Wedding Anniversary Message For Husband Who Passed Away

If you can’t come up with a wedding anniversary message for husband who passed away, try these three subjects. These wedding anniversary messages will also help you cope with death and validate the emotions you’re feeling in the absence of your partner. 

And for those who are friends with a widow, we have included what you can say to her on their wedding anniversary. While death can be an uncomfortable topic, we hope our blogs can help you navigate the emotions, especially those related to weddings. 

wedding anniversary message for husband who passed away

Perhaps your wedding is coming up, and you want to honor a loved one who passed. Read how to include a deceased parent in a wedding, for example. 


Wedding Anniversary Message For Husband Who Passed Away


Happy anniversary in heaven

It might help you cope with the death of a partner when you think of them being in a better place. You can tell your husband that you know by heart he’s somewhere in heaven, watching over you. 

Feel free to get as raw and emotional as needed since this will help you navigate grief much better. You might feel frustrated that meeting your husband in heaven is impossible to celebrate your wedding anniversary. 

You can also express your sadness and disappointment that you can’t celebrate together. Tell your husband that no matter the distance, you’ll always love him and find your way to him. 


Thank you for the amazing years of marriage

Another fantastic message for your husband, who passed away, is to reflect on your best moments together. According to Vitas Healthcare, one of the steps for healing after the death of your life partner is to celebrate memories. 

Talk about how grateful and happy you are to have a chance to be married to your husband. Reminisce about the good times and how you’ve overcome the bad.  

You might’ve woken to feel his absence more on your wedding anniversary. Talk to him about how you miss being with him and look back on photos to feel the emotions you had together. 


Looking forward to seeing you someday

Another wedding anniversary message you can tell your husband is about the hope of being reunited one day. This type of wedding anniversary message is often given by older widows or those whose husbands have passed away for a long time.

You can reminisce your wedding vows and talk about why loving him even after this life is possible. You can also imagine what you’ll say to him when you reunite. 

Talk as if you are trying to catch him on the news he missed. And of course, tell him you love him and that anniversaries would have been notable if he’s with you and his loved ones. 


What Do You Say On A Friend’s Wedding Anniversary After The Death Of A Spouse?

Understanding what to say to a friend who lost their partner can be difficult. You would have an easier time crafting what to say if you put yourself in their shoes and know what a person experiences after the death of a spouse

  • Let your friend know that they’re not alone, but you don’t need to talk about the wedding anniversary specifically
  • If your friend does not want to talk about the anniversary, you can plan a meeting with them and spend time together
  • If you have the headspace, you can also directly ask your friend if they want to talk about their partner who passed away
  • Recognize your friend’s resilience, especially if the passing is only recent
  • Let your friend know that you’re proud of them and reassure them that their partner would also feel the same way


What Do You Say To A Grieving Widow On Her Anniversary?

Wedding anniversaries can be particularly hard for widows or anyone with a deceased partner. Therefore, you want to feel that the grieving person is not alone in their pain. 

You want them to know they are recognized and have someone they can go to, especially on the dates after their husbands pass. However, assess her as some people don’t like talking about painful events. 

Do not pry if they don’t want to discuss their partner. But if they seem to be opening up, let them talk and do not cut them. 


How Do You Honor Anniversary After Death?


Write them a message

After a partner passes away, you can continue writing them letters. Some people would prefer to continue their talks with their deceased loved ones, even if it’s only on anniversaries.


Visit them in the cemetery

You can also bring flowers to the cemetery and visit your spouse’s grave. If you have other friends and relatives who want to come, bring them and celebrate your partner’s life. 


Go to your favorite place

You might find relief in visiting your favorite place together. This is also a good sign that you no longer associate even the best memories with losing your partner. 



And that’s it! You just learned a wedding anniversary message for husband who passed away where you can imagine them in heaven, thank them for the best times, or look forward to being together someday. 

We hope this was helpful, especially with coping with grief. You can also read what to say to your groom on your wedding day if you want to relive the emotions of being pre-married. 

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