The Ultimate Swivel Glider Chair Guide

Do you have a little person in your house that just loves to rock? If so, then how about building them their very own swivel glider chair? It is easy and inexpensive to do.

All it takes are some basic tools, the right plans, and an afternoon of time. This article will explain how to make a swivel glider chair with step-by-step instructions on how to build one.

Swivel Glider Chair


Steps on how to Build a Swivel Glider Chair

Step 1. Find a comfortable chair that will be the size for the child. Measure how tall and how wide you want it to be. This is important because, with this measurement, you can find plans online or in magazines, measure your seat cushion (make sure it’s about an inch smaller than your measurements) and build up from there.

Step 2. Next, you will need to find how much space is between the top of your seat cushion and the bottom. If it’s less than an inch then make sure that your measurements are accurate before cutting any wood because if they’re not, there may be more sawdust on the floor than in the chair!

Step 3. With these two measurements in mind, you can find how much wood you need to buy. If the width of your seat cushion is less than an inch then you will have just enough for a chair but if it’s more, this can be anywhere from four inches or so and up.

Step 4. After taking these measurements, make sure that they are in order (seat height, seat depth)  and then take the measurements to your local hardware store for how much wood you’ll need.

Step 5. Once all of this has been done, it’s time to cut and assemble! The most important thing is that everything is as flush with one another as possible so measure twice before cutting once.

Step 6. Now onto assembly: start by assembling two end pieces to the centrepiece, making sure to secure them with screws.

Step 7. Once this has been done, it’s time for your seat! Sit on the chair and make sure that there is a space in between where you want your seat cushion to go by how much more height or depth you need; then place your foam or upholstery material how deep you need it to be and how wide.

Step 8. Now for the armrests: place one of your arms in between the two end pieces as if it were on an imaginary chair, then measure how long or how far apart each side should be next to this arm so that when you put them together they are flush with both sides;  this will give you how wide to cut the armrest pieces.

Step 9. Next, measure the length of each side and how far apart they should be; this measurement is how long your armrests need to be.

Once that’s done, load up some screws and a drill to secure them into place permanently!


How do I keep my chair from spinning?

If you want to keep your chair from spinning, it is as easy as putting a screw or nail into the seat of the chair. This will stop how much movement comes about when sitting in this type of chair.

It’s also possible that if you are building a swivel glider with armrests that have been built up, you might want to do the same thing.

If not, this is probably how your chair will spin a lot when in use.


How wide should armrests be?

The width of the armrests is going to depend on how much space there is between where their legs meet and how far apart they need to be.

You’ll want to make them wide enough so that their hips can fit between the armrests comfortably.


For how long should swivel glider chairs be?

It is going to depend on how tall you are and how high of a seating position you need, but somewhere in the range for it is 31 inches or less is common.

If you’re taller, you might want to go with something a little higher as well. Keep in mind how high the chair needs to be before buying any materials for it!


What should I look out for when building?

There are always going to be some problems that come up while assembling a project.


But how do you know if it’s worth continuing?

Look for things like the instructions not being clear, trouble following them and/or missing pieces.


How do swivel chairs work?

A swivel chair is a type of chair that has wheels on the bottom so you can move it without having to get up.

It’s quite common for people to use them in place of an office chair because they’re more comfortable and easier to adjust how much movement there is when sitting down.


What are some benefits of using a swivel chair?

Answering your phone or getting up for fresh coffee is quick and easy with these chairs.

They’re also good because you can turn around to talk to someone instead of having to take the time to walk over and have that conversation face on.


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