Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Who Also Parents

If you don’t know what to give as wedding gifts newlyweds who also parents, consider different items that various kinds of parents who just got married will surely appreciate. You’ll find wedding gifts for the pregnant couple, those with a newborn, and even parents with a toddler. 

We will also discuss the etiquette when deciding on a wedding gift for a relative or family member. And if the couple has been living together for a while, here are some wedding gift ideas for couples who already live together

wedding gifts newlyweds who also parents


Best And Creative Ideas For Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Who Also Parents


Wedding gifts for newlyweds if they are expecting or pregnant

If the couple who’s about to enter the life of marriage is expecting, consider wedding gifts they can use during the pregnancy. Some of these gifts might also be given at other events for weddings, such as the bridal shower. 

  • Maternity pillow
  • Maternity clothes
  • Breastfeeding essentials
  • Parenting book
  • Nursing dress


Wedding gift ideas if the parents have a newborn

If the newlyweds are parents of a newborn, then your wedding gift for them should also be helpful for their relatively new parenting lives. Think of items a baby will need or can assist parents in caring for their baby.

  • Rocker
  • Stroller
  • Bibs
  • Crib
  • Bottles


Gifts for newlywed parents with a toddler

If the newlywed couple has been parents for a while or they probably have a toddler before marriage, they can use some items that kids between 1 and 3 years old will need. You can also provide specific gifts for a boy or a girl, especially if you’re the godparent of the couple’s child. 

  • Car seat
  • Cookbook for kids
  • Coloring books
  • Educational toys
  • Playmat


What Do You Get Parents For Their Wedding?

Is your mother or father about to get married? Deciding on the gift for weddings of older couples can be difficult, especially since they’ve been living together and it seems they have all they’ll need. 

If the couple is newlywed parents with a baby or a younger child, a quick visit to a toy shop or baby aisle at the mall can give you different gift options. But for parents, try these wedding gift ideas: 

  • Restaurant date for two
  • Spa gift certificates
  • Flight tickets
  • Luggage bags
  • Appliance in their home that might need an upgrade

As you can see, the best wedding gift for parents would be an experience since they’ll likely have a furnished home. But if they are your parents or you’ve been in their home before, you might notice an appliance that could use an upgrade or replacement. 

If it is a second wedding, you can check what is an appropriate gift for a second wedding


Do You Get The Mothers Of The Bride And Groom A Gift?

There are no rules that it’s mandatory to give the bride’s and groom’s parents a wedding gift. However, it’s common to give gifts to the parents to thank them for their help and contribution to the wedding. 

The wedding gift doesn’t have to be grand, but it could be something they can use, such as spa certificates or a date night. You can also give them unique or customized items related to the wedding. 

Another option for the mothers of the bride and groom is you can give them their wedding attire as gifts. They can even accompany the bridal party to the boutique to pick up their wedding clothes. 


Traditional Wedding Gifts For Parents

Here are more ideas for wedding gifts that you can give to parents:

  • Photo artwork
  • Portraits
  • Personalized photo album
  • Customized wine bottles
  • Engraved jewelry
  • Plant
  • Customized handkerchief
  • Bags
  • Shoes or clothes for the wedding
  • Cookbook
  • Dinnerware
  • Food subscription box


What Wedding Gift For The Child Of The Bride?

While no rules mention it’s mandatory, it’s only fitting to give a wedding gift to the bride’s child. Blended families are dynamic and familiar nowadays, and it’s an excellent way for her to feel more involved in the wedding if you give her a gift.

Here are items you can give to the bride’s daughter as a wedding gift:

  • Locket pendant
  • Her wedding attire or shoes
  • Drawing tablet
  • Ice cream maker
  • Makeup making kit

Another option is to have the bride’s daughter participate in the wedding. She could do one of the readings or even become a bridal party member. 

For example, why not make her the flower girl, a bridesmaid, or even the maid of honor? You can also have a daughter-mom dance at the reception to make her feel more special. 


What Wedding Gifts For Family Members?

You know your relative best, so it should help you identify what item they can use after getting married. For example, they might talk about a specific appliance they want for their home. 

You can also treat them to their honeymoon if you have the budget. But, of course, personalized or hand-made wedding gifts are also always appreciated. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap wedding gifts newlyweds who are also parents, think of the items that expecting parents or those who already have a baby or toddler will use. 

You can also imagine what you’ll give to a baby shower. We hope these suggestions can provide you with ideas on the best wedding gifts.

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