How to Reupholster a Vinyl Strap Patio Swivel Chair

This how-to guide includes instructions on how to reupholster a vinyl strap patio swivel chair. It is crucial that the fabric is cut appropriately and that it stretches properly across the frame before being sewn together.

This article covers how to measure, how to cut, how to sew, and how to finish up your new seat.

Vinyl Strap Patio Swivel Chair

Steps on Reupholstering Vinyl Strap Patio Swivel Chair

Step 1. Measure the width of your chair seat and how long you want to make it. Add an inch for seam allowance. Then measure how wide the strap is, add that measurement in inches together with how long you just measured (plus a couple more inches) and cut two pieces of fabric this size plus a few extra inches around each edge just in case.

Step 2. Put one of the fabric pieces on top of the other, right sides together, and line up your corners so that you can make a straight cut across both layers at once. The first edge is done by lining them up with how long they are – if this doesn’t work for how wide your strap is then just try to get as close to it as possible while leaving plenty of room to sew later on.

Cut along where the two lines meet (a zigzag or serge stitch might be helpful here) and repeat in order from side to side until all edges have been sewn together.

Step 3. Carefully turn the cover inside out and tuck under any excess fabric down into the seam allowance so that nothing is peeking out.

Step 4. Sew the edge of the cover down by machine stitching very close to the fabric’s edge and securing with a blind stitch at either end.

Step 5. Reattach any hardware that was detached during this process, including all screws for however many are needed on your specific chair model. Replace swivel locks if necessary too.)

Use a needle threader (or some other tool) to pull one string through each hole in your new webbing strap until it reaches the front; tie them together so they don’t come undone as you start sewing over the top of them later on.


How do you clean vinyl patio straps?

You can use a damp cloth to wipe them down with soap and water. You can also spray your patio strap with some cleaner, then scrub it off using the same wet rag. When in doubt, test how something will affect the vinyl on an old part of the chair before you use it on newer parts!

What kind of webbing should I use?

The most popular material for this is Polyester Webbing, which you can find at fabric stores. Make sure to measure the straps before cutting so that they are long enough–usually no more than two inches short.

How do I attach the new webbing to the old vinyl straps?

The new webbing should be sewn onto the strap. Use a sewing machine with a heavy needle for this, or if you don’t have a sewing machine use an industrial stapler and staples. It can also sometimes help to pin it in place first before stitching/stapling it on.

What are the measurements for vinyl straps?

This is often how wide the webbing should be. Measure each strap and add an inch to allow for seam allowances on both sides of the straps:

  • Outside Width (Left Side) = 20″ plus one inch
  • Outside Width (Right Side) = 20″ plus one inch
  • Inside Length (Top Row ) = 74″ plus one inch
  • Inside Length (Bottom Row) = 54″ plus one inch

What is the difference between a vinyl strap and webbing?

A common material for straps is vinyl, which comes in many different widths. Webbing can be made of cotton or nylon materials, how heavy duty it should depend on how it will be used.


What tools are needed for reupholstering?

A staple gun is one of the most important pieces of equipment, but you may need other items depending on how your chair is constructed:

  • Staple Gun and Staples to match material type (vinyl or webbing)
  • Hammer or Tack Hammer (needed when attaching springs to the frame)
  • Screwdriver, Pliers, and/or Wire Cutter for removing nails from frame
  • Blow Dryer for Heat Setting Staple Gun Nails — how long depends on how your chair is constructed. A longer time will make nail heads more smooth and less noticeable.


How do you Reweb a lawn chair with clips?

You can put webbing or vinyl straps on your chair by using screws, nails and a staple gun. If you are using clips to hold the straps in place:

Step 1. Start with one clip at the top of the backrest where it meets up with armrest if applicable

Step 2. Secure across the bottom edge of the seat (where the leather meets up with front legs). You will need as many clips on each side as you can get. The more secure it is, the less likely your chair will fall apart when people sit in them!

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