Wedding Which Side To Sit: Wedding Seating Basics

It can be overwhelming to decide wedding which side to sit, so consider these wedding ceremony seating ideas for your big day. We will share tips for sitting the guests and explain why there are specific sides for the bride and groom according to tradition. 

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Wedding Which Side To Sit: Traditional vs Modern Weddings


Traditional wedding ceremony seating

Remember that the right side is for the groom if you want to follow the traditional seat arrangement for the wedding ceremony. The left side, of course, is reserved for the bride. 

That being said, the bride’s guests, such as her family and friends, will sit on the left side of the aisle. And as for the family and friends of the groom, they’ll sit across from the bride’s guests on the right. 

In some traditions, cultures, and religions, the ceremony seating etiquette will be reversed. For example, the bride is on the right in a Jewish wedding, so the groom’s side is on the left.


Personal preference for the sides to sit

Modernity is embraced in wedding ceremonies nowadays, so you don’t have to follow the traditional side reserved for the groom and bride’s respective guests. Instead, talk with your partner and decide which side is ideal for your guests. 

You can use the bride’s location as a guide, for example. You can sit the bride’s family on the right, so they can view her better than when their seat is on the left or behind her. 

You can also sit the family and friends of the bride and groom on their opposite side, so they have the perfect view of their loved one. During the wedding rehearsal, this arrangement can be tried to ensure that everyone is satisfied. 


Modified ceremony seating tips

If your wedding is non-traditional and you don’t have to follow the rules or the wedding ceremony venue is not conservative, you can decide how to seat your guests freely. For example, some brides might prefer to have their closest friends and family on a specific side because she’ll get nervous walking down the aisle. 

You can also discuss with your partner if you want your guests to be on the right or left in a same-sex wedding. Just indicate in the wedding program or have ushers by the venue entrance to guide which side the guests must sit on. 

The final wedding ceremony seat orientation you can try is to merge your family. All the relatives will be on one side, and the friends or guests not related to the bride and groom by blood will sit on the other. 


Does It Matter Which Side You Sit On At A Wedding?

You should know which side you’ll sit on during the wedding ceremony. However, if there are no particular indications in the ceremony program, you can assume the traditional sitting arrangement.

If you’re the bride’s guest, you will sit on the left side of the aisle. But if you’re a relative or friend of the groom, you’ll be on the right side. 

You can also ask the usher to know where to sit. Most seats in the front are reserved, or the couple might have special guests. 

Regarding reserving chairs, please read our guide for wedding ceremony ideas regarding the seats. Also, here is how to set up chairs for a wedding ceremony for more details. 


Why Does The Bride’s Guests Sit On The Left?

The bride’s guests sit on the left because this is also the bride’s position at the altar. The left side is traditionally for the bride, so the groom can keep his right hand open for combat because the bride used to be kidnapped for the wedding. 

Another reason is that the left side is the position of honor, so in a Jewish wedding, both are equal since both sides are honored. And finally, brides or women used to be seen as property given to the grooms. 

Standing on the groom’s right will allow him to protect the woman from being seen as an object by other men. This also indicates that she’s now his possession and that he’ll protect her for as long as possible. 


Which Side Should Bride And Groom Sit?

The bride and groom usually take the head table or sweetheart table at the wedding reception. It is called the sweetheart table if it’s just the two of them, but it’s more common for weddings to have the wedding party join the newlyweds on a bigger table. 

The head table is usually in the middle or front of the wedding reception venue so the newlyweds are in full view and can also see their guests. The bride will sit to the groom’s right, but you can modify this arrangement to your preference. 



And that’s it! We just found out wedding which side to sit by knowing the tradition and alternatives. 

Usually, the bride’s guests will be on the left side since she’s on the left of the altar. The groom’s guests will then be on the right side. 

However, you can seat your guests however you like, especially if you want them to view you well during the ceremony. 

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