The Complete Guide to Installing a Pull Recliner

If you are looking to install a recliner in your home, it is best to know how the process goes before you start. Pull recliners offer more convenience and comfort than traditional recliners because they can be easily pulled out from their position with minimal effort.

This article will take you through the installation process step-by-step so that you can have peace of mind when installing your pull recliner!


How to Prevent Stains on a Pull Recliner

When installing a pull recliner, you’ll want to make sure that the fabric is properly lined up with the frame. If there are any gaps between where the fabric should be and where it actually rests on the frame, this will create an opportunity for stains to form.

To prevent potential staining in your new chair, use the included fabric panels to cover the back and sides of the frame.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to use a furniture pad or other protective layer over your new recliner before using it for an extended period of time. These can be purchased from most hardware stores, and they usually come in different thicknesses so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Finally, if you have young children or pets in your house, it’s important to always supervise them when they are near furniture and other items like recliners. If something spills on the fabric of a pull recliner, make sure to clean up as soon as possible with water and mild soap.


How to Assemble a Pull Recliner

Step One: Find a Flat Surface

The first step is to find the surface that you would like your recliner to be installed on. Make sure it’s large enough for the entire length and width of the frame, as well as any additional space needed for assembly.

A floor or ground will also work! If assembling in an upstairs room, make sure there is a sturdy railing to hold the recliner in place.

Step Two: Check Your Tools and Materials

Next, you’ll need to assemble all of your tools and materials for installation. You will also want manuals or instructions on how to install a pull recliner as well! There are many different types available with varying installation instructions, so be sure to read carefully before beginning.

Step Three: Assemble the Frame

The next step is assembling your frame! Make sure you are installing a pull recliner that has an attached back and seat cushion for comfort. Place the two side rails perpendicular on either end of the flat surface with screws inserted through holes in the rails and into the end pieces.

Step Four: Install the Frame

Now that you have assembled your frame, it’s time to install it! Make sure everything is level on both sides before securing with screws from inside of the frame. Place one screw on each side through holes in the outside section of railings so that they make contact with the end pieces.

Step Five: Place and Secure Cushion

Now that you have your frame assembled, it’s time to place your seat cushion where you would like it on the rails!

The most important part is making sure that both sides are even so use a chair or something else as a reference if needed. When everything looks level, secure your cushion with screws from the underside of the rails.

Step Six: Attach Upholstery

Now that you have installed your frame and secured it to the floor, there’s one last step to complete! You’ll want to attach upholstery in a way where all four corners are even on both sides so that it is tucked under the frame and secured by screws.

We recommend using a staple gun to attach your upholstery, but you can also use glue if desired.

Step Seven: Enjoy!

Finally, enjoy your new pull recliner! Sit back and relax while kicking off your shoes or getting cozy with someone special in front of the fireplace.


What is Pull Recliner?

A pull recliner is a type of easy chair that’s designed for the comfort and convenience of people who need to spend long periods sitting. It provides back support, options for customization to your body size, and can be opened with just one hand or foot—hence its name.

Pull-down chairs are becoming more popular in recent years because of their ability to recline in a variety of positions.

Reclining chairs that have the option for electric power-assist are also popular, as they provide easy access and can be positioned at the push of a button or pull on a lever.

Aside from being used by those who need back support while sitting, these types of chairs are also popular for people with disabilities, such as paraplegia or nerve damage.


Why Choose a Pull Recliner?

These types of recliners provide you with the ability to customize your position to best suit whichever ailment you may have. For example, if you’re suffering from arthritis that affects one of your hips, you may find that sitting with the affected hip higher than the other helps alleviate some of your pain.

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