Toilet Gurgling When Washer Drains? 3 Surprising Reasons!

Are you wondering about toilet gurgling when washer drains? Stop wondering and start reading this article. A primary drain on the washer may be clogged, which is among the most common causes of gurgling toilets.

Its water channel is constricted and blocked whenever the washer drains because of an obstruction. Water and air are forced back through the pipelines, looking for a way out.

toilet gurgling when washer drains

The pressure differential is significant enough just to push air via the bowl, causing toilets to gurgle, as well as the pressure differential will not want to be in the toilet’s wastage line. Whereas if gurgling is caused by a specific fixture, such as a washer or a toilet, there could be an issue with the drain or vent pipes for that fixture. Toilet gurgling seems to be a severe problem that requires immediate attention. It could become a health hazard when you give it up for long enough. There are many surprising reasons behind toilet gurgling, and it’s essential to learn more about it.


What Causes Toilet Gurgling When A Washer Drains

As discussed earlier, there are various reasons for toilet gurgling when washer drains. Learning all such issues helps you cope with the gurgling problem, so keep reading.


#1. There are two drains in the toilet

Your washer drain and washing sink are linked to the toilet wastage line is a frequent cause of the gurgling noise in the toilet when the washer drains. Because this plumbing design is widespread, most households have to cope with the annoyance of a bubbling toilet. The washer and its drain could be put between the bathroom or the soil stack. That means that the washer drainage is hooked to the toilet outflow, as well as any negative air density created while draining the washer may cause bubbles inside the toilet. It’s more common whenever the sewer pipe seen between the bathroom or the washer isn’t long enough.


#2. Use of a single vent stack

The toilet and washer may be linked in a vertical line stacking in a bathroom. It indicates that the fixtures and the toilet follow a standard vent, sometimes known as a wet vent by plumbing. One typical cause why air pressure gets into the bathroom and causes a gurgling noise while the washer empties is because of this. Another probable cause of the toilet bubbling includes blocked washer drainage in the waste pipelines and issues with the drain hose setup.

Pipe obstructions are the most frequent cause of all such issues. Someone may have flushed anything that shouldn’t be washed. Tissues and sanitary products, for example, may block the tube along with the sewer system or halt it around the P-trap of the toilet. You’ll have to cope with the ramifications of a blockage sometime down the road, whether it’s a bubbling toilet or a clogged washer drain. You may also be interested to know about easy tips for washer and dryer repair.


#3. The vent line is obstructed

A vent stack seems to be an important section of the drain pipe for the toilet and washer. It keeps the air pressure in the system stable, allowing you to flush or remove trash without difficulty. Negative air pressure may occur in the drainpipe, whether there is a complete or partial blockage in the vent pipe. The air would draw from everything it can, including the toilet water, whenever this happens.

This seems to be because water creates a tight seal within the pipe. A vacuum is created by negative air pressure anyplace in the line. As a result, bubbles can appear in the toilet whenever you drain water from the washer. The washer, for example, drains water faster than the sink. It indicates that the washer pumps water at more significant pressure, resulting in bubbling. On the other hand, a defective washer drain is a common issue. Washer drains are frequently added as an afterthought, resulting in drains being linked to the closest waste pipe. Families repeatedly fail to install a P-trap, resulting in the water pushing outward from the washer whenever it drains.

Another problem will be using a washer drain standpipe that is too small or high. The washer will probably take air first from the toilet to help push the water out into the sewer if there isn’t enough air pressure inside the tube to help drain the wastewater. As a result, bubbles appear in the toilet’s standing water. Any gurgling that occurs due to an improperly built washer drain might lead to further issues in the future. For example, the water may spill, or the wastewater may be redirected to the washer.


Safety Precautions For Toilet Gurgling When A Washer Drains

If five to ten times flushing the toilet filled with water will not work, you’re dealing with a tough blockage. To use an air bladder or even a plumber rod, you’ll have to reach deeper to clear the jam in a different approach. Most hardware shops will sell you one of them for a low price.


It’s A Wrap!

Learning about toilet gurgling when washer drains is very important for every homeowner. It can cause a big problem for you, so it’s better to avoid the aforementioned reasons to make things perfect. Read related articles; know how to clean a washer drain hose and how to unclog a washer drain. Thank you, friends, for staying with us.

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