The Cons of Scented Candles

Scented candles are a lovely and versatile decoration. They can be lit to help set the mood during a scintillating dinner or romantic evening, and their scents can create interesting atmospheres that can either enhance or detract from your experience.

Unfortunately, scented candles aren’t as positive as they may seem at first glance. There are actually some cons to scented candles that you should consider before purchasing them.

scented candles


What are scented candles?

Scented candles are candles that come with interesting scents such as vanilla or lavender.


What is the purpose of scented candles?

– Scented candles may be used during romantic evenings at home, to set an exotic atmosphere.

– Some fragrant candles can also be used in aromatherapy to help de-stress and calm down.


The Downsides of Scented Candles

1) Unpleasant smells

While fragrant candles typically exude pleasant scents, there is always a chance that they will give off an odor that just isn’t right for the occasion. For example, scented candles with apple scents may not fit well with your autumn dinner party theme and could detract from the thence you’re trying to create.


2) Smoke and scented candles don’t mix

While scented candles may help you to relax, they shouldn’t be burned when you’re not home or when you’re sleeping. If fragrant candles are left burning unattended for too long, the scents can become overwhelming and result in nausea. Also, scented candle smoke is a leading cause of indoor air pollution.


3) Scented candle wax can burn at high temperatures

Scented candle wax melts at incredibly high temperatures compared to regular household waxes, so it’s important to keep fragrant candles where curious pets or children won’t get close enough to them to burn themselves unintentionally. Some scents may also have an on your respiratory system if inhaled too much.


4) Candles with scents can lower air quality

While scented candles may have scents that contribute to clean air, they also emit harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and carcinogenic toxins. If you’re going to be using fragrant candles in your home, it’s important to keep an open window or a fan running at least once per hour so that indoor air is being refreshed from the scented candle smoke.


5) Scented candle wax can ruin furniture finishes

The scented candle wax around the wick has a higher melting point than other types of household waxes; this means that if fragrant candles are burned for too long, their melted wax can drip onto surfaces like the paint of your furniture and leave scuff marks.


6) Scented candles can cause allergies

Many fragrant candles come with scents such as vanilla or lavender which are known to trigger allergies in people who suffer from asthma, so it’s important to double-check that fragrant candles you buy don’t contain these scents if you’re allergic. If scented candles do contain scents that may irritate an allergy sufferer, they should be burned in a well-ventilated area and the scents shouldn’t be inhaled too much.


7) Some scented candle ingredients can be carcinogenic

Scented candle wax is made up of hazardous chemicals that are known to cause cancer when they are burned for extended periods. This is why fragrant candles should be burned in a well-ventilated area for no longer than three hours at a time.


8) Scented candles can increase the risk of scalding

If fragrant candles are left burning when children or pets are around, they may burn themselves and scented candle wax could fall on them and cause scalding. Pet owners should also be careful not to leave their scented candles unattended while their beloved furry friends eat or sleep near them since scents used in fragrant candles aren’t usually safe for animals to breathe in.


9) Scented candle smoke pollutes the air and causes climate change

Scented candle smoke contains pollutants that contribute to greenhouse gases. They also release more carbon dioxide than traditional plug-in scents. This contributes to atmospheric pollution and fragrant candles can change the climate of a room by making it warmer and less comfortable.


10) Scented candle jars and containers aren’t recyclable

Scented candle wax is made with petroleum products that aren’t biodegradable. If fragrant candles are accidentally burned too long or if candles burn down all the way, you shouldn’t put them in your recycling bin because they may contaminate other recyclables such as paper, plastic, and aluminum. Instead, look for scented candle recycling locations near you since not all cities offer scented candle recycling programs yet.



If you’re looking for scented candles without any of the scents, fragrant candles that are soy-based instead of petroleum-based, or scented candles that are composed of scents that aren’t known to trigger allergies in asthma sufferers, then look for these kinds of scented candles in stores near you.

If scented candles with these kinds of scents don’t exist in your area yet, encourage retailers you visit to sell them by buying fragrant candles when you see them on their shelves.

Remember, the most important thing is not to leave fragrant candles unattended around pets and children. If they burn down all the way, extinguish them with a candle snuffer until the melted wax hardens again and throw away all wax remains in an outdoor trash bin.

Scented candles can be useful, but scented candle smoke is harmful to human health and fragrant candles don’t last as long as scented plug-ins so they’re not worth the time or money when there are scented plug-in alternatives that are just as effective at scenting a room.

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