The Ultimate Guide on How to Assemble a LazyBoy’s Eldorado Recliner

LazyBoy is one of the most popular brands in recliners, and for good reason. They are comfortable, stylish, and come with many features to enhance your comfort! One of the newest models they have is their Eldorado Recliner.

This article will show you how to assemble a LazyBoy’s Eldorado Recliner so that you can be sitting back and relaxing in no time!


Steps on How to Assemble a LazyBoy’s Eldorado Recliner

Step 1. Open the recliner and place it on its back, with the inside facing up.

Step 2. Place the seat of your chair onto its base or legs. The bottom part should be at an angle pointing towards you. You may need someone to help support it for you.

Step 3. Take the back of your chair and set it upright against the seat, so that they are touching each other. The top part should be at an angle pointing towards you, while the bottom is angled away from you (think about how a church pew works).

Step 4. Thread one end of your thread through both loops at the back of your chair.

Step 5. Pull on both ends to tighten and ensure a secure stringing, then tie off one end by looping it over itself twice and pulling through. Repeat this for the other side. Your two strings should now be crossed in front of you at about chest height with some loose thread hanging from each end (the loose thread can be cut off).

Step 6. Now take the loose string from one side and loop it over your arm, then under your other arm before pulling tight to make a knot. Repeat with the other end of that same string.

Step 7. Next, take both strings on either side of you and cross them in front of you so they are parallel to each other. Tie the two loose ends together in a knot, then tie one end of this new string around your arm and pull tight before tying off with another knot.

Step 8. Now you should have three strings on either side of you (two that were crossed earlier and one from just now). Loop these six strings over both arms so they are around your back and over the top of your shoulders.

Pull to tighten them so that they are snug without being too tight or uncomfortable.

Step 9. Now tie these two strings together by looping one string under, then over before tying it off with a knot on each side (one on either arm). Repeat this process with the other set of strings.

Step 10. Finally, tie the two pieces of string on one side together and then do the same for the other set of strings so that both arms are tied off firmly with a knot at each end.

Nudge your elbows in to test how snugly they fit into their pockets while bending forward and backward slightly so you can be sure they have enough room to move comfortably.

Now you’re all set up, and your Eldorado Recliner is ready for action!


What is LazyBoy Eldorado Recliner?

LazyBoy Eldorado Recliner is a reclining chair that has been manufactured by the Lazy Boy Corporation since 1986.

Designed to provide comfort and convenience, this specific model of lazyboy recliners is equipped with adjustable headrests for lumbar support, as well as an electric foot control that allows individuals to adjust their recline position.

These electric foot controls allow you to adjust your recliner’s height, as well the angle of how much it is reclined at any given time. This allows for a more personalized experience and level of comfort that suits one’s preference.

The patented LazyBoy Recliners are designed with an adjustable headrest, an electric foot control, and a push-back recline to give you the ultimate comfort.

These are designed with a patented LazyBoy Recliner mechanism that provides easy and smooth operation, along with locking tilt tension adjustment for when it is time to rest your feet.


How do you assemble the best home furnishings recliner?

Step 1. The first step in assembling a LazyBoy recliner is to attach the legs with the included screws and then set them into their desired location. Next, lay out all of your pieces before beginning assembly.

Step 2. The next steps involve attaching the backrest to the seat frame by inserting one piece at a time until it seats firmly against its bottom half and then screwing in the backrest to secure it.

Be sure that you have assembled your chair correctly by turning it over and gently shaking or rocking on its feet.

Step 3. The next step is to attach the armrests onto either side of the chair, making sure they are firmly attached before adding any screws. Once tightened down with a Phillips head screwdriver, lean the chair forward to make sure that it doesn’t rock or slide when in its upright position.

Step 4. Now it’s time to attach your seat cushion to the frame of the recliner by inserting one side at a time until they firmly click into place and then screwing them down with provided screws from underneath. If you have any pillows, now is the time to attach them as well.

Step 5. The last step in assembling your recliner is to attach the front leg rests onto either side of the chair and then screwing them down with provided screws from underneath before flipping it over for a final inspection.


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