4 Unique Wedding Rings And Where To Find Them

Are you looking for the most unique wedding rings? We guarantee that these four designs are out-of-the-box and that you haven’t seen them worn before. 

We will also describe a typical wedding band and what makes one unique to help you decide on the style, gemstones, color, and metal band. But to help you choose, read what are wedding bands made of for metal options that would be practical for the bride and groom’s lifestyles. 

unique wedding rings


4 Unique Wedding Rings And Where To Buy Them


Custom Wedding Rings By Krikawa 

You don’t need to look for inspiration if you consider a jeweler that will customize your wedding bands for you. The custom wedding rings by Krikawa come in different designs like nature, infinity knot and twist, creative and artistic, vintage-style, curved and wraps, plain, textured, and diamond accessories. 

Since you don’t want the classic plain and round band, you should go for bands that feature shapes, textures, and colors. For example, the bride might like the swirly wedding bands with diamonds and stones like sapphires, or the groom might want to get in touch with his roots and go for a Celtic wedding band with the infinity symbol for details. 

For an outdoor wedding, you can also check Krikawa’s nature wedding band design with shapes and images of trees, mountains, ocean, leaves, and vines. And for the artistic couple, browse through the creative options for wedding rings that feature wildlife, music, places, cultures, dragons, and tattoos. 


Unique Men’s Wedding Rings By Manly Bands 

Typically, men’s wedding bands are straightforward, like a gold round band that complements the more intricate jewelry of the bride. But nowadays, there are also unique wedding rings with styles for men. 

Manly Bands specializes in men’s wedding rings; the bride can even order and customize a ring as a gift. For the customized wedding band, you can browse examples for inspiration and choose the style, metal, inlay, inside sleeve, finish, and size for the perfect design that your groom will love. 

You can also check for their most popular styles, like the Cowboy, which features koa wood and black plated tungsten, perfect for a rustic wedding, or the classy Fitzgerald, with rose gold and black zirconium. Read who buys the man’s wedding ring for the expectations and etiquette when you shop for the groom’s wedding bands. 


Braided Handwoven Wedding Rings By Todd Alan

What makes a wedding ring unique is the style, material, and color of the band. So for couples who don’t want the traditional plane gold band for their wedding rings, consider the handwoven braided wedding bands by Todd Alan

There are even customization options if you want to add a diamond or any gemstone that’s symbolic for you and your partner. But to give you a visual of one of the most iconic designs from this jeweler, Todd designed the so-called Cord of Three wedding ring, inspired by what’s depicted in the bible: “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

This unique and beautiful design allows the couple to pick three colors of gold for their strands and God strand. There are also two- and three-color rings that are surely one-of-a-kind than what you usually see among wedding bands. 


Rose Gold, Curved, Or Twisted Wedding Rings By Arthur’s Jewelers

Diamonds are usually seen on the engagement ring for the iconic sparkle. However, it can also be among your options if you want a unique wedding band. 

But to make the jewelry more memorable and one-of-a-kind, the band itself should be more varied than just a piece of round jewelry. For example, you can browse Arthur’s Jewelers for diamond wedding rings that can be distinguished from ordinary engagement rings. 

The designs range from the twist, twist halfway, curved, marquise, buckle, and scalloped. You can also stand out by picking a rose gold wedding ring over the usual silver or gold band with diamonds. 


What Is The Most Popular Type Of Wedding Ring?

The most popular type of wedding ring is the simple smooth, round wedding band made from yellow gold. This is a classic design for a reason: it’s versatile. 

For example, the simple style complements any engagement ring worn by the bride, and the golden band is also something that men will wear. But nowadays, don’t be surprised to find unique wedding rings as extravagant as the engagement ring. 

They would feature different colors, metals, gemstones, shapes, engravings, and styles. Some are designed to complement the engagement ring or match the partner’s rings perfectly. 


How Can I Make My Wedding Ring Unique?

So what makes a wedding ring unique? How can you make your wedding band stand out from other accessories worn by couples? 



A typical wedding ring is usually a simple metal band without any details or gemstones. So why not incorporate meaningful gemstones in the band’s design to have a unique ring?

Jewelers often have styles with sapphire or emerald gemstones on their wedding rings. Some even combine different gemstones to feature multiple colors on the wedding band.



If you want a wedding band that stands out, you can pick two or three metals for it. It can even symbolize different things for you and your partner. 

You can choose a two-color wedding band made of yellow gold and platinum for dramatic contrast. But if you want a tri-color design, your wedding band can include rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. 



Another way to ensure a unique wedding band is to pick a shape that’s not a simple round band. For example, some designs might look like a mini flower crown where the metal is shaped into tiny flowers. 

Jewelers also twist the band’s shape, which can symbolize infinity for the couple. However, make sure that the shape of the wedding band you’ll choose complements the style of your engagement ring. 



Engravings and etchings are a great way to personalize and create unique wedding rings. You can engrave each other’s names or anything symbolic, like the date you first met or the coordinates of your favorite place. 

For the design, some jewelers create unique wedding bands by etching artistic designs into the band. Some are scenic, like trees and mountains, while others can copy cultural symbols into the band. 


How to make my wedding ring look unique on a budget?

Unique wedding rings are often pricier than simple and traditional wedding bands. Some can even get very expensive if you customize every material, color, and stone. 

But if you’re on a budget, you can still wear unique wedding bands using unique semi-precious stones. Think of using inexpensive amethyst in the band, for example. 

Some materials are also less costly than gold and silver. So mixing metals does not only create a unique style for the wedding ring, but it might also make it more durable. 


What Are Some Things To Consider When Shopping For Unique Wedding Rings?

There are four considerations to remember when shopping for unique wedding rings. These elements are essential to ensure that your band will stand out from other usual wedding rings. 

However, remember that the wedding ring should also fit perfectly on you and your partner. You can get the perfect size for the ultimate comfort if you’re familiar with how should a wedding ring fit



The metal of the wedding band is significant when choosing your unique wedding jewerly. Because yellow gold is the classic, you can choose rose gold for a unique wedding ring. 

But more than gold, other materials will make unique wedding bands but would also help them withstand wear and tear. Men can even go for black metals for a unique black wedding band. 



Gemstones symbolize different things, so couples who want unique wedding rings might get customized jewelry with sentimental gemstones for them. The stones also add color and design to the otherwise plain-looking band. 

You can find emerald or sapphire designs if you want a luxury look for your wedding rings. You might also have an heirloom ring and want to use its white diamond on your wedding ring. 



Check the details like engravings on your wedding band. Some unique designs have beautiful images, like trees or dragons. 

But more than the uniqueness and beauty, you want the details to be important and meaningful. So if you’re unsure what to put, here’s what to engrave on a wedding band.



Wedding bands come in different styles and are no longer limited to the classic plain round ring. Instead, you and your partner can showcase your personalities with a unique design. 

Some wedding rings look woven like a braided cord or interlaced like the infinity symbol. Wedding rings can even look extra stylish thanks to the combination of colors and materials like wood and tungsten. 


How to pick the perfect unique wedding ring with my engagement ring?

Even though you’re going for a non-traditional wedding ring design, you still want it to complement your engagement ring. You can bring it to the jeweler when designing your custom wedding band. 

You can also try different materials and colors to see if they match the details on your engagement ring. But in general, you don’t want the two rings to compete with their styles. 

We’ve discussed this dilemma on how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring.


What Is The Average Price Range For Unique Wedding Rings?

Unique wedding rings cost anywhere from $300 to over $1,000. The material and customization level dictate the final price of the unique wedding ring. 

If you’re on a budget, you can still have a unique wedding band by picking an uncommon metal seen in wedding rings like black-plated tungsten or rose gold. But if you have more budget, you can customize the design to your heart’s content and even include diamonds and other gemstones. 


Can I Just Wear My Engagement Ring As My Wedding Ring?

It’s the bride’s choice to use her engagement ring as her wedding ring. Every couple is different, and some want to prioritize other wedding elements that they’re willing to reuse engagement rings as the wedding ring. 

Long-term couples also use their engagement rings as promise rings that the jewelry becomes so sentimental that they’ll reuse it at the wedding ceremony. The couple might also be eloping, and they’d just use the engagement ring in the meantime. 

And finally, some women might find wearing multiple accessories a hassle. Instead of wearing two rings, they’d use one as the engagement and wedding ring. 


What Can I Give My Husband Instead Of A Wedding Ring?

Creative and non-traditional weddings often have alternatives for wedding rings. For example, the couple might exchange other accessories like necklaces or bracelets for comfort, as some people hate the feeling of a ring on their finger. 

You can also exchange other meaningful items on your wedding day for sentimentalities, such as watches, pens, or brooches. Since wedding rings symbolize commitment, the bride and groom might also get matching tattoos instead. 


Why Do People Wear Black Wedding Rings?

One of the unique styles of the wedding band is the black wedding ring, which is usually made from tungsten or titanium. Men wear black wedding rings because they’re low maintenance, stylish, and unique. 

They don’t need to be cleaned often, and the metals withstand daily use. Not to mention, black rings are more flattering and out-of-the-box than your typically yellow gold bands. 


Can I Wear 3 Wedding Rings?

It’s possible to wear three rings on your wedding day as some couples have an engagement, wedding, and eternity ring. Older couples even celebrate their milestones by adding an anniversary ring to the engagement and wedding rings they wear daily. 

If you’re planning on wearing many rings, you can check which order do you wear engagement, wedding, and eternity rings



And that’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best unique wedding rings, like the artistic designs of Krikawa, black men’s rings from Manly Bands, Todd Alan’s braided rings, and variations on the classic diamond wedding rings by Arthur’s Jewelers.

The metal, gemstones, details, and style make any wedding band unique. You can always incorporate symbolic elements or use the engagement rings as inspiration to know what would be the best unique wedding ring for you. 

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