The Most Popular Types Of Wedding Chair Covers

There is a basic process on how to make wedding chair covers, and it’s simple enough that you would not need to rent chairs that are premade. Doing your wedding decorations will not only make it all worth the while, but will also make your day memorable.


how to make wedding chair covers

What Fabrics And Decorations Can You Use?


Seat covers

You may think of these covers as familiar and straightforward, especially in a household, but these are very versatile. You may use covers that have an eye-catching design as a fabric to use in your wedding chairs.



Are you planning on having a small event for just you and your partner’s family? Putting up signs on the back of folding chairs gives that personal and creative atmosphere. The characters that you made can say a lot of things that you want — so be creative!



Putting a flower and draping ribbons along one side of the chair is a simple yet elegant way of making your chairs come alive at an event. You may use this on many occasions, such as bridal showers, birthday parties, or baby showers.



There are a variety of flowers that can add color and fragrance to your guests’ seats. This design will make them comfortable and will make their experience in your event memorable. Flowers bring joy and a smile to anyone’s face, so utilize these when you have the chance.


Chair covers

If you want to slip on a cover to your chair, you may use plain chair covers. Adding a piece of fabric that has a different color will make it look elegant and simplistic.


Chair Cover Designs


1. Burlap layering

Using your burlap fabric and layering it up with lace gives your chair cover an incredible effect. If you prefer to have a chair cover underneath it, use a plain white one.


2. Fluffed ponytails

Chair cover hoods that are tight at the top but fluffy and trails down the backside of the chair adds a lot of dimensions to your design.


3. Studded wraps

Sometimes, your theme colors may result in a bland combination that may affect how your chair looks. Adding a few wraps with studs or gems adds elegance.


4. Plain patterns

If you wish to keep a simple color palette but don’t want it to result in an unattractive chair cover, pick covers with an elegant design.


5. Beaded-back covers

Plain chair covers may be incorporated with strings of beads at the back, making your guests feel unique while attending your wedding ceremony.


Benefits Of Using Chair Covers


  • Coordination

Chair covers miraculously save your event even if you have mismatched decoration and furniture. The color combination of your covers harmonizes with your decorations from the ceiling down to the floor. You may also incorporate fabrics that make other fabrics or designs noticeable.


  • Lots of variation

Designing your event gives you the chance to mix-and-match with a lot of patterns and colors! With new trends popping up each month, you may take up other combinations to make your chair covers look elegant. If you have no budget for new fabrics and chairs, you may add affordable decorations and materials to match the ones you have.


  • Easy washing

Many chair covers are washable, and if you follow proper washing instructions, these covers will be good as new. For this reason, it also makes it very affordable, as you would not need to buy a new one after every use.


  • Cover-up

Chair covers not only make your chairs look elegant, but they also help to protect the ones that you used. If you are on a tight budget but you have old wooden chairs, using covers will do the job of making it look like a brand-new chair. You may use stretchable chair covers for a larger area of coverage.


  • Protection

If you will be using your grandmother’s chairs yet you have a fear of staining them or having drinks spilled on them, consider putting on a chair cover.


Steps on Making Your Wedding Chair Covers

Step #1. Start by measuring the chair you will be using, from the top part of the chair to the feet. Measure the back, legs, and seat as well.

Step #2. Add all the measurements to know the total length of fabric you will be using. Add a few more inches as an extra for when you gather the material on the backside of the chair.

Step #3. Place your cut length of fabric over the chair and secure it in place by tying a bowknot.

Step #4. Add your choice of decorations such as flowers, beads, and many more.



Knowing how to make wedding chair covers makes it budget-friendly for you, especially if you do not have enough money. Considering that you may use other fabrics and chairs, you can still make an elegant chair cover out of the simple materials you have by following the steps mentioned above.

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