The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Your Powermate Swivel

It is time to replace your powermate swivel? If so, you are not alone. The average lifespan of this type of component is 10 years and if it has been more than that how long, then chances are good that it needs to be replaced.

A power mate swivel works with a variety of equipment including: water pumps, furnaces and air conditioners among others. It can also malfunction which could result in other major problems such as a fire or an explosion!

Powermate Swivel

This guide will help you get the information you need to properly replace your powermate swivel – without any dangerous side effects!

Steps on Replacing Powermate Swivel

Step 1. Disconnect power from your device. Turn off the water and electricity to the swivel that needs replacing. If you are not sure how, please consult a professional!

Step 2. Remove bolts that hold the old components in place with a wrench or socket set. Carefully remove all of the parts without damaging them.

Step 3. Install bolts and new components in the same way that you removed them, making sure to connect power cords correctly. Turn on water and electricity again if they were turned off during installation process.

Steps for Installing New Powermate Swivel:

Step 1. Disconnect power from your device before beginning!

Step 2. Loosen bolts using a wrench or socket set.

Step 3. Carefully remove the old components without damaging them in any way.

Step 4. Replace the new ones carefully, making sure to hook up power cords correctly as well.

Step 5. Turn on water and electricity again if they were turned off during installation process!

What is Powermate Swivel?

A swivel is a round metal component that attaches to the faucet.

The powermate swivel features an attachment for your hose and other devices, letting you use them as needed without having to turn on or off taps manually.

How does it work?

The water flow causes this device to rotate in a 360 degree circle, which allows you to reach any area in the sink.

What are some benefits?

This device is great for people who have a permanent disability and need assistance with water tasks around their home.

It also helps if your hands or wrists hurt when twisting them too much due to arthritis conditions.

How to Grease Powermate Swivel:

Unscrew the powermate swivel from your faucet.

Use a rag, cloth or paper towel and apply a light layer of grease onto the o-rings (o rings are black rubber pieces that can be found on either side). These will help the swivel work more smoothly.

Reassemble and tighten back onto faucet.

How to fix Swivel Mechanism

Step 1. If your swivel is stuck or not turning smoothly, it might be time to replace the o-rings. The easiest way to do this is by unscrewing the powermate from your faucet and replacing them with new ones.

Step 2. O rings can also wear out after years of use if exposed to harsh chemicals such as bleach, vinegar or even boiling water.

Step 3. To replace the o rings on your powermate swivel you will need a new set of two black rubber o rings and some grease (optional). The best way to do this is by unscrewing the old powermate from your faucet, removing all residue from them and replacing with the new ones.

If you need to remove any residue, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or mineral spirits. Replace the powermate and tighten until snug but not too tight as this can cause leaks.

Step 4. Apply some grease by applying a small amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly on top of each o-ring before installing it. The o rings should be replaced every couple of years. When you replace them, make sure to use the same size and type as your old ones.

New powermate swivels come in a variety pack that includes various sizes so it’s worth grabbing one for this purpose if necessary

Installation: How to Install Powermate on Plumbing

Step 1. Turn off the water supply, turn a valve or shutoff backflow preventer.

Step 2. Remove any pipe fittings like elbows and couplings that are connected to the old swivel elbow. Make sure not to bend them as this could cause leaks in your system. This is also where you may want to use a pipe wrench or channel locks to help loosen the fittings.

Step 3. Disconnect any pipes connected to the old swivel elbow and then remove it from your plumbing system entirely, turning off valve handles as necessary. Be sure not to twist the pipes too much as this will lead to leaks in your system.

Step 4. Now that your old powermate swivel has been removed, you can install the new one in its place using Teflon tape and pipe dope to seal any joints.

Step 5. Once everything is installed, turn on the water supply and check for leaks before turning off valve handles or closing backflow preventers.

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