Upholster Loveseat 101: How Much Material Is Needed?

This tutorial is for you if you want to reupholster furniture but aren’t sure how much material is needed to upholster loveseat. We will tackle the basics on a loveseat for you to get a full view of what you are going to be working with.


Upholster Loveseat

What is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are compact two-seat couches that were initially built as a larger version of the armchair. Loveseats, also known as double-chairs, are generally paired with bigger sofas in living room or family room furniture configurations. 

But their modern applications include seating in compact areas, casual workplace break-out areas, and cozy places to read in libraries or coffee shops.


What is the length of a loveseat?

A loveseat has no predetermined length since it may come in a range of lengths to match several rooms and settings. However, a loveseat’s basic range, measured from armrest to armrest, is between 48 and 72 inches.


How much material is needed to upholster a loveseat?

Now, on average a loveseat requires 11 to 15 yards of fabric or leather for upholstery. We will discuss thoroughly different types of loveseats and how much material these types need to upholster loveseat.

The outer backs of furniture are all included in the reupholstery estimates below. Please ask your upholsterer for specific quantities, as always. One fabric yard is equal to 18 square feet of leather, as a rule of thumb.

Loveseats use the same amount of material as a larger sofa – 1 yard.

Puffy Lux

One yard of upholstery fabric is equal to 36 inches and will cover 45″ (3/4 yard) wide and 60″ (1/2 yard) deep loveseat with some extra. When purchasing your fabric, be sure to buy more than 1/2-yard to allow for selvage. If you’re unsure, stop by your local upholstery shop and they can help you get exactly what you need!


Picking Fabric to Upholster Loveseat

When selecting the right type of fabric for your loveseat, you’ll need to consider the style, look and feel you are hoping to achieve. For example, if you have a traditional piece of upholstered furniture that requires reupholstery, consider choosing fabric in a rich tone with patterned fabric for subtle detail. If your loveseat is more contemporary in design, look for solid colors or textured patterns that will add dimension to the piece.

When it comes to buying upholstery material, how much should I expect to pay?


Type of Fabric Pricing Range ($)

Solid Upholster Loveseat Material

  • Jeans 60-65
  • Corduroy 55-75
  • Denim 65-70
  • Linen 70-80
  • Polyester 55-65
  • Suede 70-90
  • Wool 80-100
  • Patterned Upholstery Material
  • Plaids & Brocades 60-70
  • Checks 50-60
  • Tapestries 85 – 100+

How to Replace the Cushion Fabric on a Loveseat?

If a piece of loveseat furniture is made up of a wooden frame with webbed bottoms and springs, it will need to be replaced. However, if there is just a problem with the cushion fabric, try changing that single part! You’ll need several tools for this project: a living room sewing kit

  • needle
  • thread
  • upholstery nails/staples
  • measuring tape

If you need to upholster the loveseat, the cushions probably have cotton batting wrapped in ticking material over them. This type of upholstery can often look aged without professional help from someone experienced in reupholstering chairs and couches. You may notice that your sofa doesn’t look new anymore, but instead has become worn or has loose threads. To upholster the loveseat cushion panels, you’ll need to remove them from the sofa frame.


Upholster Loveseat: Removing Cushions From Loveseat Frame

When you upholster a loveseat, couch, or chair, ensure that you have some cardboard boxes on hand so you can stack cushions together for added protection if they are heavy. The best way to get cushion fabric off of an upholstered couch is to pull it through the open space where your elbows would go if you were sitting in it.

You will also want to use a flathead screwdriver, located at the bottom edge of each seat panel if there isn’t an open area. If there is an open space, pull the fabric up and to the sides. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry off any staples or tacks that might be holding down your cushion fabric.


Upholster a Loveseat: Reupholstering Cushion Panels

To make sure you don’t staple through the fabric by accident, place your new cushion panels over the old ones and use them as templates for measuring where you’ll need to place adhesive Velcro strips (if necessary) and how far apart to place your tacks/staples before securing armless side of the frame first.


How to determine yardage using repeats?

When the vertical repetition is half an inch to 27 inches, add the horizontal repeat to the vertical repetition to get the right yardage. As an example: A cloth with a 10-inch vertical repetition and a 14-inch horizontal repetition has a total repeat of 24 inches. These should be remembered when you upholster loveseat or cushion panels.

Thus, if a chair requires 8 yards of 54-inch plain fabric, a 54-inch fabric with a 24-inch total repetition would require 20% extra fabric, or around 9.5 yards, for the identical chair.


How much fabric do you need for slipcovers?

When it comes to a slipcover for a loveseat, you have to consider its number of cushions. For a loveseat with two cushions, you will be needing 13 yards of fabric. Meanwhile, when you have a loveseat with four cushions, get 17 yards of fabric.


Conclusion on How to Upholster a Loveseat

Here answers your question on how much material is needed to upholster loveseat. We hope you got the right measurement of material needed for your type of loveseat. We have offered twenty-one types of loveseats for you to assess which one fits or nearly fits your loveseat.

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