Top Candlemaking Ideas to Try

Candlemaking ideas are all over the crafting world. You may have friends or family that love candles and you want to know how to make your handmade candle the best it can be. Or maybe you just want a reason to craft with wax!

Here are four very effective candlemaking ideas for making beautiful candles:

candlemaking ideas


Pillar Candles

Candlemaking ideas where pillars are involved usually include embedding objects into the pillar as it is made, such as seashells or small pieces of potpourri. If you want to go this route but would like something simpler, then try melting some crayons in order to dye your pillar candle a certain color.

Simply drip the melted crayon onto the surface of the candle. When it cools and hardens, you will have a unique, marbleized effect. This is simple, quick, and very effective!



Calendar Candle Votives are another easy candlemaking idea that you can make at home for yourself or for a gift. And who doesn’t love receiving homemade gifts? You will need some crayons (new ones work best because the wrappers tightly adhere to the crayon), an oven, aluminum foil, and shallow baking pans.

First, layout several sheets of aluminum foil on your countertop; they only need to be 6-8 inches in length (after all, these candles are tiny). Next, unwrap the crayons and break them into small pieces (this is easier if you cut the tops off first so you can neatly break them).

Now, place the crayon pieces into small clusters on the aluminum foil. Place your baking sheet in the oven and turn it to 325° Fahrenheit. Bake for about 20 minutes, checking frequently after ten minutes have passed.

When they are almost completely melted, remove from oven and stir to smooth out color again.

If you want a different effect, try melting down plain paraffin wax instead of using crayons! The result is very interesting-looking votive candles that are both inexpensive and time-saving!


Floating Candles

Another one of the most fun candlemaking ideas involve floating candles. You will need unscented pillar candles, wicks (here’s where an online order comes in handy because there are a variety of sizes and styles available), wax non-toxic adhesive, a glue gun or other means of adhering the candle wicks to the surface of your poured candles, and a mold.

First, cut off the bottom part of the pillar candle (about ½ inch from the base) using a sharp knife or razor blade. You want this because you will be pouring hot wax directly into it using a double boiler process.

Now comes another time-saving feature: simply buy votive cups that have a flat bottom in order to eliminate this step entirely. Next, adhere your wick to the bottom of your chosen mold with adhesive epoxy or glue sticks.

Now, take your unscented pillar candles and prepare them for candlemaking by melting them in a double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, simply use a metal bowl over a small saucepan of simmering water. Bring the wax-up to 200° Fahrenheit and let it cool for about 5 minutes or so before pouring it into the mold.

Finally, allow your candle to set for at least four hours before removing from the mold!


Tea-light Candles

If you want to try something easy that requires only a few ingredients, then tea-lights are an excellent choice. You will need tea light cups (you can find these online), soy wax flakes (available on Amazon ), beeswax melts, and wicks of any kind.

First, cut off ¼ inch from the top of your tea light cup. Next, take a double boiler and melt both waxes together for about 20 minutes or until your wax reaches a temperature of 160-180° Fahrenheit.

Now comes an important step: stir in only one drop of any kind of essential oil per tea light cup! Add as many drops as you like, but be sure to start out with just one drop per cup. Using too much will result in a candle that smells strongly and not very nice at all!

Finally, after allowing the mixture to cool for five minutes or so, carefully pour it into your cups right up to where the wick is resting.

After about 30 minutes (or when completely cooled), cut off ¼ inch from the top of the tea-light again to create your finished product.


More Candlemaking Tips and Tricks:

There are several ways to add more detail and texture to your finished candles, and here they are:

  • Embed pieces of herbs or spices into the wax before pouring.
  • Dip a paintbrush in vegetable oil and carefully sweep it across the surface of your candle after it has begun cooling (just like making a crème brûlée).
  • Use various colors for stripes or swipes using scented oils (add each scent drop by drop).
  • Create an ombre effect by coloring the wax first, then pouring it into the mold (be sure to keep your colors coordinated though- for example, pink, red, orange).
  • Gently lay sections of leaf or flower petals onto the surface of the candle while it is still hot.
  • Use scented oils to lightly color or scent your candles naturally.
  • Add dried lavender flowers to your melted wax before pouring for a wonderfully pleasant subtle scent!

Just try these candlemaking ideas, tips and tricks. You’ll never know what you can accomplish until you try!

Candle making is an easy, yet rewarding craft- have fun with it!


Conclusion in Candlemaking Ideas to Try

Always do your research online for candle-making supplies and tools before starting any DIY project. And remember to be safe around hot objects when using these tips and tricks.

Candle making may look complicated but it’s actually really simple! You can try any of these ideas or invent your own- just make sure you follow safety precautions when working with hot wax.

If the instructions aren’t clear, ask a friend for help or check out our site for more candlemaking tips. The possibilities are endless with handmade candles! Good luck in your candle-making endeavors!

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