The Best Pillow Color for a Dark Brown Couch

Are you trying to look for the best pillow color for a dark brown couch? You can go over your choices with examples of how to decorate your sofa.

With an extensive range of pillows out there, the options for the best accessories for your couch can be a challenging job. Brown armchairs or couches come in a variety of styles, and the list only becomes longer as many designs improve through time.

You can have leather or satin, big or little size, modern or conventional. Regardless of whatever decision you make, you have to make your living room stand out with matching accent pillows.


The Best Pillow Color for a Dark Brown Couch

Various Colors for a Brown Sofa

Brown sofas are a convenient lounge, and many stores market them. Homeowners also prefer them. With numerous color palettes and vibrant types, an iconic neutral design integrates well.

Also, dark brown is among the most accommodating tapestry shades, making it a brilliant choice for your home. Take a look at these suggestions of suitable pillows for a brown sofa to add a new, contemporary look to this specific piece of furniture.

You have four simple choices when you match the color of pillows with your chestnut couch. You can either hang with neutral colors or those in contrast to brown. You can also throw in another shade of color for the pillows.

The real color, tone, and hue of the couch have an essential part to play. A vivid, reddish hue or a soft, neutral beige color might be set for a lighter shade of pillows. Take this into account when choosing diverse prospects.



Perhaps a homeowner with a brown couch has a taste for accents that are dark or earthy. You can try new incorporating colors you wouldn’t usually prefer to keep your home fresh and carefree.

While there is a color theory for people who want to order, it sometimes offers freedom by experimenting with colors. Bright or unpredictable color pillows will usually improve the artistic atmosphere. Light turquoise or pink pillows can fit on a brown sofa.

Also, brown couches can look very vibrant when adding shades of orange to your pillows. A complementary color can blend well with shades of brown. Simply stated, as red and green are complementary, brown joins forces with the orange hue in between.

These browns and creams belong to a monochromatic palette. If you’d like to spice up certain things, then orange may be your preferred color. Oranges and reds belong to a palette that draws on the color wheel that is perfect for brown tones.

A triad palette of three shades with alternating tones and the base brown may call for blue and green. Lastly, you can use a tetrad palette with mustard yellow, blue, and teal complementing colors.


Earthy Designs

It’s safe to explore, but the sofa can sometimes only be an oasis, not an experimental source. To be safe, you can use vintage blends, including white, grey, and beige. These colors can mix well with a brown couch, adding a minimalist touch.

The neutral colors are softer shades of brown, and they appear exquisitely sophisticated without any problem. A simple color scheme calms anybody down, so don’t throw your neutral pillows away yet because you can reuse them.

Another suitable pillow for a brown sofa features earthy, dropping golden tones and deep rusty red colors. Those colors can evoke an image of children lying down in a sunny heap of raked leaves, producing a sense of calm and happiness.

These colors like herbs, paprika, and cinnamon can call to mind mild spices that welcome you in your comfy living room. Another option is to avoid using any rich and vibrant colors for a minimalist alternative, keeping the atmosphere simple.

Why Should You Accessorize with Throw Pillows?

When it comes to spicing up your indoor living spaces, you couldn’t go wrong with throw pillows. Aside from being versatile and inexpensive, you can easily change the look and feel of your room by simply changing the colors and patterns of your pillows. Here are some of the best reasons why you should accessorize with these decorative yet functional items:


They provide comfort

If you’ve ever fallen asleep on a couch without using a pillow, then you must know how incredibly uncomfortable it can be. Whether it’s to you or your guests, throw pillows can bring comfort in a snap. It doesn’t matter if you set them up on a couch, a chair, or a bed – you can be sure that they’ll help you feel relaxed and comfortable.


After all, the last thing you want is to wake up from a nap with a kink in your neck. You’ll thank yourself for having throw pillows around to support your back while you’re watching your favorite TV show or playing video games.


They’re visually appealing

You can use throw pillows to complement the texture, color, and style of the other accessories in a room. You’ll be amazed at how they can manage to tie everything together in a way that’s visually cohesive yet dynamic.


What is the Best Pillow Color for a Dark Brown Couch?

Pillows that are plain, neutral, and rectangular can create a simple yet elegant look. Picture frames and other accents set on the wall for monochromatic decorations are well balanced for a neutral atmosphere around your brown couch.

For this reason, the best pillow color for a dark brown couch depends on how you want your living room to look. You can have a neutral tone, or you can experiment with complementary and unique color palettes.


What Pillow Does Holiday Inn Express Use

What Pillow Does Holiday Inn Express Use

If you’re wondering what pillow does Holiday Inn Express use, you can check out the manufacturer Hollander. Holiday Inn Express offers firm and soft pillows, and they even have a down pillow from Touch of Down. This brand might sound familiar because it’s also the provider for the types of pillows Hilton use and Marriott pillows

Are you curious what brands Holiday Inn Express trusts with their pillow? This article has it all! And if you want to peek at the preferred mattress of Holiday Inn Express, check out our article about it. 


What Kind Of Pillows Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

The pillows used in Holiday Inn Express hotels are from Restful Nights, and they are the Holiday Inn Express Firm Support and Holiday Inn Express Soft Support pillows. They are exclusive to Holiday Inn Express hotels, and you can select between the two options according to your preferred firmness. You can also find other pillow brands like the Touch of Down, Infinity, Comfort, and White Cord in other Holiday Inn Express hotels


Firm Support Pillow 

The Holiday Inn Express Firm Support pillow is manufactured by Hollander with a tag that says Restful Nights. It’s a polyester fiber pillow with extra loft and firmness to provide the support required by guests without overlooking comfort. It is hypoallergenic with a cotton cover, and you can machine wash and tumble dry it. 


Soft Support Pillow

The Holiday Inn Express Soft Support pillow is also a polyester pillow with a cotton cover. It’s ideal for guests that prefer softer pillows. The Soft Support pillow is also the hotel’s down alternative pillow, and you can machine wash and fluff it for maintenance. 


What Brand Of Pillows Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

Restful Nights from Hollander are not the only Holiday Inn Express pillow brands. There is also the Touch of Down, Infinity from Registry, Comfort from Encompass Group, and White Cord from Hollander for IHG hotels. 


Touch of Down Soft Support Pillow

Down pillows are undoubtedly the most luxurious pillows for hotels. The Holiday Inn Express Touch of Down pillows are excellent examples, and they use down and lyocell on the outer chamber, and feathers in the inner chamber, all covered in cotton fabric. Since this is a soft pillow, it’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers.


Infinity pillow

There is also a polyester pillow that is ideal for guests who need firm to extra firm pillows. The Holiday Inn Express Infinity pillow is a polyester pillow that guarantees the best support thanks to its large gusset. It is manufactured by Registry and uses a 100% cotton fabric cover like all Holiday Inn Express hotel pillows.


Comfort Down pillow

Encompass Group manufactured the Comfort Down Pillow for Holiday Inn Express. It uses a pillow-in-pillow design with down and polyester for guests seeking a hotel pillow with medium support. The Comfort Down pillow comes in standard size. 


White Cord Firm pillow

Another Hollander-produced pillow is the White Cord pillow. It uses polyester fill and cotton cover to give guests medium-firm to firm support. This collection is also manufactured for IHG hotels. 


Restful Nights Supreme Cluster pillow

Restful Nights does not only come in Firm Support and Soft Support pillows. Holiday Inn Express also uses the Supreme Cluster Medium Support pillow, a good middle-ground for firmness. It uses polyester fill and cotton cover as well. 


What Type Of Bedding Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

Besides pillows, the bedding of the hotel bed is also crucial for providing the best sleep quality to guests. Holiday Inn Express trusts Downlite Bedding for its hypoallergenic EnviroLoft comforters, which are machine-washable for ease of maintenance. The company also provides medium density EnviroLoft down alternative pillows in Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels in the US. 


Do Hotels Wash Their Pillows?

Hotels follow industry practices and standards to ensure the cleanliness of the bedrooms for their guests. This includes washing the pillows regularly along with other bedding accessories. A typical schedule is to clean the pillowcases, sheets, and towels between each guest’s stay. 

The pillows, mattress pads, blankets, and duvet inserts that do not contact guests directly are laundered either monthly, quarterly, or even biannually.  Since pillows are not washed as often, hotels should use a pillow cover and pillowcase to protect each pillow and keep it sanitized. Some hotels also use antimicrobial covers. 


How Do Hotels Keep Pillows Fluffy?

Most hotel pillows use polyester or down as their filling; however, these are high-quality materials that do not clump or flatten as quickly as most household pillows. They are even machine-washable and dryer-safe without losing their structure. Hotels only need to place them in the dryer, and they will be fluffy without the need for manual kneading or chopping.  


What Is The Most Comfortable Pillow In The World?

Comfort is subjective, which means the most comfortable pillow in the world will vary for every user. Most people would vote for down and memory foam, but you still have to get the right pillow for your needs and personal preferences. Remember to consider your sleeping position to get the proper firmness and pillow size and maintain a good sleeping posture. 



Holiday Inn Express hotels are known for their comfortable rooms. This makes everyone question, “what pillow does Holiday Inn Express use?” We have found out that they use Firm Support and Soft Support pillows from Restful Nights.  

This way, the guest can select the firmness they want. Furthermore, Holiday Inn Express also uses down pillows besides polyester. Which of these materials do you prefer?


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