your alarm to pee.

In this way, you’re sure to control your pee.



Wetting the bed when drunk is frustrating.

You’ve already known the reasons why.

Hopefully, this occurrence doesn’t equate to an underlying health issue.

Follow the ways how to prevent this.