The Perfect Type Of Chair For Tailbone Pain: 5 Best Options

Have you been working your butt and been suffering from pain? Well, here are the type of chair for tailbone pain to help relieve pressure from your tailbone.

Working while sitting for several hours might cause injuries to different parts of your body, like your back, neck, and even your coccyx. Well, it’s not like it can stop you from working, so it is best to have the most accessible reliever — a good chair!

type of chair for tailbone pain


Types Of Chairs That Help Relieve Tailbone Pain

When suffering from tailbone pain, it is important to use the type of chair that helps relieve it. Here are the varieties of chairs to help you.

  • Chairs with foam seats – Chairs that do not have foam seats may be less comfortable, especially if you experience pain in the coccyx area. When choosing a chair with a foam seat, you should consider the thickness, firmness, and density.

A thicker foam can support a bigger person. In addition, materials with higher density tend to be more durable and resistant. It is important to consider these if you want a comfortable seat.

  • Chairs with short seats – A short seat is good for tailbone pain. It removes pressure from your tailbone by keeping it hanging and without direct contact.
  • Chairs with a coccyx cut-out/gap/double seat – The chairs of this type are also ideal for tailbone pain. They are designed specifically to rule out direct contact with your tailbone.
  • Kneeling chairs – This type of chair is intended to reduce strain on your back. However, some kneeling chairs have a coccyx cut-out so you can still use it.

On the downside, this chair type is not ideal for prolonged use as it disables leg motion. It is best to use it in conjunction with your office chairs.

  • Saddle chairs – Judging from the name, you are probably guessing they are shaped like a horse’s saddle. Well, you are right!

Since they do not have armrests and backrests, they are practically called saddle stools. They are significantly higher than the normal chairs and therefore should be paired with higher office tables.

Although originally intended to improve posture and  reduce neck and back pain, people with tailbone pain started using the divided seat of saddle chairs. They help relieve the pain and induce productivity among workers.


5 Best Chairs For Tailbone Pain

There are chairs that are intended to relieve pressure from your tailbone. Here are the five best ones.


Steelcase leap

Steelcase has been regarded as the biggest office furniture manufacturer on the earth — yes, you read it right. It is no wonder since their staircase leap is the most popular ergonomic office chair.

The chair’s specific design is best for tailbone pain. Just like how you expect it to work, it puts no pressure on your coccyx by leaving it hanging and with no direct contact. Another good news is they have a specific type for bigger pals of up to 500 lbs (226 kg).


Carmichael throne

Made with Carmichael Throne company’s founder and his experience of tailbone pain, this chair is very ideal to relieve coccyx pain. It has a channel that splits into two, leaving the spine free.


Gaiam ball chair

This is one of Gaiam’s most popular products. The Gaiam ball chair is an ergonomic chair which improves spine alignment and posture.

It has a balance ball, a back support bar, a ball holder, and four caster wheels. It can significantly reduce discomfort on your tailbone.


Hara chair

HaraTech is a German company that manufactures office chairs for over 10 years. The company aspired to create a chair design that evenly distributes weight and created a double-seat chair.

This chair has a patented double-seat and split backrest which makes it comfortable not just for your tailbone but also for your back. It is such a good catch!


Zenergy ball chair

This is a chair made by SAFCO, a company that makes ergonomic chairs, tables, desks, and other office furniture. It looks strange as it has an inflatable exercise ball covered with mesh.

The chair encourages users to sit correctly making it good for your spine. Aside from your back, your coccyx will also love it as its design is also good for it. In addition, the squishy feel of the exercise ball is also fun to sit on!


What are the causes of tailbone pain and how to relieve it?

Tailbone pain, also called coccydynia, is usually caused by an injury or other trauma to your coccyx, causing inflammation. There are special cases, where it occurs on its own  and without any known cause.

Pain and soreness on any part of your body are really troublesome. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry as a sore tailbone can be healed easily.

Just lean forward while you are sitting on a doughnut pillow or V-shaped pillow. Then, apply ice or heat to the affected area. You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.



With all the information stated, you will be able to find the perfect type of chair for tailbone pain. A hardworking person like you doesn’t have to suffer.

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